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  1. [NFC] Rename Context->CtxI in SCEV for uniformity reasons (details)
  2. [Polly] Don't generate inter-iteration noalias metadata. (details)
  3. [SimplifyCFG] Redirect switch cases that lead to UB into an unreachable block (details)
  4. [OpAsmParser] Add a parseCommaSeparatedList helper and beef up Delimeter. (details)
  5. BPF: make 32bit register spill with 64bit alignment (details)
  6. [SCEV] Generalize implication when signedness of FoundPred doesn't matter (details)
  7. [GlobalISel][Legalizer] Don't use eraseFromParentAndMarkDBGValuesForRemoval() for some artifacts. (details)

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