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  1. [MLIR][Linalg] Lower `linalg.tiled_loop` in a separate pass (details)
  2. [MLIR][Linalg] Avoid forward declaration in `Loops.cpp` (details)
  3. [mlir][linalg] Fix vectorization bug in vector transfer indexing map calculation (details)
  4. [CodeGen][ARM] Implement atomicrmw as pseudo operations at -O0 (details)
  5. [OpenMPIRBuilder] Add createOffloadMaptypes and createOffloadMapnames functions (details)
  6. [mlir][Linalg] Use rank-reduced versions of subtensor and subtensor insert when possible. (details)
  7. [ValueTracking] soften assert for invertible recurrence matching (details)
  8. [WebAssembly] Fixup order of ins variables for table instructions (details)
  9. [SimplifyCFG] Look for control flow changes instead of side effects. (details)
  10. [libcxx][iterator][ranges] adds `forward_iterator` and `forward_range` (details)
  11. Revert "[CodeGen][ARM] Implement atomicrmw as pseudo operations at -O0" (details)
  12. [sanitizer] Set IndentPPDirectives: AfterHash in .clang-format (details)
  13. [MC][ELF] Work around R_MIPS_LO16 relocation handling problem (details)
  14. Revert "[MC][ELF] Work around R_MIPS_LO16 relocation handling problem" (details)
  15. [mlir][sparse] fixed typo: sparse -> sparse_tensor (details)
  16. [libcxx][iterator][ranges] adds `bidirectional_iterator` and `bidirectional_range` (details)
  17. [mlir][Linalg] Add a utility method to get reassociations maps for reshape. (details)
  18. [WebAssembly] Reenable end-to-end test in wasm-eh.cpp (details)
  19. [InstCombine] cttz(sext(x)) -> cttz(zext(x)) (details)
  20. [debugserver] Include LLDB_VERSION_SUFFIX in debugserver version (details)
  21. [AArch64][SVE] More unpredicated ld1/st1 patterns for reg+reg addressing modes (details)

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