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  1. [llvm-objcopy] Make ihex writer similar to binary writer (detail)
  2. [index] Fix performance regression with indexing macros (detail)
  3. [flang] Correct the subscripts used for arguments to character intrinsics (detail)
  4. RISCVFixupKinds.h: Don’t duplicate function or class name at the beginning of the comment && fix some comments (detail)
  5. [ValueTracking] add FP intrinsics to test for propagatesPoison; NFC (detail)
  6. [mlir][sparse] support new kind of scalar in sparse linalg generic op (detail)
  7. [CSSPGO] Report zero-count probe in profile instead of dangling probes. (detail)
  8. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Copy LC_LINKER_OPTIMIZATION_HINT (detail)
  9. [lld-macho][nfc] Put back shouldOmitFromOutput() asserts (detail)
  10. [lld-macho] Handle multiple LC_LINKER_OPTIONs (detail)
  11. [lld-macho] Put DATA_IN_CODE immediately after FUNCTION_STARTS (detail)
  12. [flang] Don't crash on some bogus expressions (detail)
  13. [NFC][ScalarEvolution] Refactor createNodeForSelectOrPHI (detail)
  14. Fix verifier crashing on some invalid IR (detail)
  15. Use early exist and simplify a condition in Block SuccessorRange (NFC) (detail)
  16. [MCA] Anchoring the vtable of CustomBehaviour (detail)
  17. [flang] Fix crashes on calls to non-procedures (detail)
  18. Add hook for dialect specializing processing blocks post inlining calls (detail)
  19. [MLIR] Fix affine parallelize pass. (detail)
  20. [MLIR] Make store to load fwd condition less conservative (detail)
  21. [ASTMatchers] Fix bug in `hasUnaryOperand` (detail)
  22. Add sparse matrix multiplication integration test (detail)
  23. [libTooling] Change `access` stencil to recognize use of `operator*`. (detail)
  24. [OpenMP] Add Two-level Distributed Barrier (detail)
  25. [flang] Cope with errors with array constructors (detail)
  26. [flang][driver] Add missing `! REQUIRES` LIT directive (detail)
  27. [flang] Fold MAXVAL & MINVAL (detail)
  28. [scudo] Ensure proper allocator alignment in TSD test (detail)
  29. [flang] Use a "double-double" accumulator in SUM (detail)
  30. Move the definition of LLVM_SUPPORT_XCODE_SIGNPOSTS into llvm-config.h (detail)
  31. Use `-cfg-func-name` value as filter for `-view-cfg`, etc. (detail)
  32. [flang] Implement runtime for IALL & IANY (detail)
  33. [gn build] (manually) port f9aba9a5afe (detail)
  34. [mlir] Make Type::print and Type::dump const (detail)
  35. [RISCV][test] Add new tests of SH*ADD in the zba extension (detail)
  36. [flang] Fix ARM/POWER test failure (folding20.f90) (detail)
  37. Decouple registring passes from specifying argument/description (detail)
  38. Migrate MLIR test passes to the new registration API (detail)

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