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  1. [Zorg][OpenMP] Add CUDA offloading worker. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [libcxx] removes operator!= and globally guards against no spaceship operator (detail)
  2. [libcxx] makes comparison operators for `std::*_ordering` types hidden friends (detail)
  3. [libcxx] deprecates/removes `std::raw_storage_iterator` (detail)
  4. [mlir][linalg] Remove IndexedGenericOp support from Fusion... (detail)
  5. [mlir][linalg] Remove IndexedGenericOp support from LinalgToLoops... (detail)
  6. [llvm-dwarfdump] Fix abstract origin vars location stats calculation (detail)
  7. [libcxx][test] Make string.modifiers/clear_and_shrink_db1.pass.cpp a regular mode test (detail)
  8. Support VectorTransfer splitting on writes also. (detail)
  9. [OpenCL] [NFC] Fixed underline being too short in rst (detail)
  10. Fix -Wdocumentation warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  11. * Add support for JSON output style to llvm-symbolizer (detail)
  12. [flang][cmake] Enable the new driver by default (detail)
  13. [WebAssembly] Support for WebAssembly globals in LLVM IR (detail)
  14. [VP] Improve the VP intrinsic unittests (detail)
  15. [CodeGen][WebAssembly] Better lowering for WASM_SYMBOL_TYPE_GLOBAL symbols (detail)
  16. [LLD] [COFF] Add an assert regarding the RVA of exported symbols. NFC. (detail)
  17. [MLIR] Switch llvm.noalias to a unit attribute (detail)
  18. [AMDGPU] Add some GFX10.3 testing. NFC. (detail)
  19. [RegAllocFast] properly handle STATEPOINT instruction. (detail)
  20. [PowerPC][Bug] Fix Bug in Stack Frame Update Code (detail)
  21. [LLDB] Don't use the local python to set a default for LLDB_PYTHON_RELATIVE_PATH when cross compiling. (detail)
  22. [libomptarget][nfc] Drop stringify in macro (detail)
  23. [OpenCL] Allow use of double type without extension pragma. (detail)
  24. [AMDGPU] Move code sinking before structurizer (detail)
  25. [SLP] restrict matching of load combine candidates (detail)
  26. [X86][CostModel] X86TTIImpl::getMemoryOpCost(): rewrite vector handling again (detail)
  27. CodeGen: Fix null dereference before null check (detail)
  28. [X86][SSE] Replace foldShuffleOfHorizOp with generalized version in canonicalizeShuffleMaskWithHorizOp (detail)
  29. [X86] Replace repeated isa/cast<ConstantSDNode> calls with single single dyn_cast<>. NFCI. (detail)
  30. [TableGen] Make the NUL character invalid in .td files (detail)
  31. [X86] X86TTIImpl::getInterleavedMemoryOpCostAVX2(): use getMemoryOpCost() (detail)
  32. [VPlan] Register recipe for instr if the simplified value is recipe. (detail)
  33. [OpenMP] Fix hidden helper + affinity (detail)
  34. Revert "[TableGen] Make the NUL character invalid in .td files" (detail)
  35. Fix typo "Execpt" in comments (detail)
  36. [LoopInterchange] Fix legality for triangular loops (detail)
  37. Revert "[AMDGPU][OpenMP] Emit textual IR for -emit-llvm -S" (detail)
  38. [NFC][AMDGPU] Correct product name for gfx908 (detail)
  39. [IR][AutoUpgrade] Drop align attribute from void return types (detail)
  40. Produce warning for performing pointer arithmetic on a null pointer. (detail)
  41. [NFC][X86] Precommit another testcase for D101944 (detail)
  42. Fix branch coverage merging in FunctionCoverageSummary::get() for instantiation (detail)
  43. Change Target::ReadMemory to ensure the amount of memory read from the file-cache is the amount requested. (detail)
  44. Add null-pointer checks when accessing a TypeSystem's SymbolFile (detail)
  45. [mlir] Use static shape knowledge when lowering memref.reshape (detail)
  46. [libomptarget][nfc] Add hook to easily disable building amdgcn bclib (detail)
  47. [libc++] s/_VSTD::declval/declval/g. NFCI. (detail)
  48. [libc++] s/std::size_t/size_t/g. NFCI. (detail)
  49. [libc++] s/_VSTD::chrono/chrono/g. NFCI. (detail)
  50. [libc++] s/_VSTD::is_unsigned/is_unsigned/ in <random>. NFCI. (detail)
  51. [libc++] Remove more unnecessary _VSTD:: from type names. NFCI. (detail)
  52. Revert "Fix branch coverage merging in FunctionCoverageSummary::get() for instantiation" (detail)
  53. [RISCV] Match trunc_vector_vl+sra_vl/srl_vl with splat shift amount to vnsra/vnsrl. (detail)
  54. [X86][Codegen] Shift amount mod: sh? i64 x, (32-y) --> sh? i64 x, -(y+32) (detail)
  55. [RISCV] Use fractional LMULs for fixed length types smaller than riscv-v-vector-bits-min. (detail)
  56. [libcxx][tests] Fix incomplte.verify tests by disabling them on clang-10. (detail)
  57. [X86][SSE] Add tests for permute(phaddw(phaddw(x,y),phaddw(z,w))) -> phaddw(phaddw(),phaddw()) folds. (detail)
  58. Reland "[Coverage] Fix branch coverage merging in FunctionCoverageSummary::get() for instantiation"" (detail)
  59. Revert "[ORC-RT] Add unit test infrastructure, extensible_rtti..." (detail)
  60. [TextAPI] Reformat llvm_unreachable message (detail)
  61. [flang] Allow large and erroneous ac-implied-do's (detail)
  62. Re-apply "[ORC-RT] Add unit test infrastructure, extensible_rtti..." (detail)
  63. [lld/mac] Implement -sectalign (detail)
  64. [git-clang-format] Do not apply clang-format to symlinks (detail)
  65. [libcxx] [test] Fix filesystem permission tests for windows (detail)
  66. [mlir][ODS]: Add per-op cppNamespace. (detail)
  67. [ArgumentPromotion] Fix byval alignment handling. (detail)
  68. [RISCV] Prefer to lower MC_GlobalAddress operands to .Lfoo$local (detail)

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