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  1. Disable GPU in polly-arm-linux and aosp-O3-polly-before-vectorizer-unprofitable (detail)

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  1. [OpaquePtr] Support call instruction (detail)
  2. Fix flang build after D104167 (detail)
  3. [TextAPI] add symbol name prefixes to central location, NFC (detail)
  4. [OpaquePtr] Support invoke instruction (detail)
  5. [lld/mac] Don't crash on absolute symbols in unwind info generation (detail)
  6. [InstCombine] Use getFunctionType() (detail)
  7. [llvm-tapi-diff] Wrap empty string around StringLiteral NFC (detail)
  8. [compiler-rt][hwasan] Add InitState options to thread initialization (detail)
  9. Update test after (detail)
  10. [Constants] Handle addrspacecast with opaque pointer type (detail)
  11. Move dwarfdump-invalid.test into the tools/llvm-dwarfdump directory. (detail)
  12. Reland "[AArch64] handle -Wa,-march=" (detail)
  13. IR: Fix use-list-order round-tripping for call and invoke (detail)

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