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Build Log

  1. [MemLoc] Support memchr/memccpy in MemoryLocation::getForArgument (details)
  2. [InstCombine] foldAndOrOfICmpsOfAndWithPow2 - add vector support (details)
  3. [SVE][CodeGen]Use getFixedSize() function for TypeSize comparison in clang (details)
  4. [InstCombine] narrowRotate - minor refactoring for funnel shift support. NFC. (details)
  5. [ValueTracking] Clarify TypeSize comparisons (details)
  6. Recommit "[SCEV] Use nw flag and symbolic iteration count to sharpen ranges of AddRecs" (details)
  7. [Indvars][NFC] Remove duplicating checks (details)
  8. [AMDGPU] Add a message to an assert (details)
  9. [Indvars][NFCI] Remove meaningless restrictive code in IndVars (details)
  10. [InstCombine] Add trunc+zext 'narrow' funnel shift tests (PR35155) (details)
  11. [InstCombine] Fix typo in narrow funnel shift test (details)
  12. [lldb] Fix FreeBSD build for ea3a547 (details)
  13. [InstCombine] foldSelectRotate - canonicalize to OR(SHL,LSHR). NFCI. (details)
  14. [Indvars][NFC] Merge two functions together (details)
  15. [libc++] NFC: Move iterator.range tests into the right place (details)
  16. [libc++] NFCI: Use Lit features to disable tests instead of #if (details)
  17. [globalopt] Teach to look through `addrspacecast`. (details)
  18. Revert "[llvm-cov] don't include all source files when provided source files are filtered out" (details)
  19. [libcxx] Fix printf formats in two tests. (details)
  20. [libcxxabi] Fix printf formats in a test. (details)
  21. [clang-tidy] modernize-loop-convert reverse iteration support (details)
  22. [lldb] Modernize PseudoTerminal::OpenSecondary (details)
  23. [lldb] Minidump: check for .text hash match with directory (details)
  24. AMDGPU: Don't kill super-register with overlapping copy (details)
  25. llvm-reduce: Fix typo in status message (details)
  26. llvm-reduce: Don't replace intrinsic calls with undef (details)
  27. [flang] Failed call to CHECK() for call to ASSOCIATED(NULL()) (details)
  28. clang-format: Assert in-memory file created in createInMemoryFile, NFC (details)
  29. [libcxx] [test] Use string() instead of native() as parameter to std::ifstream/ofstream in copy_file_large.pass.cpp (details)
  30. [libcxx] [test] Use fs::path::string_type instead of std::string in fs.op.relative (details)
  31. [libcxx] [test] Mark tests for libcxx specific implementation details with LIBCPP_ONLY() (details)
  32. [libcxx] [test] Add (void) return casts on functions marked nodiscard in MS STL (details)
  33. [InstCombine] Remove custom and(trunc(and(x,c1)),c2) fold (details)
  34. [InstCombine] visitAnd - add some ((val OP C1) & C2) vector test coverage (details)
  35. [InstCombine] visitAnd - pull out repeated I.getType() calls. NFCI. (details)
  36. Disable DynamicLibraryTests when using LLVM_INTEGRATED_CRT_ALLOC (PR47881) (details)
  37. [Hexagon] Fix license headers in some .td files, NFC (details)
  38. Reapply "OpaquePtr: Add type to sret attribute" (details)

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