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Build #367 (Jun 18, 2022 1:37:11 AM)

  1. [CSKY] Add cmake build config parameters to not checkout clang_tools_extra, compiler_rt and lld (details / githubweb)
  1. [AMDGPU] Add GFX11 llvm-objdump tests (details)
  2. [NFC][Alignment] use getAlign in AddressSanitizer (details)
  3. [NFC][Alignment] Use Align in shouldAlignPointerArgs (details)
  4. [NFC][Alignment] Use Align in SafeStack (details)
  5. [NFC][Alignment] Use Align in CoroFrame (details)
  6. [NFC][Alignment] Use MaybeAlign in CGCleanup/CGExpr (details)
  7. [NFC] Remove dead code (details)
  8. [MachineSSAUpdater] compile time improvement in GetValueInMiddleOfBlock (details)
  9. [analyzer][Casting] Support isa, cast, dyn_cast of SVals (details)
  10. Revert "Reland "[CodeGen] Keep track info of lazy-emitted symbols in ModuleBuilder"" (details)
  11. [InterleavedLoadComb] Rename uses when inserting new uses. (details)
  12. [ARM][Thumb] Command-line option to ensure AAPCS compliant Frame Records (details)
  13. [flang] Support PDT declaration with initial comp value in internal procedure (details)
  14. [AMDGPU] Add a GFX11 MCA test (details)
  15. [AArch64][SME] Add ldr/str (fill/spill) intrinsics (details)
  16. [ARM] Add more opaque pointer gather/scatter tests. NFC (details)
  17. [AArch64] Add cost tests for fadd reductions with fast math flags. (details)
  18. [libc++] Remove macros for IBM compiler (details)
  19. [OpenMP] Fix offload packager not writing to temps correctly (details)
  20. Revert "[MachineSSAUpdater] compile time improvement in GetValueInMiddleOfBlock" (details)
  21. [AMDGPU] gfx11 support add_f16 (details)
  22. [NFC][Thumb] Update frame-chain codegen test to use thumbv6m (details)
  23. [lld-macho] Print the name of functions containing undefined references (details)
  24. Add __config formatting to .git-blame-ignore-revs (details)
  25. [flang] Avoid losing type parameter information (details)
  26. [Libomptarget] Add test config for compiling in LTO-mode (details)
  27. [Diagnostics] Fix inconsistent shift-overflow warnings in C++20 (details)
  28. [RISCV] simplify emitVSETVLIs handling of vsetvli xN, phi(), vtype case [NFC] (details)
  29. [NFC] Remove unused function parameter (details)
  30. [libc] Guard common macro names (details)
  31. [inliner] Add per-SCC-pass InlineAdvisor printing option (details)
  32. [InstCombine] add tests for sub with extended operands; NFC (details)
  33. [mlir] Introduce transform.alternatives op (details)
  34. [mlir] fix compiler error due to commit landing race (details)
  35. [AMDGPU] Regenerate MIR checks for image instructions (details)
  36. [clang] AST/Print: honor AlwaysIncludeTypeForTemplateArgument policy (details)
  37. [mlir][linalg] Add named ops for depthwise 3d convolution (details)
  38. [PowerPC] Fix combine step for shufflevector. (details)
  39. freeze does not change the constant property (details)
  40. [mlir] Add a generic data-flow analysis framework (details)
  41. remove a duplicated include (details)
  42. [analyzer][NFC] Relocate unary transfer functions (details)
  43. [analyzer][NFC] Substitute the SVal::evalMinus and evalComplement functions (details)
  44. [RISCV] Split out getEEWForLoadStore [nfc] (details)
  45. [analyzer][NFC] Remove unused ExprEngine::evalBinOp functions (details)
  46. [libcxx][AIX] Enable ABI list checking for XCOFF (details)
  47. [CMake][compiler-rt] Provide a dedicated option for LLVM unwinder (details)
  48. [analyzer][NFC] Replace getLastArg with hasArg when applicable (details)
  49. [PS5] Use __gxx_personality_v0 for TSan (details)
  50. [NFC][libcxx] Check def of __LONG_DOUBLE_IEEE128__ (details)
  51. [MLIR][Presburger] Add values to PresburgerSpace (details)
  52. [libc++] Use explicit module cache path in tests (details)
  53. [libc++] Find a clang-format everybody is happy with (details)
  54. [flang] Add team_type to num_images intrinsic call (details)
  55. [mlir][Arith] Implement InferIntRangeInterface for arithmetic ops (details)
  56. [RISCV] Split out subfields in InsertVSETVLI's demanded fields analysis [nfc] (details)
  57. [MLIR][Presburger] Fix spellings of attachment (details)
  58. [ValueTracking] recognize sub X, (X -nsw Y) as not overflowing (details)
  59. [X86][NFC] Use mnemonic tables in validateInstruction 1/4 (details)
  60. [X86][NFC] Use mnemonic tables in validateInstruction 2/4 (details)
  61. [clang][NFC][AST] rename the ImportError to ASTImportError (details)
  62. [X86][NFC] Use mnemonic tables in validateInstruction 3/4 (details)
  63. [Clang][AST] Fixed BindingDecl AST-dump for tuple like structures (details)
  64. Update ASTImportError.h (details)
  65. [PS5] Make library function availability match PS4 (details)
  66. [Clang] Simplify unifying target features (details)
  67. [mlir] add an option to print op stats in JSON (details)
  68. [Matrix] Check if iterator is at beginning of BB in optimizeTranspose. (details)
  69. [lld-macho] Group undefined symbol diagnostics by symbol (details)
