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  1. [llvm-cov] Fix compiler-rt tests failing in build bots after rL310827.

    The compiler-rt tests used llvm-cov with -filename-equivelence, which was
    replaced with the new option -path-equivalence in rL310827.

    by seaneveson
  2. Reland "[mips][mt][6/7] Add support for mftr, mttr instructions."

    This adjusts the tests to hopfully pacify the llvm-clang-x86_64-expensive-checks-win

    Unlike many other instructions, these instructions have aliases which
    take coprocessor registers, gpr register, accumulator (and dsp accumulator)
    registers, floating point registers, floating point control registers and
    coprocessor 2 data and control operands.

    For the moment, these aliases are treated as pseudo instructions which are
    expanded into the underlying instruction. As a result, disassembling these
    instructions shows the underlying instruction and not the alias.

    Reviewers: slthakur, atanasyan

    Differential Revision:
    by sdardis
  3. Another attempt to fix the env issue for the avx512-sde bot

    by eladcohen

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