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Build Log

  1. [clang][deps] Fix failing modules.cpp test (details)
  2. [lldb][docs] Document SBType (details)
  3. [clang][deps] NFC: Check the correct context hashes in tests (details)
  4. [clang][deps] Prevent unintended modifications of the original TU command-line (details)
  5. Revert "[lldb] Set return status to failed when adding a command error" (and fixups) (details)
  6. [libc++] Refactor the tests for std::prev, next and advance (details)
  7. [MLIR][NFC] Rename MemRefDataFlow -> AffineScalarReplacement (details)
  8. [clang][deps] NFC: Fix an XFAIL test on Windows (details)
  9. [libc++] NFC: More refactoring in the prev/next/advance tests per review comments (details)
  10. Intrinsic::getName: require a Module argument (details)
  11. [clang][deps] NFC: Handle `DependencyOutputOptions` only once (details)
  12. [clang][deps] NFC: Stop using moved-from object (details)
  13. [DAGCombine] reduceBuildVecToShuffle(): sort input vectors by decreasing size (details)
  14. [NFC][DAGCombine] Extract getFirstIndexOf() lambda back into a function (details)
  15. Reland "[lldb] Set return status to failed when adding a command error" (details)
  16. [flang] Fix compilation problem with rename of "MemRefDataFlow" (details)
  17. Add AutomaticAllocationScope to memref.alloca_scope (details)

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