  70. [RISCV] Split out transfer function explicitly in VSETVLI insertion dataflow [nfc] (details)
  71. Revert "[mlir] add an option to print op stats in JSON" (details)
  72. [flang] Add failed_images to list of intrinsics and add test (details)
  73. Revert "[mlir] Add a generic data-flow analysis framework" (details)
  74. [clang] Add tests for statement expression in initializers (details)
  75. [mlir][Arith] Pass to switch signed ops for equivalent unsigned ones (details)
  76. (Reland)[mlir] Add a generic data-flow analysis framework (details)
  77. RISCV: handle 64-bit PCREL data relocations (details)
  78. [bazel] Port 75bfc6f29579 (details)
  79. [bazel] Port b0b00432093b (details)
  80. [mlir] Try to work around ambiguity in older clang versions (details)
  81. [llvm] Add DW_CC_nocall to function debug metadata when either return values or arguments are removed (details)
  82. FunctionPropertiesAnalysis: handle callsite BBs that lose edges (details)
  83. [PS5] Default to 'sce' debugger tuning (details)
  84. [clang][dataflow] Rename `getPointeeLoc` to `getReferentLoc` for ReferenceValue. (details)
  85. [dsymutil] Automatically generate a reproducer when dsymutil crashes (details)
  86. [dsymutil] Fix std::unique_ptr to llvm::Expected conversion (details)
  87. [RISCV] Minor code/comment improvement in prepass of InsertVSETVLI [nfc] (details)
  88. [mlir][spirv] Fix math.ctlz for full zero bit cases (details)
  89. [TableGen][DirectX] Add tableGen backend to generate DXIL operation for DirectX backend. (details)
  90. [gn build] Port 435897b41d60 (details)
  91. Revert "[Driver] Improve linking options for target AVR" (details)
  92. Reland "[X86][RFC] Enable `_Float16` type support on X86 following the psABI" (details)
  93. [X86][AMX] Fix klockwork issue. (details)
  94. [CSKY] Fix the assert in eliminateFrameIndex when the offset is negative (details)
  95. [HIP] fix long double size (details)
  96. [Libomptarget] Use binutils archive executable to address failing tests (details)
  97. [RISCV] Replace uses of VLOpFrag in VLMax patterns with srcvalue. (details)
  98. [mlir][affine] Make loop tiling default options explicit (details)
  99. [mlir][Vector] Fold consecutive bitcast. (details)
  100. [X86][NFC] Use mnemonic tables in validateInstruction 4/4 (details)
  101. [Driver] Improve linking options for target AVR (details)
  102. [RISCV][NFC] Set default value for BaseInstr in RISCVVPseudo (details)
  103. [mlir][spirv] Handle corner cases for math.powf conversion (details)
  104. [LLDB] CommandObjectThreadUntil::DoExecute() sets the wrong selected thread ID (details)
  105. [libc++][NFCI] span: replace enable_if with concepts (details)
  106. [RISCV][NFC] Add more tests for instruction selection of 'mul' (details)
  107. [ORC-RT] Add integration tests for AArch64 (details)
  108. [MC] Remove unused MCStreamer::SwitchSection (details)
  109. [AMDGPU] Add isMFMA helper function. NFC (details)
  110. [AMDGPU] Add more expressive sched_barrier controls (details)
  111. [gn build] Port 48ebc1af2948 (details)
  112. [clang-format] Never analyze insert/remove braces in the same pass (details)
  113. [libc][NFC] Use uint32_t to represent futex words. (details)
  114. [SelectionDAG] fold 'Op0 - (X * MulC)' to 'Op0 + (X << log2(-MulC))' (details)
  115. [RISCV] Teach vsetvli insertion to not insert redundant vsetvli right after VLEFF/VLSEGFF. (details)
  116. [clangd] Wire up compilation for style blocks (details)
  117. [libc][NFC] Add src.__support.OSUtil targets conditionally. (details)
  118. [LSR] Add test for LoopStrenghtReduce for Ldp; NFC (details)
  119. [mlir] Add missing newline at end of .clang-format file (details)
  120. [mlir][SCF][bufferize] Implement `resolveConflicts` for SCF ops (details)
  121. [libFuzzer] Use the compiler to link the relocatable object (details)
  122. [libc] Add linux threads targets only if __support/OSUtil targets are available. (details)
  123. [AMDGPU] Fix buildbot failures after 48ebc1af29 (details)
  124. [SimplifyLibCalls] Drop duplicate check (NFC) (details)
  125. [flang] Change C889 from error into warning (details)
  126. [Clang] Add the `annotate_type` attribute (details)
  127. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Remove always-aliasing-with-dest option (details)
  128. [flang][OpenMP] Add one semantic check for data-sharing clauses (details)
  129. [mlir][bufferize][NFC] Make func BufferizableOpInterface impl compatible with One-Shot Bufferize (details)
  130. [InstCombine] Improve check for catchswitch BBs (NFC) (details)
  131. [mlir][bufferize][NFC] Merge AlwaysCopyAnalysisState into AnalysisState (details)
  132. [libc][Obvious] Removed few unused vars. (details)
  133. [mlir][bufferize] Better implementation of AnalysisState::isTensorYielded (details)
  134. [RISCV] Fixing undefined physical register issue when subreg liveness tracking enabled. (details)
  135. [mlir][Arith] Fix a use-after-free after rewriting ops to unsigned (details)
  136. [libcxx] Remove extraneous '---' lines in .clang-format files (details)
