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  1. Update license on's ConvertUTF code. (details)
  2. [SampleProfile] Fix non-determinism in promoteMergeNotInlinedContextSamples() (details)
  3. [lldb] Skip target variable tests on Darwin because of chained fixups (details)
  4. [libc] Pack memory functions in the integration test libc.a files. (details)
  5. [llvm-reduce] Add delta pass to run IR passes (details)
  6. [llvm-reduce] Try harder to not create invalid aliases (details)
  7. [libunwind] Remove __ANDROID_API__ < 18 workaround (details)
  8. [clangd][unittests][IncludeCleaner] Don't call findReferencedFiles() if the result is not used (details)
  9. [mlir][shape] Add dim op (details)
  10. [Inlining] Introduce the function attribute "inline-max-stacksize" (details)
  11. [llvm] Fix assertion when stat fails in remove_directories (details)
  12. [mlir][sparse] enable integral abs recognition (details)
  13. [clang-doc] Fix assert on startup (details)
  14. [clang-doc] Always emit the TagType for RecordInfo (details)
  15. [MLIR] Add utility function to create values for all dimensions of a tensor value (details)
  16. [bazel] Remove --config=rbe (details)
  17. [bazel] Use lld in --config=generic_clang (details)
  18. [libc] add sprintf size comparison (details)
  19. [ADT] Remove STLForwardCompat.h's C++17 equivalents (details)
  20. [ADT] Mark variable inline to avoid ODR violations in Sequence.h (details)
  21. [MSAN] add flag to suppress storage of stack variable names with -sanitize-memory-track-origins (details)
  22. [flang] Pass SemanticsContext to the LoweringBridge (details)
  23. [lld/mac] Stop accepting arbitrary suffixes on --(no-)warn-dylib-install-name (details)
  24. [mlir] Flip Tensor dialect and ViewLike (NFC) (details)
  25. [SPIRV] support capabilities and extensions (details)
  26. [BOLT] Use Optional::emplace to avoid move assignment. NFC (details)
  27. [MCDwarf] Respect -fdebug-prefix-map= for generated assembly debug info (DWARF v5) (details)
  28. [mlir] Add AllOfType and ConfinedType constraints (details)
  29. X86: Don't fold TEST into ADD ...@GOTTPOFF/GOTNTPOFF/INDNTPOFF (details)
  30. [DebugInfo] Don't join DW_AT_comp_dir and directories[0] for DWARF v5 line tables (details)
  31. [libunwind][AIX] Implement _Unwind_FindEnclosingFunction() using traceback table on AIX (details)
  32. [trace][intel pt] Fix per-psb packet decoding (details)
  33. [analyzer] Fix a crash on copy elided initialized lambda captures (details)
  34. [MLIR][TOSA] Remove ReluN operator from TOSA dialect (details)
  35. Update hwasan test to fix failure on older Android API versions. (details)
  36. [mlir][python] Add python bindings for DenseArrayAttr (details)
  37. (Reland) [mlir] Switch segment size attributes to DenseI32ArrayAttr (details)
  38. [sanitizer] Add dn_comp interceptor (details)
  39. [OpenMP] Fix segmentation fault when data field is used in is_device_pt (details)
  40. [mlir][ods] Support string literals in `custom` directives (details)
  41. [mlir][ods] OpFormat: ensure that regions don't follow `attr-dict` (details)
  42. [RISCV][NFC] Use nested namespace definations. (details)
  43. [mlir] Use has_value instead of hasValue (NFC) (details)
  44. [mlir] Deprecate OptionalParseResult::{hasValue,getValue} (details)
  45. [mlir][ods] Rename Confined and AllAttrConstraintsOf (details)
  46. [mlir] Remove colon from empty dense array syntax (details)

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