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  1. Revert "[llvm-reduce] Introduce operands-skip pass." (details)
  2. [X86][FP16] Avoid to generate VZEXT_MOVL with i16 (details)
  3. [mlir][ods] Escape attribute summaries (details)
  4. [mlir] Allow out-of-tree python building from installed MLIR. (details)
  5. [llvm-reduce] Introduce operands-skip pass. (details)
  6. [gn build] Port c15f930e9656 (details)
  7. Revert "[mlir] Allow out-of-tree python building from installed MLIR." (details)
  8. [gn build] Fix Android compiler-rt targets (details)
  9. [llvm-reduce] Skip replacing metadata and callee operands (details)
  10. [llvm-reduce] Count chunks by running a preliminary reduction (details)
  11. [llvm-reduce] Fix build after D113537 (details)
  12. [DebugInfo] run clang-format on some unformatted files (details)
  13. [mlir][ods] Fix DenseSet ambiguous reference (details)
  14. [Fuchsia][CMake] Don't set libcxxabi and libunwind variables on Windows (details)
  15. [lld-macho] Fix symbol relocs handling for compact unwind's functionAddress (details)
  16. Revert "[lld-macho] Fix symbol relocs handling for compact unwind's functionAddress" (details)
  17. [X86] Preserve FPSW when popping x87 stack (details)
  18. DebugInfo/Printing: Improve name of policy for including types for template arguments (details)
  19. [CodeGen, Target] Use MachineRegisterInfo::use_operands (NFC) (details)
  20. [mlir] Add MLIR-C dylib. (details)
  21. Fix minor deficiency in machine-sink. (details)
  22. [VE][NFCi] Remove unused tablegen parameters (details)
  23. Add a cppType string in AttrDef to make it possible to use them as parameters in other attributes (details)
  24. [VE] Disable incompatible compiler-rt tests (details)
  25. [NFC][lsan] Simplify root_regions initialization (details)
  26. [flang] Fix vector cshift runtime with non zero lower bounds (details)
  27. [flang] fix unused variable warning from D113659 (details)
  28. Make minor fixes to docs based on post-commit review of commit 5de69e1 (details)
  29. [DSE] Add test case with multiple inbounds stores, followed by OOB. (details)
  30. Revert "Make minor fixes to docs based on post-commit review of commit 5de69e1" (details)
  31. [Flang] Add type conversion for FIR heap type (details)
  32. Re-land commit 735e433 after fixing buildbot issue (details)
  33. Revert "Implement target_clones multiversioning" (details)
  34. [Flang] Add type conversion for FIR integer kind (details)
  35. [SCEV] Add tests where guards limit both %n and (zext %n). (details)
  36. [AMDGPU][NFC] Fix typos (details)
  37. [analyzer][solver] Iterate to a fixpoint during symbol simplification with constants (details)
  38. [analyzer][solver] Remove reference to RangedConstraintManager (details)
  39. [clang-tidy] Re-apply 0076957 with fix for failing ASan tests (details)
  40. [clang] NFC: Remove benign condition (details)
  41. [clang] NFC: Use range-based for loop (details)
  42. [llvm-nm] Demangle Rust symbols (details)
  43. tsan: fix XMM register corruption in hacky call (details)
  44. [mlir][Linalg] Rewrite DownscaleSizeOneWindowed2DConvolution to use rank-reducing insert/extract slices. (details)
  45. tsan: don't start background thread after clone (details)
  46. [SCEV] Add test case where applying zext info pessimizes BTC. (details)
  47. [SCEV] Use APIntOps::umin to select best max BC count (NFC). (details)
  48. Revert "[lldb] fix test expectation broken by clang fix at D110216" (details)
  49. Revert "[clang] retain type sugar in auto / template argument deduction" (details)
  50. [clangd] Mark macros from preamble for code completion (details)
  51. Add nounwind for tests. NFC (details)
  52. tsan: ignore some errors in the clone_setns test (details)
  53. [mlir][Vector] Add support for 1D depthwise conv vectorization (details)
  54. [clang] NFC: Format a loop in CompilerInstance (details)
  55. [x86] fold vector (X > -1) & Y to shift+andn (details)
  56. [lldb] Fix that the embedded Python REPL crashes if it receives SIGINT (details)
  57. tsan: new runtime (v3) (details)
  58. [clangd] Fix use-after-free in test (details)
  59. [X86] combineX86ShufflesConstants - constant fold from target shuffles unless optsize = true (details)
  60. [SLP]Improve vectorization of split loads. (details)
  61. [AArch64][SVE] Remove i1 type from isElementTypeLegalForScalableVector (details)
  62. [Feature][NFC]Improve test checks to avoid possible false postitive test (details)
  63. [OpenCL] Constructor address space test adjusted for C++ for OpenCL 2021 (details)
  64. [mlir] NFC - Address post-commit comments (details)
