Started by upstream project "clang-stage1-RA" build number 4242 originally caused by: Started by an SCM change Started by an SCM change Started by an SCM change Started by an SCM change Started by an SCM change Started by an SCM change Started by an SCM change Started by an SCM change Obtained zorg/jenkins/jobs/jobs/relay-test-suite-verify-machineinstrs from git Running in Durability level: MAX_SURVIVABILITY [Pipeline] Start of Pipeline [Pipeline] readTrusted Obtained zorg/jenkins/relay.groovy from git [Pipeline] node Running on Jenkins in /Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/workspace/relay-test-suite-verify-machineinstrs [Pipeline] { [Pipeline] stage [Pipeline] { (main) [Pipeline] sh + rm -f + curl -fksSO http://labmaster2.local/artifacts/clang-stage1-RA/ [Pipeline] readProperties [Pipeline] parallel [Pipeline] { (Branch: aarch64-globalisel-O0-g) [Pipeline] { (Branch: aarch64-O0-g) [Pipeline] { (Branch: aarch64-O3) [Pipeline] { (Branch: x86_64-O0-g) [Pipeline] { (Branch: x86_64-O3) [Pipeline] { (Branch: x86_64h-O3) [Pipeline] build Scheduling project: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-aarch64-globalisel-O0-g [Pipeline] build Scheduling project: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-aarch64-O0-g [Pipeline] build Scheduling project: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-aarch64-O3 [Pipeline] build Scheduling project: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-x86_64-O0-g [Pipeline] build Scheduling project: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-x86_64-O3 [Pipeline] build Scheduling project: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-x86_64h-O3 Starting building: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-aarch64-O3 #6403 Starting building: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-aarch64-globalisel-O0-g #6404 Starting building: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-aarch64-O0-g #6403 Starting building: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-x86_64-O0-g #6403 Starting building: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-x86_64-O3 #6403 Starting building: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-x86_64h-O3 #6390 [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] } Failed in branch x86_64h-O3 [Pipeline] } Failed in branch x86_64-O0-g [Pipeline] } Failed in branch x86_64-O3 [Pipeline] // parallel [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] // stage [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] // node [Pipeline] End of Pipeline [BFA] Scanning build for known causes... [BFA] No failure causes found [BFA] Done. 0s ERROR: test-suite-verify-machineinstrs-x86_64h-O3 clang-d332945-g3ebfab70958-t4245-b4245.tar.gz completed with status FAILURE (propagate: false to ignore) Finished: FAILURE