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  1. [MCA] Moving the target specific CustomBehaviour impl. from /tools/llvm-mca/ to /lib/Target/. (details)
  2. tsan: print alloc stack for Java objects (details)
  3. tsan: don't use caller/current PC in Java interfaces (details)
  4. tsan: strip __libc_start_main frame (details)
  5. sanitizer_common: avoid compiler-interted memset in deadlock detector (details)
  6. tsan: don't print __tsan_atomic* functions in report stacks (details)
  7. Add some missing CMake dependencies between MLIR dialects (NFC) (details)
  8. Emit strong definition for TypeID storage in Op/Type/Attributes definition (details)
  9. [ARM] Fix llvm-objdump disassembly of armv7m object files. (details)
  10. COFF/ELF: Place llvm.global_ctors elements in llvm.used if comdat is used (details)

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