  137. [clangd] Enable AKA type printing by default (details)
  138. [NFC][AArch64] Minor refactor of AArch64InstPrinter::printMatrixTileList (details)
  139. [Clang] Fix signed-unsigned comparison warning that breaks the ppc64 build. (details)
  140. [libcxx] Fix allocator<void>::pointer in C++20 with removed members (details)
  141. [Clang] Documentation-only: Add missing closing `>` in (details)
  142. [AArch64][SME] Add SME read/write intrinsics that map to the mova instruction (details)
  143. [X86] needCarryOrOverflowFlag/onlyZeroFlagUsed - merge identical switch cases. NFCI. (details)
  144. [OpenCL] Reword unknown extension pragma diagnostic (details)
  145. [clang] Reject non-declaration C++11 attributes on declarations (details)
  146. [clang][dataflow] Add support for correlated branches to optional model (details)
  147. [DAG] Fix SDLoc mismatch in (shl (srl x, c1), c2) -> and(shift(x,c3)) fold (details)
  148. [NFC] Move tests CodeGen/AArch64/SME/sme-* -> CodeGen/AArch64/sme-* (details)
  149. [X86][SLP] Basic test coverage for llvm.powi (details)
  150. [Sema] Remove unused function after 8c7b64b5ae2a (details)
  151. [DebugInfo][ARM] Not readonly check for RWPI globals (details)
  152. Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning (details)
  153. Promote bf16 to f32 when the target doesn't support it (details)
  154. Add a conversion from double to bf16 (details)
  155. [AArch64] Add test case from D127354 (details)
  156. [X86] X86TargetTransformInfo.cpp - use InstructionCost type to accumulate instructions costs (details)
  157. [BitcodeReader] Remove unnecessary argument defaults (NFC) (details)
  158. Revert "Reland "[X86][RFC] Enable `_Float16` type support on X86 following the psABI"" (details)
  159. [gn build] (semi-automatically) port 8bc0bb956421 (details)
  160. [gn build] (semi-automatically) port fb34d531af95 (details)
  161. [analyzer][NFC][test] Add new RUN lint with support-symbolic-integer-casts=true to svalbuilder-rearrange-comparisons.c (details)
  162. [NFC][Alignment] Use Align in MCAlignFragment (details)
  163. [test][RISCV] Precommit test for SeparateConstOffsetFromGEP (NFC) (details)
  164. [mlir] generate documentation for transform dialect extensions (details)
  165. [mlir] check interfaces are attached to the expected object (details)
  166. [flang] Fix one regression failure related to BIND(C) statement (details)
  167. [SLP] Improve reordering in presence of constant only nodes. (details)
  168. [COFF] Don't reject executables with data directories pointing outside of provided data (details)
  169. [LLD] [MinGW] Implement --disable-reloc-section, mapped to /fixed (details)
  170. [clang] Use correct visibility parameters when following a Using declaration (details)
  171. [lldb] Fix loading DLL from some ramdisk on Windows (details)
  172. [clang][NFC] Remove unused parameter from ActOnCXXNestedNameSpecifier (details)
  173. [clang][sema] Provide better diagnostic for missing template arguments (details)
  174. [analyzer][NFC][test] Add new RUN line with support-symbolic-integer-casts=true to expr-inspection.cpp (details)
  175. Revert "[ARM][Thumb] Command-line option to ensure AAPCS compliant Frame Records AND [NFC][Thumb] Update frame-chain codegen test to use thumbv6m" (details)
  176. [clangd] Always desugar type aliases in hover (details)
  177. [clangd][NFC] Use the existing ASTContext from scope (details)
  178. [Driver][test] Make RISCV tests robust with PATH= (details)
  179. [JITLink][ELF] Log enum name of unsupported relocation type. (details)
  180. [mlir][tablegen] Generate default attr values in Python bindings (details)
  181. [flang][NFC] Fix some formatting (details)
  182. [analyzer][NFC] Remove dead code and modernize surroundings (details)
  183. [analyzer] Fix StreamErrorState hash bug (details)
  184. [analyzer][NFC] Remove dead field of UnixAPICheckers (details)
  185. [analyzer][NFC] Prefer using isa<> instead getAs<> in conditions (details)
  186. Reland "Reland "[X86][RFC] Enable `_Float16` type support on X86 following the psABI"" (details)
  187. [analyzer] Treat system globals as mutable if they are not const (details)
  188. [analyzer] Relax constraints on const qualified regions (details)
  189. [CodeGen] Fix the bug of machine sink (details)
  190. [PS5] Trap after noreturn calls, with special case for stack-check-fail (details)
  191. [mlir][vector] NFC remove dependency of VectorTransform to GPU dialect (details)
  192. [libc++] Removes unneeded <iterator> includes. (details)
  193. [clang][dataflow] Make `Value` and `StorageLocation` non-copyable (details)
  194. [Binary] Add iterator to the OffloadBinary string maps (details)
  195. [llvm] Fix MachO exports trie parsing. (details)
  196. [PS5] Support sin+cos->sincos optimization (details)
  197. [LLD][COFF] Convert file name to lowercase when inserting it into visitedLibs (details)
  198. [MLIR][Bufferization] Assume alias if no information is available (details)
  199. [mlir] address post-commit review for D127724 (details)
