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  1. [mlir][python] ExecutionEngine can dump to object file (details)
  2. [libcxx] Base MSVC autolinking on _LIBCPP_DISABLE_VISIBILITY_ANNOTATIONS (details)
  3. [WebAssembly] Use v128.const instead of splats for constants (details)
  4. [libcxx] [test] Ifdef out tests that rely on perms::none on directories for triggering errors (details)
  5. [AST] Update introspection API to use const-ref for copyable types (details)
  6. [InstCombine] Add tests for multiuse shr eq zero (NFC) (details)
  7. [InstCombine] Fold multiuse shr eq zero (details)
  8. [rs4gc] Fix a latent bug around attribute stripping for intrinsics (details)
  9. [AST] Fix comparison to of SourceRanges in container (details)
  10. [funcattrs] Consistently check call site attributes (details)
  11. [ARM] Use ProcResGroup in Cortex-M7 scheduling model (details)
  12. [CodeGen] Use ProcResGroup information in SchedBoundary (details)
  13. [SLP]Add detection of shuffled/perfect matching of tree entries. (details)
  14. [compiler-rt] assert max virtual address is <= mmap range size (details)
  15. [ThinLTO] Copy UnnamedAddr when spliting module. (details)
  16. Revert "[SLP]Add detection of shuffled/perfect matching of tree entries." (details)
  17. [M68k] Change printing of absolute memory references (details)
  18. [M68k] Implement Disassembler (details)
  19. [PhaseOrdering] add test to show unintended code sinking; NFC (details)
  20. Revert "[clang-scan-deps] Add support for clang-cl" (details)
  21. [libc++][gardening] Replace instances of `\x{AD}`. (details)
  22. Reset NextFnNum in MachineModuleInfo::initialize (details)
  23. [M68k] Put M68kDesc as the direct library dependency for disassembler (details)
  24. Add a cache of checked AttributeLists. (details)
  25. [libc++] [C++20] [P0586] Implement safe integral comparisons (details)
  26. [lldb] Fix demangler leaks in the DWARF AST parser (details)
  27. [InstCombine] Enhance deduction of alignment for aligned_alloc (details)
  28. Fix android-x86 library name in asan_device_setup. (details)
  29. [CSSPGO] Flip SkipPseudoOp to true for MIR APIs. (details)
  30. [CSSPGO] Exclude pseudo probes from slot index (details)
  31. [mlir][llvm] Add UnnamedAddr attribute to GlobalOp (details)
  32. [lldb] Fix one leak in reproducer (details)
  33. [AArch64][SVE] Combine add and index_vector (details)
  34. [GreedyRA ORE] Add Cost of spill locations into remark (details)
  35. [Docs] Mention LLVM_EXPERIMENTAL_TARGETS_TO_BUILD variable in CMake.rst (details)
  36. Revert "[GreedyRA ORE] Add Cost of spill locations into remark" (details)
  37. [RISCV][test] Add a new test of addition (details)
  38. [Test] Add loop load PRE test with GC pointers (details)
  39. [mlir][linalg] update drop unit dims to support linalg index operations. (details)
  40. [RISCV] Handle PseudoVRELOAD and PseudoVSPILL in getInstSizeInBytes. (details)
  41. [mlir][linalg] update fusion on tensors to support linalg index operations. (details)
  42. [llvm-rc] Simplify to avoid repetition. NFC. (details)
  43. [llvm-rc] Fix handling of the /X option to match its documentation and rc.exe (details)
  44. [Test] Add -lcssa run to force LI in GVN (details)
  45. [X86][AMX] Add description of x86_amx to LangRef. (details)
  46. [MLIR][LinAlg] Detensoring CF cost-model: look forward. (details)
  47. [NFC] Restructure code to make it possible to insert other GCs (details)
  48. [CSKY 4/n] Add basic CSKYAsmParser and CSKYInstPrinter (details)
  49. [CSKY 5/n] Add support for all CSKY basic integer instructions except for branch series (details)
  50. [CSKY 6/n] Add support branch and symbol series instruction (details)
  51. [SelectionDAG] Relax constraints on STEP_VECTOR step operand (details)
  52. [PowerPC] Support f128 under VSX (details)
  53. Explicitly pass type to cast load constant folding result (details)
  54. [X86][AMX] Verify illegal types or instructions for x86_amx. (details)
  55. [AMDGPU] GCNDPPCombine: don't shrink V_ADD_CO_U32 if carry out is used (details)
  56. [DAGCombiner] Support fold zero scalar vector. (details)
