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  1. [clangd] Fixed a data race.

    Calling addDocument after removeDocument could have resulted in an
    invalid program state (AST and Preamble for the valid document could
    have been incorrectly removed).
    This commit also includes an improved CppFile::cancelRebuild
    implementation that allows to cancel reparse without waiting for
    ongoing rebuild to finish.

    Reviewers: krasimir, bkramer, klimek

    Reviewed By: bkramer

    Subscribers: cfe-commits

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by ibiryukov
  2. Fix memory leak in ToolChain::TranslateOpenMPTargetArgs

    rL310433 introduced a code path where DAL is not returned and must be freed.
    This change allows to run openmp-offload.c when Clang is built with ASan. (detail)
    by hahnfeld
  3. [ValueTracking] Revert r310583 which enabled functionality that still is
    causing compile time issues.

    Moreover, the patch *deleted* the flag in addition to changing the
    default, and links to a code review that doesn't even discuss the flag
    and just has an update to a Clang test case.

    I've followed up on the commit thread to ask for numbers on compile time
    at this point, leaving the flag in place until things stabilize, and
    pointing at specific code that seems to exhibit excessive compile time
    with this patch.

    Original commit message for r310583:
    [ValueTracking] Enabling ValueTracking patch by default (recommit). Part 2.

    The original patch was an improvement to IR ValueTracking on
    non-negative integers. It has been checked in to trunk (D18777,
    r284022). But was disabled by default due to performance regressions.
    Perf impact has improved. The patch would be enabled by default.
    """" (detail)
    by chandlerc

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