  200. [memprof] Update the test comments to include -Wl,-no-pie (details)
  201. [SelectionDAG] Constant fold FP_TO_BF16 and BF16_TO_FP. (details)
  202. [tosa] Lower tosa.slice to tensor.slice for dynamic case (details)
  203. [PowerPC] emit VSX instructions instead of VMX instructions for vector loads and stores (details)
  204. [mlir] add an option to print op stats in JSON (details)
  205. [clang] Add -fsanitize=memtag-globals (no-op). (details)
  206. [X86] X86InstrInfo.cpp - fix signed/unsigned promotion warnings in addImm calls (details)
  207. [mlir][GPUToNVVM] Fix bug in mma elementwise lowering (details)
  208. [llvm-profdata][test] Change -Wl,-no-pie to -no-pie after D127808 (details)
  209. [LV] Remove unneeded CustomBuilder arg from setDebugLocFromInst (NFC). (details)
  210. [mlgo] Fix accounting for SCC splits (details)
  211. [DAGCombiner] Fold fold (fp_to_bf16 (bf16_to_fp op)) -> op (details)
  212. [Clang] Let the linker choose shared or static libunwind unless specified (details)
  213. [mlir][bzl] Export textmate grammar file (details)
  214. [libc] refactor printf file writing (details)
  215. [libc] add printf (details)
  216. [lldb/Fuzzer] Create ninja target for target fuzzer (details)
  217. [clangd] Improve ObjC protocol suggestions from the index (details)
  218. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [7] - Create a base IntelPTProcessTrace class (details)
  219. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [8] - Improve the single buffer perf_event configuration (details)
  220. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [9] - Collect and return context switch traces (details)
  221. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [10] - Return warnings and tsc information from lldb-server. (details)
  222. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [11] - Read warnings and perf conversion in the client (details)
  223. [mlir] add createPrintOpStatsPass() with explicit params (details)
  224. [PowerPC] Skip combine for vector_shuffles when two scalar_to_vector nodes are different vector types. (details)
  225. Update the status of more C DRs (details)
  226. Rolling back tests for WG14 DR145 (details)
  227. Revert "[lldb/Fuzzer] Create ninja target for target fuzzer" (details)
  228. [clang-format][NFC] Fix braces in ClangFormat.cpp (details)
  229. [flang][runtime] Allow recovery from BACKSPACE(badUnit) (details)
  230. [gn build] Add missing BLAKE3 dependency (details)
  231. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [12] - Support multi-core trace load and save (details)
  232. [libc++] Implement ranges::lexicographical_compare (details)
  233. [clang][deps] Further canonicalize implicit modules options in dep scan (details)
  234. [Driver] Simplify -fno-builtin- handling. NFC (details)
  235. [flang][runtime] Fix REWIND after non-advancing data transfer (details)
  236. Fix failures (details)
  237. [clang][WebAssembly] Loosen restriction on `main` symbol mangling (details)
  238. [flang][runtime] Signal END from character input (details)
  239. [flang][runtime] Fix INQUIRE(POS=n) for non-advancing I/O (details)
  240. [flang] Add more qualification when creating names for compiler-generated USEs (details)
  241. [flang][runtime] Fix handling of output FORMAT('x' 'y') (details)
  242. [flang][runtime] Make NCOPIES= argument of REPEAT a signed integer, & check it (details)
  243. [mlir][LLVMIR] Use insertelement if needed when translating ConstantAggregate (details)
  244. [mlir][LLVMIR] Use isScalableVectorType in ShuffleVectorOp::parse (details)
  245. [mlir][LLVMIR] Ask ICmpOp to return vector<Nxi1> when needed (details)
  246. Reland "[lldb/Fuzzer] Create ninja target for target fuzzer" (details)
  247. [flang] ERROR STOP is not an image control statement (details)
  248. unbreak Modules/cxx20-export-import.cpp with LLVM_APPEND_VC_REV=OFF after 45d88cd00846 (details)
  249. [flang][runtime] Better error message for mis-ASSIGN'ed FORMAT (details)
  250. [mlir] create PrintOpStatsPass using printAsJSON (details)
  251. [lldb] Don't overwrite quit and exit builtins in the Python interpreter (details)
  252. [flang][docs] Document non-supported VMS extensions (details)
  253. [gn build] Port afd5a4f2dcd6 (details)
  254. Revert "Reland "Reland "[X86][RFC] Enable `_Float16` type support on X86 following the psABI""" (details)
  255. [lld-macho] Add support for exporting no symbols (details)
  256. [flang] Fix error message (details)
  257. [ASan] Use debuginfo for symbolization. (details)
  258. Revert "[lld-macho] Group undefined symbol diagnostics by symbol" (details)
  259. [lldb] Skip ScriptInterpreter/Python/exit.test on Windows (details)
  260. [CMake] Fix `FindGRPC.cmake` for setting up gRPC related libraries for macOS+homebrew context (details)
  261. Reland "[lld-macho] Group undefined symbol diagnostics by symbol". (details)
  262. [gn build] Slighly nicer `gn args --list` output for is_debug and symbol_level (details)
  263. [gn build] Allow use_ubsan=true on mac and unbreak use_asan, use_tsan, use_ubsan (details)
