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  1. [opt-viewer] Listify `dict_items` for Py3 indexing

    In Python 2, calling `dict.items()` returns an indexable `list`, whereas
    on Python 3 it returns a set-like `dict_items` object, which cannot be
    indexed. Explicitly onvert the `dict_items` object so that it can be
    indexed when using Python 3.

    In combination with D36622, D36623, and D36624, this change allows
    `` to exit successfully when run with Python 3.4.

    Test Plan:
    Run `` using Python 3.4 and confirm it does not encounter a
    runtime error when when indexing into `dict.items()`.

    Reviewers: anemet

    Reviewed By: anemet

    Subscribers: llvm-commits

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by modocache
  2. [PowerPC] Revert r310346 (and followups r310356 & r310424) which
    introduce a miscompile bug.

    There appears to be a bug where the generated code to extract the sign
    bit doesn't work correctly for 32-bit inputs. I've replied to the
    original commit pointing out the problem. I think I see by inspection
    (and reading the manual for PPC) how to fix this, but I can't be 100%
    confident and I also don't know what the best way to test this is.
    Currently it seems nearly impossible to get the backend to hit this code
    path, but the patch autohr is likely in a better position to craft such
    test cases than I am, and based on where the bug is it should be easily

    Original commit message for r310346:
    [PowerPC] Eliminate compares - add i32 sext/zext handling for SETLE/SETGE

    Adds handling for SETLE/SETGE comparisons on i32 values. Furthermore, it
    adds the handling for the special case where RHS == 0.

    Differential Revision:
    """ (detail)
    by chandlerc

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