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  1. [MCA][InstrBuilder] Always check for implicit uses of resource units (PR50725). (detail)
  2. [libc++] Undeprecate the std::allocator<void> specialization (detail)
  3. [llvm][AArch64] Handle arrays of struct properly (from IR) (detail)
  4. [AMDGPU] Set VOP3P flag on Real instructions (detail)
  5. [obj2yaml] Address D104035 review comments (detail)
  6. [SVE] Selection failure with scalable insertelements (detail)
  7. [lld-macho] Downgrade version mismatch to warning (detail)
  8. [libTooling][NFC] Refactor implemenation of Transformer Stencils to use standard OOP (detail)
  9. [FuncSpec] Fixed prefix typo in test function-specialization-noexec.ll. NFC. (detail)
  10. [InstSimplify] propagate poison through FP ops (detail)
  11. [NFC][libomptarget] Reduce the dependency on libelf (detail)
  12. Reapply "[MCA] Adding the CustomBehaviour class to llvm-mca". (detail)
  13. [gn build] Port ef16c8eaa5cd (detail)
  14. [ValueTracking] add tests for propagatesPoison with FP ops; NFC (detail)
  15. Revert "Revert "[libcxx][module-map] creates submodules for private headers"" (detail)
  16. [M68k][GloballSel] Adding initial GlobalISel infrastructure (detail)

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