  264. Revert "[ASan] Use debuginfo for symbolization." (details)
  265. [flang][runtime] Catch more (all?) negative unit number errors (details)
  266. [mlir][spirv] Define spv.ISubBorrowOp (details)
  267. [Clang][Modules] Merge availability attributes on imported decls (details)
  268. Pass through even more LIBCXX_* variables to libfuzzer's custom lib++ (details)
  269. [TableGen][DirectX] Add tableGen backend to generate map from llvm intrinsic to DXIL operation. (details)
  270. [BOLT][NFCI] Remove redundant code (details)
  271. [mlir][python] Actually set UseLocalScope printing flag (details)
  272. [lldb] Support non-pointer implicit this/self in GetValueForVariableExpressionPath (details)
  273. Fix `script -lpython` to handle control flow in one-line commands. (details)
  274. [LoongArch] Use register R0 (ZERO) for constant 0 (details)
  275. [libc][aarch64] Set frame pointer of the new thread to the stack pointer. (details)
  276. [ValueTypes] Add types for nxv16bf16 and nxv32bf16. (details)
  277. [libc][Obvious] Include arm_acle.h only for aarch64 builds. (details)
  278. [JITLink][AArch64][NFC] Suppress unused variable error. (details)
  279. [ARM] Add a pipeline test showing missing postinc generation. NFC (details)
  280. [AMDGPU] Add support for GFX11 hazards (details)
  281. Revert "[ARM] Add a pipeline test showing missing postinc generation. NFC" (details)
  282. Update FileCheck docs after D95849. NFCI (details)
  283. [libc++] Test the size of basic_string (details)
  284. Reland "[RISCV] Testcase to show wrong register allocation result of subreg liveness" (details)
  285. Reland "[SplitKit] Handle early clobber + tied to def correctly" (details)
  286. Revert "[libc] Apply no-builtin everywhere, remove unnecessary flags" (details)
  287. [AMDGPU] Change use null for dead sdst to be gfx1030+ (details)
  288. [AArch64][SME] Add SME cntsb/h/w/d intrinsics (details)
  289. [sanitizer_common] Fix SanitizerCommon.ChainedOriginDepotStats test (details)
  290. [clangd] Don't add inlay hints on std::move/forward (details)
  291. [InstCombine] Add more tests for freeze of loop phi (NFC) (details)
  292. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX11] Correct src0 for dpp variants of v_cvt_*_e64 (details)
  293. [AMDGPU] Remove duplicate RUN lines from a test (details)
  294. cmake: configure clang lit to use hmaptool from source directly (details)
  295. [libc++] Robust against C++20-hostile iterators (details)
  296. [SLP]Extend vectorization for scatter vectorize nodes. (details)
  297. [LV] Remove widenPHIInstruction dependence on underlying instr (NFC). (details)
  298. Prevent crash when TurnSwitchRangeIntoICmp receives default unreachable destination (details)
  299. [CostModel][AArch64][NFC] Add cost model tests for fshl/fshr intrinsics (details)
  300. [mlir][spirv] Workaround driver bug in math.ctlz conversion again (details)
  301. [RISCV] Extend demanded field transform in InsertVSETVLI to VTYPE subfeilds (details)
  302. Add braces to silence a gcc 9.4 -Wdangling-else warning [nfc] (details)
  303. [strictfp][IPSCCP] Precommit tests for D115737. (details)
  304. Replace to_hexString by touhexstr [NFC] (details)
  305. [RISCV] Use TAIL_UNDISTURBED_MASK_UNDISTURBED for riscv_slidedown_vl unless the merge op is undef. (details)
  306. [clang] Don't emit IFUNC when targeting Fuchsia (details)
  307. [RISCV] Move getSEWLMULRatio out of VSETVLIInfo [nfc] (details)
  308. [PowerPC] Fix LQ-STQ instructions to use correct offset and base (details)
  309. [RISCV] Split DemandedField logic in advance of reuse in dataflow [nfc] (details)
  310. Revert "[libc++] Test the size of basic_string" (details)
  311. Allow bitwidth difference when checking for isOneOrOneSplat. (details)
  312. [RISCV] Use TAIL_AGNOSTIC in riscv_fma_vl patterns. (details)
  313. [MLInliner] Don't inline call sites in unreachable basic blocks (details)
  314. [libc][NFC] Make explicit uint16_t casts in fenv (details)
  315. [RISCV] Reorder function definitions to reduce upcoming diff [nfc] (details)
  316. [mlir][linalg] Relax convolution vectorization to support mixed types (details)
  317. [clang] Don't emit type test/assume for virtual classes that should never participate in WPD (details)
  318. [mlir][vector] Fix contraction op lowering with mixed types (details)
  319. [libc] add printf hex conversion (details)
  320. [libc] fix line buffered empty file writes (details)
  321. [flang] Correct implementation of WAIT with no ID (details)
  322. [RISCV] Merge TIED_TU and TIED instructions for VWADD_W/VWSUB_W by using policy operand. (details)
  323. [flang] Handle module subprogram with interface in same (sub)module when writing module file (details)
  324. [docs][OpaquePtr] Add detail to motivations behind opaque pointers (details)
  325. [AArch64] Regenerate 3 codegen test files. NFC (details)
  326. [AMDGPU] Add new GFX11 intrinsic llvm.amdgcn.exp.row (details)
  327. [AMDGPU] GFX11 CodeGen support for MIMG instructions (details)
  328. [AMDGPU] Add GFX11 / intrinsics (details)
