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  1. [mlir] Apply py::module_local() to a few more classes. (details)
  2. [test] precommit test for D109786 (details)
  3. [test] precommit anoter test for D109786 (details)
  4. NFC: DebugInfo: refactor pretty printing into a utility class (details)
  5. Remove unused llvm/Support/Parallel.h from MLIR (NFC) (details)
  6. [flang] Make 'this_image()' an intrinsic function (details)
  7. Attributor: Fix typos (details)
  8. AMDGPU: Rename attributor class for uniform-work-group-size (details)
  9. Attributor: Fix crash on undef in !callees (details)
  10. SeparateConstOffsetFromGEP: Fix stack overflow in unreachable code (details)
  11. [mlir][linalg] PadTensorOp vectorization: Avoid redundant FillOps (details)

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