  57. [PowerPC] Use mtvsrdd to put callee-saved GPR into VSR (details)
  58. [LV] Let selectVectorizationFactor reason directly on VectorizationFactor. (details)
  59. [RISCV] Fix missing emergency slots for scalable stack offsets (details)
  60. Re-land [GreedyRA ORE] Add Cost of spill locations into remark (details)
  61. [Support] BinaryStreamReader.h - remove unnecessary <string> include. NFCI. (details)
  62. [mlir] Add patterns to lower Math operations to LLVM based libm calls. (details)
  63. [mlir] Progressively lower vector to SCF (details)
  64. [ARM] Regenerate a couple of tests. NFC (details)
  65. [libcxx][test] Split off debug mode tests (details)
  66. [AArch64][SVE][InstCombine] Replace last{a,b} intrinsics with extracts... (details)
  67. [AArch64] Constant fold sve_convert_from_svbool(zero) to zero (details)
  68. [RISCV] Refactor an optimization of addition with immediate (details)
  69. [CodeGen] CodeGenPassBuilder.h - remove unnecessary <string> include. NFCI. (details)
  70. [Support] APInt.h - remove <algorithm> include. NFCI. (details)
  71. [MemoryBuiltins] Added support for memalign (details)
  72. [AMDGPU] Re-arrange ds_read/ds_write ISel pattern for better readability. (details)
  73. [C++, test] Fix typo in NSS* vars (details)
  74. clang-format: [JS] do not merge imports and exports. (details)
  75. [lit, test] Fix test cancellation feature detection (details)
  76. [mlir] test gather/scatter index vector of type index. (details)
  77. Fix Wdocumentation warning by consistently using '///' comment blocks. NFCI. (details)
  78. [DAG] SelectionDAG.cpp - breakup if-else chains where each block returns. NFCI. (details)
  79. [mlir][linalg] lower index operations during linalg to vector lowering. (details)
  80. [AMDGPU] Use simpler alternatives to !foldl. NFC. (details)
  81. [ValueTypes] Fix sizes of v256i32 and v256f32 (8182 -> 8192) (details)
  82. [llvm-objdump] Add an llvm-otool tool (details)
  83. [PowerPC] Canonicalize shuffles on big endian targets as well (details)
  84. [MCA][LSUnit] Fix a potential use after free in the logic that updates memory groups. (details)
  85. [libc++][ci] Re-split the CI pipeline to try and reduce load on more builders (details)
  86. [flang][nfc] Port 2 tests to use the new driver when enabled (details)
  87. [AMDGPU] Use if instead of foreach in a few places. NFC. (details)
  88. [RISCV][NFC] Add tests for scalable-vector DAGCombiner improvements (details)
  89. [AMDGPU] Add TransVALU to gfx10 (details)
  90. Fix PR46880: Fail CHECK-NOT with undefined variable (details)
  91. [AArch64][AsmParser] NFC: Remove unused ExtendOp struct (details)
  92. [SLP] Add detection of shuffled/perfect matching of tree entries. (details)
  93. [flang][driver] Refactor methods for parsing options (nfc) (details)
  94. [ARM] Create VMOVRRD from adjacent vector extracts (details)
  95. Revert "[SLP] Add detection of shuffled/perfect matching of tree entries." (details)
  96. [AArch64][SVE] Lower MULHU/MULHS nodes to umulh/smulh instructions (details)
  97. [gn build] reformat all gn files (details)
  98. [mlir][StandardToSPIRV] Add support for lowering std.xor on bool to SPIR-V (details)
  99. [SLP] Add detection of shuffled/perfect matching of tree entries. (details)
  100. MachineVerifier: Continue reporting errors for copies (details)
  101. GlobalISel: Restrict narrow scalar for fptoui/fptosi results (details)
  102. Ensure target-multiversioning emits deferred declarations (details)
  103. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix uitofp/sitofp with non-power-of-2 integers (details)
  104. [ARM] Limit PerformExtractEltToVMOVRRD to when f64 is legal. (details)
  105. Revert "[SLP] Add detection of shuffled/perfect matching of tree entries." (details)
  106. [libcxx] makes `iterator_traits` C++20-aware (details)
  107. GlobalISel: Check for powers of 2 for inverse funnel shift lowering (details)
  108. [libc++][nfc] Move iterator_traits and related into __iterator/iterator_traits.h. (details)
  109. [gn build] Port 120fa8293e22 (details)
  110. [AArch64] Add apple-m1 CPU, and default to it for macOS. (details)
