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  1. DebugInfo: Add support for template parameters with qualifiers (details)
  2. DebugInfo: Add support for template parameters with reference qualifiers (details)
  3. Fixup some formatting from a recent commit (details)
  4. [WebAssembly] Fix a typo in comments (details)
  5. Check supported architectures in sseXYZ/avxXYZ headers (details)
  6. [runtimes] Initialize LLVM_DEFAULT_TARGET_TRIPLE if not set by the caller (details)
  7. [runtimes] Calculate the path to the llvm directory without the LLVM cmake package (details)
  8. [llvm-readobj] [COFF] Try to resolve symbols in unwind info on x86 (details)
  9. [llvm-readobj] [COFF] Resolve relocations pointing at section symbols for arm64 too (details)
  10. [Win64EH] Write .pdata symbol relocations relative to the temporary begin symbol (details)
  11. [AArch64] NFC: Use 'asm' in SIMDScalarCPY (details)
  12. [WebAssembly] NFC: Remove unused tblgen template args (details)
  13. [OpenCL] Tests C++ for OpenCL version macros (details)
  14. AArch64: fix indentation of ProcAppleA14. NFC. (details)
  15. [clang] disable implicit moves when not in CPlusPLus (details)
  16. [libc][Obvious] Some clean work with memmove. (details)
  17. [MLIR] Improve op parse error message for AtLeastNOperands trait (details)

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