  65. [NFC][SROA] Add more tests for non-capturing pointer-escaping calls (details)
  66. [CodeGen] Use SDNode::uses (NFC) (details)
  67. [clang] Inclusive language: change instances of blacklist/whitelist to allowlist/ignorelist (details)
  68. [AMDGPU] Simplify 64-bit division/remainder expansion (details)
  69. [LV] Precommit test case from  PR52485. (details)
  70. [OpenMP] Fix main thread barrier for Pascal and amdgpu (details)
  71. [libcxx] Change the type of __size to correspond (details)
  72. [NFC][llvm] Remove uses of blacklist in llvm/test/Instrumentation (details)
  73. [X86] convertShiftLeftToScale - improve vXi8 constant handling (details)
  74. Revert "tsan: new runtime (v3)" (details)
  75. [lldb][NFC] Inclusive language: replace master/slave names for ptys (details)
  76. [ConstantRangeTest] Add helper to enumerate APInts (NFC) (details)
  77. [tests] Add coverage for cases we can prune exits when runtlme unrolling (details)
  78. [clangd] Mark completions as plain-text when there's no snippet part (details)
  79. [ELF] Make --no-relax disable R_X86_64_GOTPCRELX and R_X86_64_REX_GOTPCRELX GOT optimization (details)
  80. Refresh an autogen test to reduce spurious diffs (details)
  81. [AMDGPU] Regenerate udiv.ll tests (details)
  82. [lldb][NFC] Inclusive language: rename m_master in ASTImporterDelegate (details)
  83. [OpenMP] Set default blocktime to 0 for hybrid cpu (details)
  84. [SCEV] Update SCEVLoopGuardRewriter to take SCEV -> SCEV map (NFC). (details)
  85. [flang] Fix ORDER= argument to RESHAPE (details)
  86. Autogen a bunch of unrolling tests for ease of update (details)
  87. [JITLink] Fix think-o in handwritten CWrapperFunctionResult -> Error converter. (details)
  88. [ORC-RT][llvm-jitlink] Fix a buggy check in ORC-RT MachO TLV deregistration. (details)
  89. [flang] Respect NO_STOP_MESSAGE=1 in runtime (details)
  90. [libc++][NFC] Resolve Python 2 FIXME (details)
  91. [flang] Fix rounding edge case in F output editing (details)
  92. (re-)Autogen one last unroll-and-jam test (details)
  93. ADT: Fix const-correctness of iterator adaptors (details)
  94. [lld-macho] Fix trailing slash in oso_prefix (details)
  95. [flang] Runtime performance improvements to real formatted input (details)
  96. [unroll] Keep unrolled iterations with initial iteration (details)
  97. IR: Avoid duplication of SwitchInst::findCaseValue(), NFC (details)
  98. Sema: const-qualify ParsedAttr::iterator::operator*() (details)
  99. [mlir][shape] Add value_as_shape op (details)
  100. [reland][lld-macho] Fix symbol relocs handling for compact unwind's functionAddress (details)
  101. Don't define //mlir:MLIRBindingsPythonCore in terms of the NoCAPI and CAPIDeps targets. (details)
  102. Comment AST: Find out if function is variadic in DeclInfo::fill (details)
  103. Comment AST: Recognize function-like objects via return type (NFC) (details)
  104. Comment Sema: Make most of CommentSema private (NFC) (details)
  105. [llvm-profgen] Fix bug of setting function entry (details)
  106. [AArch64][x86] add tests for swapped cmp+vselect patterns; NFC (details)
  107. [lld-macho] Teach ICF to dedup functions with identical unwind info (details)
  108. [lld-macho] Fix symbol relocs handling for LSDAs (details)
  109. [asan] Fix GCC warning "left shift count >= width" (details)
  110. [mlir][ods] DialectAsmPrinter -> AsmPrinter in comments (details)
  111. [flang] Handle ENTRY names in IsPureProcedure() predicate (details)
  112. [mlir][ods] Cleanup of Class Codegen helper (details)
  113. [libcxx][AIX] XFAIL tests enabled by locale.fr_FR.UTF-8 (details)
  114. format_arg attribute does not support nullable instancetype return type (details)
  115. [SLP][NFCAdd a test for vector intrinsic with scalar parameter, NFC. (details)
  116. ADT: Avoid repeating iterator adaptor/facade template params, NFC (details)
  117. IR: Fix const-correctness of SwitchInst::CaseIterator and CaseHandle (details)
  118. lld: const-qualify iterations through VarStreamArray, NFC (details)
  119. [RISCV] Improve codegen for i32 udiv/urem by constant on RV64. (details)
  120. [lldb] temporarily disable TestPaths.test_interpreter_info on windows (details)
  121. [runtime-unroll] Use incrementing IVs instead of decrementing ones (details)
  122. [sanitizer] Switch dlsym hack to internal_allocator (details)
  123. [clang][objc][codegen] Skip emitting ObjC category metadata when the (details)
  124. [RISCV] Fixed duplicate RUN line on float-intrinsics.ll. NFC (details)
  125. [ORC][ORC-RT] Register type metadata from __swift5_types MachO section (details)
  126. [sanitizer] Fix test linking (details)
  127. [gn build] (semi-manually) port cb0e14ce6dcd (details)