  111. [AArch64] Don't always override CPU for arm64e. (details)
  112. [AArch64] Bump apple-latest CPU alias to apple-a14. (details)
  113. [AMDGPU] Allow multiple uses of the same literal (details)
  114. GlobalISel: Defer register creation in handleAssignments (details)
  115. [libc++] NFC: Normalize `#endif //` comment indentation (details)
  116. free(nullptr) does not violate the nofree specification (details)
  117. [SLP] Add detection of shuffled/perfect matching of tree entries. (details)
  118. [X86][SSE] combineX86ShuffleChain - check if we're blending with zero into already zero elements (details)
  119. [PhaseOrdering] Add test case for PR36760 (details)
  120. [mlir][spirv] Support conversion of extract op from vector<1xT> type (details)
  121. [clangd] Use dirty filesystem when performing cross file tweaks (details)
  122. [mlir] Pass AnalysisManager as optional parameter to analysis ctor, so it can request any other analysis as dependency (details)
  123. Silence MSVC signed/unsigned comparison warning. NFCI. (details)
  124. [PhaseOrdering] Add second test case for PR36760 (details)
  125. [OpenMP] Add OpenMPOpt as a Module pass (details)
  126. [libcxx][doc] Use Phabricator links. (details)
  127. [tests] Update per review comment on D99912 (details)
  128. Tolerate missing debug info in the shared_ptr pretty printer. (details)
  129. [test] Add a couple more tests for D99912 (details)
  130. [COST]Add a test for reverse shuffles cost on AArch64, NFC. (details)
  131. [test] Add a couple extra tests for recurrence matching in unreachable code (details)
  132. [llvm-objdump] Prefer positive boolean Verbose instead of negative NonVerbose. NFC (details)
  133. Update tests checks, NFC. (details)
  134. [docs] Use make_unique in FrontendAction example (details)
  135. [mlir][Standard][NFC] Fix op documentation (details)
  136. [docs] Fix doxygen comments wrongly attached to the clang namespace (details)
  137. [libcxx][test] Construct non-empty containers in iterator's debug mode tests (details)
  138. Look through invertible recurrences in isKnownNonEqual (details)
  139. [mlir] Make some functions public to use custom TypeIDs (details)
  140. Fix clang Visual Studio build instructions (details)
  141. [ELF] Don't set versionId on undefined weak lazy symbols (details)
  142. [NFC][LoopVectorize] Autogenerate check lines in pr45259.ll (details)
  143. [NFC][SCEV] Split getLosslessPtrToIntExpr out of getPtrToIntExpr() (details)
  144. [NFC][InstCombine] Add tests for signed mul overflow check via mul-sdiv pattern (PR48769) (details)
  145. [InstCombine] Recognize `((x * y) s/ x) !=/== y` as an signed multiplication overflow check (PR48769) (details)
  146. [tests] Expand coverage for D99687 (details)
  147. clang: Update libstdc++ issue workaround (details)
  148. Rearrange code to reduce diff for D99687 [nfc] (details)
  149. Revert "Look through invertible recurrences in isKnownNonEqual" (details)
  150. [Compiler-rt] Fix bug when considering CMake path returned by llvm-config. (details)
  151. [libcxx] adds `iter_difference_t` and `iter_value_t` (details)
  152. Get Section from resolved_addr in Target::ReadMemory (details)
  153. [flang] Implement IPARITY, PARITY, and FINDLOC reductions (details)
  154. [llvm-objdump] Remove "No" prefixes on variables (details)
  155. [Driver] Support default libc++ library location on Darwin (details)
  156. [WebAssembly] More codegen for f64x2.convert_low_i32x4_{s,u} (details)
  157. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Clarify fallback debug print (details)
  158. [flang] Fix assignment of parameterized derived types (details)
  159. Reapply "Look through invertible recurrences in isKnownNonEqual" (details)
  160. [Driver] Support both slashes (details)
  161. [Driver] Don't use capture for InstalledDir (details)
  162. [COST][AARCH64] Improve cost of reverse shuffles for AArch64. (details)
  163. [lld-macho] Support subtractor relocations that reference sections (details)
  164. [lld-macho] Ensure segments are laid out contiguously (details)
  165. [lld-link] Warn on exported deleting dtor (details)
