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  1. Add O3 flag to VLS and VLA configs (details / githubweb)
  1. [Clang] Fix long double availability check (details)
  2. Revert "[examples] Fix SectionMemoryManager deconstruction error with MSVC." (details)
  3. [Test] One more missing opportunity on IndVars check removal (details)
  4. Revert "[PowerPC][ELF] make sure local variable space does not overlap with parameter save area" (details)
  5. [DSE] Add test cases with stores to objects before they escape. (details)
  6. [Test] Add simple test where IndVars fails to remove checks on negative values (details)
  7. [OpenCL] Supports optional pipe types in C++ for OpenCL 2021 (details)
  8. GlobalISel/Utils: Refactor integer/float constant match functions (details)
  9. [SystemZ]  Recognize .machine directive in parser. (details)
  1. [test-suite] Add tests for FP classification intrinsics (details / githubweb)

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