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  1. Add a libc aarch64 worker and a debug builder running on it. (details / githubweb)
  1. [clangd] Fix a crash when indexing invalid ObjC method declaration (details / githubweb)
  2. [clangd] Allow diagnostics to be suppressed with configuration (details / githubweb)
  3. [Verifier] enable and limit llvm.experimental.noalias.scope.decl dominance checking (details / githubweb)
  4. [X86][AVX] Generalize vperm2f128/vperm2i128 patterns to support all legal 256-bit vector types (details / githubweb)
  5. [Verifier] disable llvm.experimental.noalias.scope.decl dominance check. (details / githubweb)
  6. [LLDB] Remove leftovers and typos from RegisterInfos_arm64_sve.h (details / githubweb)
  7. [LLDB] Define AUXV_AT_HWCAP2 in AuxVector.h (details / githubweb)
  8. [LLDB] Skip TestPlatformProcessConnect on arm/aarch64 buildbot (details / githubweb)
  9. Revert "[JITLink] Enable exception handling for ELF." (details / githubweb)
  10. [AMDGPU][MC] Improved errors handling for SDWA operands (details / githubweb)
  11. [libomptarget] Compile with older cuda, revert D95274 (details / githubweb)
  12. [libc++] Implement P0655R1 visit<R>: Explicit Return Type for visit (details / githubweb)
  13. Revert "Fix unused variable in CoroFrame.cpp when building Release with GCC 10" (details / githubweb)
  14. [OpenCL] Refactor of targets OpenCL option settings (details / githubweb)
  15. [scudo][standalone] Enable death tests on Fuchsia (details / githubweb)
  16. [libc++][doc] Update the release notes. (details / githubweb)
  17. [RISCV] Use sign extend for i32 arguments and returns in makeLibCall on RV64. (details / githubweb)
  18. [OpenMP][NFC] Fix SourceInfo.h variable names (details / githubweb)
  19. [ARM] Use half directly for args/return types in test. NFC (details / githubweb)
  20. [clang-format] add case aware include sorting (details / githubweb)
  21. [libc++] Implement [P0769] "Add shift to algorithm" (shift_left, shift_right) (details / githubweb)
  22. [Sema] Fix an assertion failure in -Wcompletion-handler (details / githubweb)
  23. [libc++] [P0879] constexpr std::reverse, partition, *_permutation. (details / githubweb)
  24. [clang] Add -fprofile-prefix-map (details / githubweb)
  25. [mlir] Use more C99 comments in C API header files (details / githubweb)
  26. [PowerPC] Add missing negate for VPERMXOR on little endian subtargets (details / githubweb)
  27. [lld] Consistent help text for `--save-temps` (details / githubweb)
  28. [SampleFDO] Report error when reading a bad/incompatible profile instead of (details / githubweb)
  29. [mlir][Affine] Add support for multi-store producer fusion (details / githubweb)
  30. [Win64] Ensure all stack frames are 8 byte aligned (details / githubweb)
  31. [libc++] Fix build after 51faba35fd81fbd3af407a29c136895a718ccd96 (details / githubweb)
  32. [RISCV] Custom type legalize i8/i16 UDIV/UREM/SDIV on RV64 so we can use divuw/remuw/divw. (details / githubweb)
  33. [clangd][NFC] Simplify handing on methods with no params (details / githubweb)
  34. [OpenMP][NVPTX] Rewrite CUDA intrinsics with NVVM intrinsics (details / githubweb)
  35. [mlir] Add C API for IntegerSet (details / githubweb)
  36. [GVN] do not repeat PRE on failure to split critical edge (details / githubweb)
  37. [ThreadPlan] fix exec on Linux (details / githubweb)
  38. [VPlan] Replace uses with new value in VPInstructionsToVPRecipe (NFC). (details / githubweb)
  39. [lit] Use os.cpu_count() to cleanup TODO (details / githubweb)
  40. Revert "[clangd][NFC] Simplify handing on methods with no params" (details / githubweb)
  41. [ObjC][ARC] Annotate calls with attributes instead of emitting retainRV (details / githubweb)
  42. [clang-format] [NFC] Use some constexpr StringRef (details / githubweb)
  43. [clang-format] [NFC] Restructure getLineCommentIndentPrefix (details / githubweb)
  44. [clang-format] [NFC] Remove unsued arguments (details / githubweb)
  45. [clang-format] PR16518 Add flag to suppress empty line insertion before access modifier (details / githubweb)
  46. [clang-format] [NFC] Rerun (details / githubweb)
  47. libcxx: Try to fix build after D92044 (details / githubweb)
  48. [gn build] Port e123cd674c02 (details / githubweb)
  49. Reland"[clangd][NFC] Simplify handing on methods with no params" (details / githubweb)
  50. [vscode] Improve runInTerminal and support linux (details / githubweb)
  51. Fix SBDebugger::CreateTargetWithFileAndArch to accept LLDB_ARCH_DEFAULT. (details / githubweb)
  52. Revert "[IndirectFunctions] Skip propagating attributes to address taken functions" (details / githubweb)

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