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  1. [ARM] Extend narrow values to allow using truncating scatters (details)
  2. Remove unnecessary triple from test (details)
  3. [NFC] Remove redundant variable (details)
  4. [NFC][OpaquePtr] Avoid calling getPointerElementType() (details)
  5. Revert "[ARM] Extend narrow values to allow using truncating scatters" (details)
  6. [lldb] Make the ClassTemplateDecl merging logic in TypeSystemClang respect template parameters (details)
  7. [NewPM] Remove SpeculateAroundPHIs pass (details)
  8. [compiler-rt][hwasan] Add GetShadowOffset function (details)
  9. [AMDGPU] Fix lds superalign test. NFC. (details)
  10. [X86] avoid assert with varargs, soft float, and no-implicit-float (details)
  11. Support: Remove F_{None,Text,Append} compatibility synonyms, NFC (details)
  12. [libc++] [P0619] Add _LIBCPP_ABI_NO_BINDER_BASES and remove binder typedefs in C++20. (details)
  13. [PowerPC] Fix spilling of paired VSX registers (details)
  14. [PowerPC] Moving defineXLCompatMacros() definition (details)
  15. [libcxx][iwyu] ensures we IWYU as prep for modules (details)
  16. [NFC] Update renamed option in comments (details)
  17. Remove redundant test that was causing intermittent build bot failures. (details)
  18. Support lowering of index-cast on vector types. (details)
  19. [NFC] Fix "unused variable" warning (details)
  20. [asan] Remove Asan, Ubsan support of RTEMS and Myriad (details)
  21. [InstSimplify] Treat invariant group insts as bitcasts for load operands (details)
  22. [gn build] Port 6478ef61b1a4 (details)
  23. Adding the rest of the C11 papers to the status page. (details)
  24. [MCA] Adding the CustomBehaviour class to llvm-mca (details)
  25. Revert "[MCA] Adding the CustomBehaviour class to llvm-mca" (details)

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