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  1. Updated llvm-clang-lld-x86_64-scei-ps4-ubuntu-fast and (details / githubweb)
  2. Added legacy mode support for automatic SVN schedulers. (details / githubweb)
  1. [Polly] Fix formatting violation. NFC. (details)
  2. [X86] Add more packus/ssat/usat truncate tests from legal vectors to (details)
  3. [CVP] Remove a masking operation if range information implies it's a (details)
  4. [X86] Add test case for trunc_packus_v16i32_v16i8_store to (details)
  5. [X86] Add a DAG combine to turn v16i16->v16i8 VTRUNCUS+store into a (details)
  6. [libc++] Fix linker script generation (details)
  7. [InstCombine] recognize popcount. (details)
  8. [NFC] run specific pass instead of whole -O3 pipeline for popcount (details)
  9. [PowerPC] Remove assertion "Shouldn't overwrite a register before it is (details)
  10. [X86] Always define the tzcnt intrinsics even when _MSC_VER is defined. (details)
  11. Fix modules build for r374337 (details)
  12. [ADT][Statistics] Fix test after rL374490 (details)
  13. [X86] Add v8i64->v8i8 ssat/usat/packus truncate tests to (details)
  14. [TableGen] Fix a bug that MCSchedClassDesc is interfered between (details)
  15. [lldb] Fix crash in CxxModuleHandler when std module is empty (details)
  16. [LLDB] [Driver] Use llvm::InitLLVM to do unicode argument conversion on (details)
  17. Insert module constructors in a module pass (details)
  18. [Windows] Use information from the PE32 exceptions directory to (details)
  19. ProcessInstanceInfoMatch: Don't match processes with no name if a name (details)
  20. minidump: Use llvm memory info list parser (details)
  21. [llvm-exegesis] Show noise cluster in analysis output. (details)
  22. [X86] isFNEG - add recursion depth limit (details)
  23. [SCEV] Add stricter verification option. (details)
  24. [LLDB] [lldb-server] Use llvm::InitLLVM for doing unicode conversion of (details)
  25. [FileCheck] Implement --ignore-case option. (details)
  26. Dead Virtual Function Elimination (details)
  27. [ClangTidy] Separate tests for infrastructure and checkers (details)
  28. [llvm-readobj] - Remove excessive fields when dumping "Version symbols". (details)
  29. [LLD][ELF] - Update test cases after llvm-readobj change. (details)
  30. [MS ABI]: Fix mangling function arguments for template types to be (details)
  31. [mips] Fix loading "double" immediate into a GPR and FPR (details)
  32. [lldb] Insert break to avoid unannotated fall-through (details)
  33. [Tests] Output of od can be lower or upper case (llvm-objcopy/yaml2obj). (details)
  34. [mips] Follow-up to r374544. Fix test case. (details)
  35. [ClangTidy] Separate tests for infrastructure and checkers, fixup (details)
  36. Updated to create checker tests in the new directory (details)
  37. [libTooling] Change Stencil equality to use `toString()` (details)
  38. [AMDGPU][MC] Corrected parsing of optional operands (details)
  39. Fix compilation warnings. NFC. (details)
  40. [DAGCombiner] fold vselect-of-constants to shift (details)
  41. [llvm] [ocaml] Support linking against dylib (details)
  42. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX10] Enabled null for 64-bit dst operands (details)
  43. [libTooling] Move `RewriteRule` abstraction into its own header and (details)
  44. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX6][GFX7][GFX10] Added instructions (details)
  45. gn build: Merge r374558 (details)
  46. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX9][GFX10] Corrected number of src operands for (details)
  47. Reland r374450 with Richard Smith's comments and test fixed. (details)
  48. [AIX] Use .space instead of .zero in assembly (details)
  49. [VPlan] Add moveAfter to VPRecipeBase. (details)
  50. [AArch64][SVE] Implement sdot and udot (lane) intrinsics (details)