  329. [RISCV] Fix a typo in an intrinsic name (details)
  330. [libc++][doc] Update formatting status. (details)
  331. [SLP]Use original vector if need to shuffle truncated root. (details)
  332. [flang] NINT(-.4999) is 0, not overflow (details)
  333. Fix a bug introduced by the move of AddressRanges.h into ADT. (details)
  334. [libc][obvious] fix address test on windows (details)
  335. [PS5] Use same debug trap instruction as PS4 (details)
  336. [RISCV] Avoid reducing etype just to initialize lane 0 of an undef vector (details)
  337. [NFC] Precommited tests from D73000 (details)
  338. [PS5] Emit ud2 for ubsan trap (details)
  339. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [13] - Add context switch decoding (details)
  340. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [14] - Decode per cpu (details)
  341. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [15] - Make triple optional (details)
  342. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [16] - Create threads automatically from context switch data in the post-mortem case (details)
  343. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [17] - Some improvements (details)
  344. [PS5] Set address sanitizer shadow offset (details)
  345. [PS4/PS5][profiling] Go back to the old way of doing a runtime hook (details)
  346. Revert "[NFC] Precommited tests from D73000" (details)
  347. Reland "[NFC] Precommited tests from D73000" (details)
  348. [flang][runtime] Make ASSOCIATED() conform with standard (details)
  349. Revert "[PS4/PS5][profiling] Go back to the old way of doing a runtime hook" (details)
  350. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [18] - some more improvements (details)
  351. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [19] - Some other minor improvements (details)
  352. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [20] - Rename some fields in the schema (details)
  353. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [21] - Support long numbers in JSON (details)
  354. [trace][intelpt] Support system-wide tracing [22] - Some final touches (details)
  355. [AMDGPU] Add GFX11 codegen for (details)
  356. [AMDGPU] gfx11 new dot instruction codegen support (details)
  357. [BOLT][NFCI] Refactor interface for adding basic blocks (details)
  358. Fix TraceGDBRemotePacketsTest (details)
  359. Reland "[PS4/PS5][profiling] Go back to the old way of doing a runtime hook" (details)
  360. Fix StopInfoBreakpoint::ShouldNotify when a callback deletes the site we hit. (details)
  361. [libc++] Remove now-unused experimental/filesystem config file (details)
  362. [TargetTransformInfo] Added an opt/llc option for cache line size (details)
  363. [Delinearization] Refactoring of fixed-size array delinearization (details)
  364. [lldb] Introduce the concept of a log handler (NFC) (details)
  365. [gn build] Port 6ff49af33d09 (details)
  366. [MergeFunctions] Preserve symbols used llvm.used/llvm.compiler.used (details)
  367. [TableGen][DirectX] generate DXIL operation table with TableGen. (details)
  368. Reland "[ASan] Use debuginfo for symbolization." (details)
  369. Move debug-only code inside LLVM_DEUG to prevent unused variable warnings. (details)
  370. Revert "[TableGen][DirectX] generate DXIL operation table with TableGen." (details)
  371. [mlir][complex] Add Python bindings for complex ops. (details)
  372. [RISCV] Add cost model for scalable scatter and gather (details)
  373. [RISCV] Start merging demanded reasoning - starting with load/stores [nfc] (details)
  374. [libc] Add a status page for math functions. (details)
  375. Make setSanitizerMetadata byval. (details)
  376. [mlir][sparse] fix asan issue (details)
  377. Add DWARF string debug to clang release notes. (details)
  378. [SelectionDAG] Don't apply MinRCSize constraint in InstrEmitter::AddRegisterOperand for IMPLICIT_DEF sources. (details)
  379. [RISCV] Don't emit LUI/ADDI MachineSDNodes from getAddr (details)
  380. [clang-tidy] Organize check doc files into subdirectories (NFC) (details)
  381. [PowerPC] Fixing implicit castings in altivec for -fno-lax-vector-conversions (details)
  382. [NFCI] Whitespace in SemaDeclAttr.cpp (details)
  383. [RISCV] Add RISCVISD opcode for PseudoLLA. (details)
  384. [RISCV] Implement RISCVTargetLowering::getTargetConstantFromLoad. (details)
  385. [lldb] Add RotatingLogHandler (details)
  386. [lldb] Remove references to epydoc from the documentation (details)
  387. fix x86 sanitizer failure due to use of or (details)
  388. [libc++][ranges] Implement `ranges::sort`. (details)
  389. [RISCV] Rename VTy param of RISCVTTIImpl::getArithmeticReductionCost [NFC] (details)
  390. Incomplete attempt to pull DWARFTypePrinter into its own file for reuse (details)
  391. [gn build] Port 61fac2c370b9 (details)
  392. [gn build] Port ff3989e6ae74 (details)
  393. [mlir][sparse] improved testing and codegen for semi-ring operations (details)
  394. [lldb] Cleanup Python API reference files after building the docs (details)
