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  1. [Clang] Add a new warning to warn when passing uninitialized variables as const reference parameters to a function (details)
  2. [lldb] NFC remove DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN (details)
  3. [InstCombine] regenerate complete test checks; NFC (details)
  4. [InstCombine] add tests for select-of-select-shuffle; NFC (details)
  5. [PGO] Enable memcmp/bcmp size value profiling. (details)
  6. [mlir] Provide defaults to make enabling dumping simpler (details)
  7. AMDGPU: Don't run mode switches with exec 0 (details)
  8. AMDGPU: Don't run indexing mode switches with exec = 0 (details)
  9. AMDGPU: Fix a test to be more stable (details)
  10. [llvm-dwarfdump] Print [=<offset>] after --debug-* options in help output. (details)
  11. [Sema] Use isAlwaysUninit for -Wuninitialized-const-reference after D79895 (details)
  12. Update 'git push' command in GettingStarted guide (details)
  13. Fix compiler crash when an expression parsed in the tentative parsing and must be claimed in the another evaluation context. (details)
  14. [TableGen] Avoid generating switch with just default (details)
  15. [libc] Add integration tests. (details)

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