  51. [AArch64] add tests for (v)select-of-constants; NFC (details)
  52. Fix test failure with 374562 on Hexagon (details)
  53. [lldb-test] Modify lldb-test to print out ASTs from symbol file (details)
  54. Update clang module map for new excluded .def file. (details)
  55. [lldb] Add import-std-module/sysroot to the libc++ test category. (details)
  56. [clang][IFS] Fixing assert in clang interface stubs for enums, records, (details)
  57. [lldb] Mark import-std-module/empty-module as libc++ test (details)
  58. gn build: (manually) merge r374110 (details)
  59. IOHandler: fall back on File::Read if a FILE* isn't available. (details)
  60. [lldb] Fix python packages install path (details)
  61. [X86][SSE] Add support for v4i8 add reduction (details)
  62. Suppress false-positive -Wdeprecated-volatile warning from (details)
  63. [Stats] Convert some ad-hoc header search stats to (details)
  64. llvm-dwarfdump: Add verbose printing for debug_loclists (details)
  65. make ConstString allocate memory in non-tiny chunks (details)
  66. [platform process list] add a flag for showing the processes of all (details)
  67. Add -fgnuc-version to ClangModuleCompilationOptions on Darwin. (details)
  68. [NativePDB] Remove unused references to ClangASTImporter (details)
  69. [MachineIRBuilder] Fix an assertion failure with buildMerge (details)
  70. [GISel][CallLowering] Enable vector support in argument lowering (details)
  71. [Mips][llvm-exegesis] Add a Mips target (details)
  72. Set GNUC version in the LLDB expression parser. (details)
  73. Revert 374373: [Codegen] Alter the default promotion for saturating adds (details)
  74. Release notes: Add the option WarnForDeadNestedAssignments (details)
  75. [GISel][UnitTest] Fix a bunch of tests that were not doing anything (details)
  76. [ObjC] Remove default parameter no caller was providing. NFC intended. (details)
  77. [mips] Use less instruction to load zero into FPR by li.s / li.d pseudos (details)
  78. [mips] Store 64-bit `li.d' operand as a single 8-byte value (details)
  79. [mips] Remove unused local variables. NFC (details)
  80. DebugInfo: Use base address selection entries for debug_loc (details)
  81. [lit] Change regex filter to ignore case (details)
  82. [lit] Small cleanups in (details)
  83. Revert "[platform process list] add a flag for showing the processes of (details)
  84. [AMDGPU] link dpp pseudos and real instructions on gfx10 (details)
  85. [libunwind] Refactor CMake flag checks to match libc++ and libc++abi (details)
  86. [AMDGPU] Use GCN prefix in dpp_combine.mir. NFC. (details)
  87. gn build: Cmanually) merge r374590 (details)
  88. [platform process list] add a flag for showing the processes of all (details)
  89. gn build: Merge r235758 (details)
  90. gn build: (manually) merge r374606 better (details)
  91. [libFuzzer] Don't prefix absolute paths in fuchsia. (details)
  92. DebugInfo: Reduce the scope of some variables related to debug_ranges (details)
  93. [X86] Add test case showing missing opportunity to fold vmovsdb into a (details)
  94. [X86] Fold a VTRUNCS/VTRUNCUS+store into a saturating truncating store. (details)
  95. Temporarily Revert [platform process list] add a flag for showing the (details)
  96. [llvm-profdata] Make "malformed-ptr-to-counter-array.test" textual (details)
  97. DebugInfo: Fix msan use-of-uninitialized exposed by r374600 (details)
  98. [platform process list] add a flag for showing the processes of all (details)
  99. Revert "[platform process list] add a flag for showing the processes of (details)
  100. [platform process list] add a flag for showing the processes of all (details)
  1. Updated llvm-clang-lld-x86_64-scei-ps4-ubuntu-fast and (details)
  2. Added legacy mode support for automatic SVN schedulers. (details)

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