  395. [SVE][CodeGen] Restructure SVE fixed length tests to use update_llc_test_checks. (details)
  396. [sanitizer] Delete empty sanitizer_openbsd.cpp after D89759 (details)
  397. [Object][COFF] Improve section name parsing (details)
  398. llvm-reduce: Support replacing FP values with 1.0 (details)
  399. llvm-reduce: Add reduction pass to simplify instructions (details)
  400. [gn build] Port eea11e7369ca (details)
  401. [AMDGPU][NFC] Remove isConstantAddr (details)
  402. [OpenMP] Initial parsing and sema for 'parallel masked' construct (details)
  403. [PowerPC][NFC] Undefine __XL_COMPAT_ALTIVEC__ in builtin lit test (details)
  404. PowerPC] Emit warning for incompatible vector types that are currently diagnosed with -fno-lax-vector-conversions (details)
  405. llvm-reduce: Try to fix dynamic libraries build (details)
  406. [ORC-RT] Make the ORC runtime C API public. (details)
  407. [RISCV][NFC][test] Correct a wrong test in vreductions-fp-vp.ll (details)
  408. [LegalizeTypes][RISCV][NFC] Modify assert in PromoteIntRes_STEP_VECTOR and add some tests for RISCV (details)
  409. [mlir][doc] Avoid duplication with constraints and defs (details)
  410. [LegalizeTypes][NFC] Merge promote SPLAT_VECTOR and promote SCALAR_TO_VECTOR to one function (details)
  411. [mlir] Split MLProgram global load and store to Graph variants (details)
  412. [mlir] Disable warning in test of deprecated feature (NFC) (details)
  413. [lld-macho][nfc] Tests for -force_load + regular archive load combinations (details)
  414. [lldb] Remove LogHandler::Create functions (NFC) (details)
  415. Reland "Reland "Reland "[X86][RFC] Enable `_Float16` type support on X86 following the psABI""" (details)
  416. [MachineBlockPlacementStats] Add check for `-filter-print-funcs` option to machine-block-placement stats. (details)
  417. Revert "[MachineBlockPlacementStats] Add check for `-filter-print-funcs` option to machine-block-placement stats." (details)
  418. [MachineBlockPlacementStats] Added check for "-filter-print-funcs" (details)
  419. [AArch64][test] Add --mattr=-{sve,sve2,sme} to SVE/SVE2/SME MC tests (details)
  420. [TableGen][DirectX] generate DXIL operation table with TableGen. (details)
  421. [Driver] Pass -X to ld for riscv*-{elf,freebsd,linux} (details)
  422. [RISCV][NFC] Add load/store instructions in rv64*-invalid.s (details)
  423. [clang] Fix trivially copyable for copy constructor and copy assignment operator (details)
  424. Revert "Reland "Reland "Reland "[X86][RFC] Enable `_Float16` type support on X86 following the psABI"""" (details)
  425. [LLDB] XFAIL TestLoadUnload fails on Arm/Ubuntu Jammy (details)
  426. [InstCombine] Add tests for freeze of recurrence with invoke start (NFC) (details)
  427. [OpenCL] Fix atomic_fetch_add/sub half overloads (details)
  428. [msan] Allow KMSAN to use -fsanitize-memory-param-retval (details)
  429. [AArch64] NFC: Fix BFMLAL[BT] inst def names (details)
  430. [libc][bazel] Remove memcpy dependency in memmove (details)
  431. [mlir] replace 'emit_c_wrappers' func->llvm conversion option with a pass (details)
  432. [IR] Check for SignedMin/-1 division in canTrap() (PR56038) (details)
  433. [clang] Dont print implicit forrange initializer (details)
  434. [AArch64][LV] AArch64 does not prefer vectorized addressing (details)
  435. [LLVM][IR] Fix typo in DerivedTypes.h (NFC) (details)
  436. [AMDGPU] Use explicit -global-isel=0/1 in tests. NFC. (details)
  437. [mlir][bufferize] Bufferize after TensorCopyInsertion (details)
  438. [Clang] Allow 'Complex float __attribute__((mode(HC)))' (details)
  439. [mlir][bufferize][NFC] Remove BufferizationState (details)
  440. [lldb] [test] Update baseline test status for FreeBSD (details)
  441. [gn build] (semi-manually) port 232bd331cbaa (details)
  442. [SelectionDAG] Extend WidenVecOp_INSERT_SUBVECTOR to cover more cases. (details)
  443. [InstCombine] add tests for (pow2 >> X) >u C; NFC (details)
  444. [InstCombine] add tests for FP casts; NFC (details)
  445. Revert "[clang] Dont print implicit forrange initializer" (details)
  446. [InstCombine] Push freeze through recurrence phi (details)
  447. [AMDGPU] More GFX11 test coverage (details)
  448. [AMDGPU] gfx11 ldsdir intrinsics and ISel (details)
  449. Reland "Reland "Reland "Reland "[X86][RFC] Enable `_Float16` type support on X86 following the psABI"""" (details)
  450. [libc][Obvious] Fix hyperlink and typo in math status page. (details)
  451. [AMDGPU] gfx11 VINTERP intrinsics and ISel support (details)
  452. [libc++] Simplify __config a bit (details)
  453. [LoopVectorize] Add support for invariant stores of ordered reductions (details)
  454. [AMDGPU] gfx11 waitcnt support for VINTERP and LDSDIR instructions (details)
  455. [flang] Fix bug in character casting. Add missing sext/trunc in code gen. (details)
  456. [libc] Rely on __builtin_memcpy_inline for memcpy implementation (details)
  457. Revert "Revert "[clang] Dont print implicit forrange initializer"" (details)
  458. [InstCombine] convert mask and shift of power-of-2 to cmp+select (details)
