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  1. [OpenMP] Use irbuilder as default for masked and master construct (details)
  2. OpenMP 5.0 metadirective (details)
  3. Revert "OpenMP 5.0 metadirective" (details)
  4. OpenMP 5.0 metadirective (details)
  5. Revert "[OpenMP] Use irbuilder as default for masked and master construct" (details)
  6. Apply proper source location to fallthrough switch cases. (details)
  7. [NFC] Remove FIXMEs about calling LLVMContext::yield() (details)
  8. [AArch64][SVE][InstCombine] Fold redundant zip1/2(uzp1/2) operations (details)
  9. [flang] More checking of NULL pointer actual arguments (details)
  10. [MachCore] Report arm64 thread exception state (details)
  11. [lld-macho] Construct CFString literals by copying the ConcatInputSection (details)
  12. [OpenMP] Add NoSync attributes to alloc / free shared RTL calls (details)
  13. [Attributor] Change AAExecutionDomain to check intrinsic edges (details)
  14. Reland "[LLD] Remove global state in lld/COFF" after fixing asan and msan test failures (details)
  15. [mlir] Fix syntax example for tensor.from_elements (details)
  16. [lld] Fix small error in previous commit (details)

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