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Build Log

  1. [libcxx] [test] Fix filesystem permission tests for windows (details)
  2. [mlir][ODS]: Add per-op cppNamespace. (details)
  3. [ArgumentPromotion] Fix byval alignment handling. (details)
  4. [RISCV] Prefer to lower MC_GlobalAddress operands to .Lfoo$local (details)
  5. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Support truncstorei8/i16 w/ combine to form truncating G_STOREs. (details)
  6. [GlobalOpt] Remove heap SROA (details)
  7. [X86] X86TTIImpl::getInterleavedMemoryOpCostAVX2(): canonicalize to integer type (details)
  8. [lld][WebAssembly] Convert test to assembly. NFC. (details)
  9. [clang] Support -fpic -fno-semantic-interposition for RISCV (details)
  10. [OpenMP] Use compound operators for reduction combiner if available. (details)
  11. [libc++] Run `` test on Windows. (details)
  12. Add an "interrupt timeout" to Process, and pipe that through the (details)
  13. [lld][WebAssembly] Remove relocation target verification (details)
  14. [mlir] Move move capture in SparseElementsAttr::getValues (details)
  15. [NFC][LSAN] Limit the number of concurrent threads is the test (details)
  16. [AArch64][GlobaISel] Mark target generic instructions as HasNoSideEffects. (details)
  17. [PowerPC] Improve codegen for int-to-fp conversion of subword vector extract (details)
  18. [OpenMP] Changes to enable MSVC ARM64 build of libomp (details)
  19. [RISCV] Regenerate stepvector.ll. NFC (details)
  20. [hwasan] Stress test for thread creation. (details)
  21. [AMDGPU] Fix extra waitcnt being added with BUFFER_INVL2 (details)
  22. Removed unnecessary introduction of semi-colons. (details)
  23. [mlir] Elide large elements attrs when printing Operations in diagnostics (details)
  24. [mlir][tosa] Tosa elementwise broadcasting had some minor bugs (details)

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