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  1. [lld][WebAssembly] Allow globals imports via import_name/import_module (details)
  2. [DebugInfo] Fix methods of AsmPrinter to emit values corresponding to the DWARF format (1/19). (details)
  3. [DebugInfo] Fix DIE value emitters to be compatible with DWARF64 (2/19). (details)
  4. [DebugInfo] Add new emitting methods for values which depend on the DWARF format (3/19). (details)
  5. [DebugInfo] Add the -dwarf64 switch to llc and other internal tools (4/19). (details)
  6. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 compilation units (5/19). (details)
  7. [DebugInfo] Use a common method to determine a suitable form for section offsts (6/19). (details)
  8. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting the DW_AT_location attribute for 64-bit DWARFv3 (7/19). (details)
  9. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 .debug_str_offsets sections (8/19). (details)
  10. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 DWO compilation units and string offset tables (9/19). (details)
  11. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 type units (10/19). (details)
  12. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 .debug_aranges sections (11/19). (details)
  13. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting pre-v5 name lookup tables in the DWARF64 format (12/19). (details)
  14. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 .debug_rnglists sections (13/19). (details)
  15. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 .debug_loclists sections (14/19). (details)
  16. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 .debug_addr sections (15/19). (details)
  17. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 .debug_names sections (16/19). (details)
  18. [DebugInfo] Fix emitting DWARF64 .debug_macro[.dwo] sections (17/19). (details)
  19. [DebugInfo] Make the offset of string pool entries 64-bit (18/19). (details)
  20. [DebugInfo] Make offsets of dwarf units 64-bit (19/19). (details)
  21. [BinaryFormat/MachO] Add a missing constant. (details)
  22. [llvm-readobj] [ARMWinEH] Print ARM64 packed unwind info (details)
  23. [LLD] Allow configuring default ld.lld backend (details)
  24. [Windows][Polly] Disable LLVMPolly module for all compilers on Windows (details)
  25. [NFC][lsan][fuzzer] Relax fuzzer-leak.test (details)
  26. [X86] Pre-commit test cases for D87593 (details)
  27. [NFC][Asan] Don't use MetaData for size (details)
  28. [NFC][Asan] Remove from_memalign and rz_log (details)
  29. Revert "[Sema] Address-space sensitive index check for unbounded arrays" (details)
  30. [NFC][Asan] Reorder bitfields (details)
  31. [Asan] Cleanup kAllocBegMagic setup (details)
  32. [NFC][Asan] Return uptr as before D87646 (details)
  33. [NFC][Asan] Remove chunk pointer from metadata (details)
  34. [SVE] Fix isLoadInvariantInLoop for scalable vectors (details)
  35. [doc] Fix broken link (details)
  36. [DebugInfo] Support both forward and backward slashes in tests (details)
  37. [Support] Make building with snmalloc work (details)
  38. [MVE] Rename of tests making them consistent with tail-predication tests. NFC. (details)
  39. GlobalISel/IRTranslator resetTargetOptions based on function attributes (details)
  40. [lib/Object] - Refine interface of ELFFile<ELFT>. NFCI. (details)
  41. [NFC][DebugInfo] Use consistent regex group spelling (details)
  42. [llvm-readobj/elf] - Simplify and refine the implementation which dumps .stack_sizes (details)
  43. [X86] detectAVGPattern - accept non-pow2 vectors by padding. (details)
  44. [MVE] fix typo in llvm debug message. NFC. (details)
  45. [Transforms][Coroutines] Add missing header path to CMakeLists.txt (details)
  46. [SelectionDAG] Remove unused FP constant in getNegatedExpression (details)
  47. [ARM] Corrected condition in isSaturatingConditional (details)
  48. [X86] Update SSE/AVX integer MINMAX intrinsics to emit llvm.smax.* etc. (PR46851) (details)
  49. Revert "[InstCombine] Simplify select operand based on equality condition" (details)
  50. [mlir][integration_test] Linalg Conv folder renamed to CPU (details)
  51. [mlir] check for failures when packing function sigunatures in std->llvm conversion (details)
  52. Recommit "[ConstraintSystem] Add helpers to deal with linear constraints." (details)
  53. SelectionDAGBuilder.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  54. StatepointLowering.cpp - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  55. SpillPlacement.cpp - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  56. Revert "RegAllocFast: Record internal state based on register units" (details)
  57. [lldb/cmake] Fix testing support library dependencies (details)
  58. [lldb] Improve qemu interop for aarch64 (details)

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