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  1. [runtimes] Remove the ability to select the old libc++ testing format (details)
  2. [SVE] Remove calls to VectorType::getNumElements from X86 (details)
  3. [ADT] Support const-qualified unique_functions (details)
  4. [DEBUGINFO]Add a test for packed bitfields, NFC. (details)
  5. [clangd] Config: config struct propagated through Context (details)
  6. Revert "[ADT] Support const-qualified unique_functions" (details)
  7. [IndVars] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  8. Add optimization to basic_string::assign for compile-time known constant values. (details)
  9. [gn build] Port 9963d93b073 (details)
  10. Silence unused var warning in NDEBUG build (details)
  11. X86: Use MOV32r0 pseudo instead of directly emitting xor (details)
  12. LowerConstantIntrinsics: Fix missing test for byval behavior (details)
  13. X86: Upgrade a test to not rely on byval pointee type (details)
  14. [darwin][driver] isMacosxVersionLT should check against the minimum supported OS version (details)
  15. [gn build] Add missing llvm-lipo dep to check-lld (details)
  16. [llvm][NFC] Use llvm_canonicalize_cmake_booleans for LLVM_HAVE_TF_AOT (details)
  17. [flang] Defer stmt function body analysis until specification part complete (details)
  18. [ProcessGDBRemote] Get rid of an unused function. (details)
  19. Reland [ADT] Support const-qualified unique_functions (details)
  20. Revert "[clangd] Config: config struct propagated through Context" (details)
  21. Reland [clangd] Config: config struct propagated through Context (details)
  22. Revert "[clang][SourceManager] cache Macro Expansions" (details)
  23. Reland "[clang][SourceManager] cache Macro Expansions"" (details)
  24. [clang][RelativeVTablesABI] Update CodeGenCXX/RelativeVTablesABI/dynamic-cast.cpp (details)
  25. [ADT] Use more explicit from to initialize member. Appease MSVC? (details)
  26. [mlir] [VectorOps] Extend vector reduction integration test with reassoc=true cases. (details)
  27. Simplify conditionals in DNBArchMachARM64::EnableHardwareSingleStep (details)
  28. [clangd] config() -> Config::current to avoid confict with NS (details)
  29. [X86] Add common prefixes to merge more hadd/sub tests checks (details)
  30. [PowerPC] Fix FeatureISA3_1 def in to imply FeatureISA3_0. (details)
  31. [flang] Add coarray lowering hooks. (details)
  32. [mlir] add unsigned comparison builders to Affine EDSC (details)
  33. Fix a few cases that were incorrectly parsed as unary-expressions (details)
  34. [CMake] Fix incorrect handling of get_target_property failure (details)
  35. [MLIR] Add variadic isa<> for Type, Value, and Attribute (details)
  36. [CMake][compiler-rt] Only set lld as available when it was built (details)
  37. [SVE] Remove calls to VectorType::getNumElements from Instrumentation (details)
  38. Clang Driver: Use Apple ld64's new @response-file support. (details)
  39. Clang Driver: refactor support for writing response files to be (details)
  40. [FileCheck][NFC] Clean up RUN style in verbose.txt test (details)
  41. [FileCheck] Permit multiple -v or -vv (details)
  42. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Convert bitwise and logical not (details)
  43. [X86] Prefer AND over PSHUFB for v64i8 when possible (details)
  44. [ods] Update Operator to record Arg->[Attr|Operand]Index mapping (details)
  45. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Added Bitcast conversion pattern (details)
  46. Move Sema::PragmaStack<ValueType>::Act into Sema.h so it can be instantiated as needed (details)
  47. [c++20] Fix handling of operator rewrites naming consteval operator<=>. (details)
  48. [darwin][driver] pass the minimum supported OS version to the linker (details)
  49. [OpenMP] fix clang warning about printf format in CUDA plugin (details)

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