  128. [asan] Fix "no matching function" on GCC (details)
  129. [lld-macho] Parallelize scanning the symbol tables in export/unexport-ing. (details)
  130. [asan] More leaks in test (details)
  131. [X86][ABI] Change the alignment of f80 in 32-bit calling convention to meet with different data layout (details)
  132. [clang] retain type sugar in auto / template argument deduction (details)
  133. [lld-macho] Allow exporting weak_def_can_be_hidden(AKA "autohide") symbols (details)
  134. [llvm-obcopy][MachO] Add error for MH_PRELOAD (details)
  135. [lld-macho] Fix warning (details)
  136. test/ExecutionEngine: Clean up lit.local.cfg (details)
  137. Support: Make VarStreamArrayIterator iterate over const values (details)
  138. ADT: Fix const-correctness of iterator facade (details)
  139. Support: Pass wrapped Error's error code through FileError (details)
  140. [Target] Use SDNode::uses (NFC) (details)
  141. [JITLink][MachO] Fix "find-symbol-by-address" logic. (details)
  142. [X86] Promote f16 STRICT_FROUND to f32 and call libc. (details)
  143. [sanitizer] Don't test __pthread_mutex_lock with GLIBC 2.34 (details)
  144. Revert "[sanitizer] Fix test linking" (details)
  145. tsan: mmap shadow stack (details)
  146. [SCEV] Update SCEVLoopGuardRewriter to hold reference to map. (NFC) (details)
  147. [X86] Add getAVX512Node helper. NFC. (details)
  148. [clang-format] [PR52228] clang-format csharp inconsistant nested namespace indentation (details)
  149. [DebugInfo][test] Simplify/improve a few tests using --impicit-check-not=DW_TAG. NFC (details)
  150. [PowerPC] Use SDNode::uses (NFC) (details)
  151. AMDGPU: Regenerate test checks (details)
  152. Revert "[lldb] Fix that the embedded Python REPL crashes if it receives SIGINT" (details)
  153. [VFS] Use original path when falling back to external FS (details)
  154. [libc++][NFC] Fixes code alignment. (details)
  155. Revert "[VFS] Use original path when falling back to external FS" (details)
  156. [ARM/AArch64] Move REQUIRES after update_cc_test_checks line. NFC (details)
  157. [clangd] Fix function-arg-placeholder suppression with macros. (details)
  158. [mlir][ods] Fix incorrect name in comment (NFC) (details)
  159. Fix some clang-tidy reports in MLIR (NFC) (details)
  160. reland: [VFS] Use original path when falling back to external FS (details)
  161. [GVN][NFC] Remove redundant check (details)
  162. [ORC] Initial MachO debugging support (via GDB JIT debug registration interface) (details)
  163. [gn build] Port e1933a0488a5 (details)
  164. [sanitizer] Fix test for GLIBC 2.31 (details)
  165. [sanitizer][aarch64] fix clone system call's inline assembly (details)
  166. [llvm] Use GetElementPtrInst::indices (NFC) (details)
  167. Revert "[ORC] Initial MachO debugging support (via GDB JIT debug..." (details)
  168. [gn build] Port f55ba3525eb1 (details)
  169. [sanitizer] Another try to fix the test with GLIBC 2.34 (details)
  170. [DwarfCompileUnit] getOrCreateGlobalVariableDIE(): remove outdated comment. NFC (details)
  171. [DwarfCompileUnit] getOrCreateCommonBlock(): check for existing entity first. NFCI (details)
  172. [TypePromotion] Extend TypePromotion::isSafeWrap (details)
  173. [NFC][SROA] Revisit test coverage in non-capturing-call.ll (details)
  174. [NFC][X86][Costmodel] Improve test coverage for i16->{i32,i64} vector *ext (details)
  175. [NFC][X86][Costmodel] Improve test coverage for {i32,i64}->i16 vector *ext (details)
  176. [X86] Widen 128/256-bit VPTERNLOG patterns to 512-bit on non-VLX targets (details)
  177. [clang-format][c++2b] support removal of the space between auto and {} in P0849R8 (details)
  178. [DAGCombiner] match inverted/swapped patterns for vselect of mask of signbit (details)
  179. [NFC][InlineFunction] Renamed some vars to conform to coding style (details)
  180. [X86][Costmodel] `trunc v16i32 to v32i16` can appear after legalization, cost is same as for `trunc v16i32 to v16i16` (details)
  181. [X86][Costmodel] `trunc v8i64 to v16i16/v32i16` can appear after legalization, cost is same as for `trunc v8i64 to v8i16` (details)
  182. [IR] Define ptrauth intrinsics. (details)
  183. [InstCombine] add tests for or-xor logic fold; NFC (details)
  184. [NFC][TTI] `getReplicationShuffleCost()`: s/Replicated/Dst/ (details)
  185. [X86][Costmodel] `getReplicationShuffleCost()`: promote 16 bit-wide elements to 32 bit when no AVX512BW (details)
  186. [NFC][X86][Costmodel] Improve test coverage for i8->{i16,i32,i64} vector *ext (details)
  187. [NFC][X86][Costmodel] Improve test coverage for {i16,i32,i64}->i8 vector trunc (details)

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