  459. [clang][deps] Sort submodules when calculating dependencies (details)
  460. [RISCV] Avoid changing etype for splat of 0 or -1 (details)
  461. [PowerPC] Fix PPCVSXSwapRemoval pass to include MTVSCR and MFVSCR as not swappable. (details)
  462. [NFC][Alignment] Remove assumeAligned from MachineFrameInfo ctor (details)
  463. [mlir][nvgpu] shared memory access optimization pass (details)
  464. [mlir][sparse] move from by-value to by-reference for data types (details)
  465. [mlir][nvgpu] fix missing build dependency for NVGPUTransforms (details)
  466. [gn build] (manually) port 7cca33b40f77c (details)
  467. [LLDB][ExpressionParser] Fix indices inside format-strings passed to LLDB_LOG (details)
  468. [mlir][linalg] Extend opdsl to support operations on complex types. (details)
  469. [Static Analyzer][CFG] Introducing the source array in the CFG of DecompositionDecl (details)
  470. [InstCombine] Fold memcmp of constant arrays and variable size (details)
  471. [libc++] Unwrap reverse_iterator<reverse_iterator<Iter>> in __unwrap_iter (details)
  472. [libc][obvious] fix sign warning in file_writer (details)
  473. [Static Analyzer] Small array binding policy (details)
  474. [AMDGPU] NFC. Change comment format on gfx11 interp and ldsdir intrinsics (details)
  475. [RISCV] Delete dead elideCopy code in InsertVSETVLI [nfc] (details)
  476. [libc++] Implement std::boyer_moore{, _horspool}_searcher (details)
  477. [gn build] Port 971e9c80e966 (details)
  478. [Flang] Fixes for XArrayCoorOp (details)
  479. [Symbolize] Parser for log symbolizer markup. (details)
  480. [gn build] (manually) port 2040b6df0a3f (DebugInfoSymbolizerTests) (details)
  481. [riscv] Extract isMaskRegOp helper [nfc] (details)
  482. [clang][dataflow] Add support for comma binary operator (details)
  483. [Static Analyzer] Structured binding to data members (details)
  484. [docs] Fix typo (details)
  485. wip (details)
  486. [docs] Adding DirectX target usage doc (details)
  487. [mlir][nvgpu] Fix Bazel BUILD file (details)
  488. Revert "wip" (details)
  489. [docs] Adding table of object file formats (details)
  490. [libc++] Mark standard-mandated includes as such (details)
  491. [AArch64] add tests for masked subtract; NFC (details)
  492. Recommit "[LAA] Initial support for runtime checks with pointer selects." (details)
  493. [RISCV] Move store policy and mask reg ops into demanded handling in InsertVSETVLI (details)
  494. [RISCV] Remove redundant code checking for exact VTYPE match [nfc] (details)
  495. [mlir][sparse] renable f16 tests (details)
  496. [mlir][sparse] Add testing for bf16 and fallback for software bf16 (details)
  497. [bazel] Add missing dependency after 455679413 (details)
  498. [BOLT] Fix for missing entry offset (details)
  499. [mlir][sparse] Inline the definition of LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_WEAK (details)
  500. [RISCV] Use RVVBitsPerBlock instead of hardcoding multiples of 64. NFC (details)
  501. [libc++] Don't force -O2 when building the benchmarks (details)
  502. [lldb][tests] Automatically call compute_mydir (NFC) (details)
  503. [libc++] Make sure we install libc++abi headers on Apple (details)
  504. [clang-repl] Remove memory leak of ASTContext/TargetMachine. (details)
  505. [clang][driver] Ensure we don't accumulate entries in -MJ files (details)
  506. [lldb] Fix modernize-use-override warnings (NFC) (details)
  507. [lldb] Fix modernize-use-equals-default warnings (NFC) (details)
  508. [mlir][nvgpu] fix MSVC warning regarding left shift (details)
  509. [test][RPOFuncAttrs] Update norecurse.ll (details)
  510. [mlir][sparse][taco] Support complex types. (details)
  511. [BOLT] Allow function fragments to point to one jump table (details)
  512. [libc] add printf pointer conv (details)
  513. Stop wrapping GCCAsmStmts inside StmtExprs to destruct temporaries (details)
  514. Add unit test coverage for cast<T> assertion failures on invalid cast (details)
  515. [CodeGen] Init EmptyExpr before the first use (details)
  516. llvm-dwarf-dump: include type name for AT_containing_type (details)
  517. [DirectX] Add MC Register and Frame stubs (details)
  518. [DirectX] Add DXILAsmPrinter (details)
  519. [DirectX][MC] Add MC support for DXContainer (details)
  520. [gn build] Port 3adc908b2685 (details)
  521. [DirectX] Add DirectX target object writer (details)
  522. bzero->memset - Fix Windows bots (details)
  523. [Bazel] Rename generated *_main.cpp to [tool-name]-driver.cpp which CMake uses. (details)
  524. [MachineCopyPropagation][RISCV] Add test case showing failure for MachineCopyPropagation. NFC (details)
  525. [MachineCopyPropagation][RISCV] Fix D125335 accidentally change control flow. (details)
  526. [libc] Add TLS image initialization to aarch64 startup code. (details)
  527. [mlir] Fix an msvc warning (details)
  528. [mlir][bufferization] Set emitAccessorPrefix dialect flag (details)
  1. [CSKY] Add cmake build config parameters to not checkout clang_tools_extra, compiler_rt and lld (details)

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