  166. [WebAssembly] Remove unused known_gcc_test_failures.txt. NFC (details)
  167. [InstCombine] add tests for srem-by-2; NFC (details)
  168. [InstCombine] fold shift-of-srem-by-2 to mask+shift (details)
  169. [NFC][InstCombine] Add test for sign-extending NSW trunc (PR49543) (details)
  170. [InstCombine] `sext(trunc(x)) --> sext(x)` iff trunc is NSW (PR49543) (details)
  171. [NFC][InstSimplify] Add one more test for unneeded 'and' (details)
  172. [InstSimplify] Bypass no-op `and`-mask, using known bits (PR49543) (details)
  173. [NFC][InstCombine] Add tests for sext-of-trunc-nuw-of-lshr (PR49543) (details)
  174. [InstCombine] "Bypass" NUW trunc of lshr if we are going to sext the result (PR49543) (details)
  175. [flang][msvc] Fix compilation of RuntimeGtest (details)
  176. Allow invokable sub-classes of IntrinsicInst (details)
  177. Revert "[InstCombine] "Bypass" NUW trunc of lshr if we are going to sext the result (PR49543)" (details)
  178. Revert "[InstCombine] `sext(trunc(x)) --> sext(x)` iff trunc is NSW (PR49543)" (details)
  179. [Clang, builtins] Added aligned_alloc, memalign support (details)
  180. Revert "Allow invokable sub-classes of IntrinsicInst" (details)
  181. [mlir] Disallow broadcast dimensions on TransferWriteOp. (details)
  182. Revert "[InstCombine] Recognize `((x * y) s/ x) !=/== y` as an signed multiplication overflow check (PR48769)" (details)
  183. [CMake][llvm] avoid changing global flags (may be used outside of llvm) (details)
  184. [FuncAttrs] Always preserve FunctionAnalysisManagerCGSCCProxy (details)
  185. [lld-macho] Skip platform checks for a few libSystem re-exports (details)
  186. [WebAssembly] Update README. NFC. (details)
  187. Make sure PHIElimination doesn't copy debug locations across basic blocks. (details)
  188. [sanitizer] Fix glibc sparc build and add GetTls support (details)
  189. [dfsan] Enable origin tracking with fast8 mode (details)
  190. [mlir] Support hoisting whole affine for loops in LICM (details)
  191. [RISCV] Add missing SEW=64 tests to vmslt-rv32.ll. NFC (details)
  192. [X86] Support some missing intrinsics (details)
  193. Revert "[Driver] Support default libc++ library location on Darwin" (details)
  194. [libc] Add hardware implementations of fma and fmaf for x86_64 and aarch64. (details)
  195. [NFC][CSKY] Resort the instruction description in td (details)
  196. [lldb] Simplify check for nill value in breakpoint_function_callback.test (details)
  197. [lsan] Test to show lsan dependency on globals (details)
  198. [libc] Disable fma and fmaf for x86_64. (details)
  199. [AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed (details)
  200. [Test] Add a negative unit test (details)
  201. [NFC] Remove redundant InstCombinePass name (details)
  202. Use SmallVector instead of std::vector to manage storage of llvm::BitVector (details)
  203. [RISCV] Introduce floating point control and state registers (details)
  204. [libc] Add fma to the C standard spec. (details)
  205. [PollyACC] Fix implicit function definitions. NFC. (details)
  206. [PollyACC] Configure PollyPPCG only if needed. (details)
  207. [mlir][linalg] adapt named op generalization to work with captures. (details)
  208. [RISCV][MC] Mask load should not have VMConstraint. (details)
  209. [Docs] Fix formatting issue for llvm.experimental.stepvector in LangRef (details)
  210. Revert "[InstSimplify] Bypass no-op `and`-mask, using known bits (PR49543)" (details)
  211. added section on CI system (details)
  212. [SCEV] Fix -Wunused-variable warning (NFC) (details)
  213. [lld][ELF] Fix "enumeral and non-enumeral type in conditional expression" warning (NFC) (details)
  214. Revert "[AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed" (details)
  215. [NFC] fixed link in documentation (details)
  216. [AArch64] Add instruction costs for FP_TO_UINT and FP_TO_SINT with half types (details)
  217. [RISCV][Clang] Add RVV AMO builtins (details)
  218. [llvm-cvtres] Reduce the set of dependencies of llvm-cvtres. NFC. (details)
  219. [llvm-rc] Run clang to preprocess input files (details)
  220. [mlir] Assume terminators in nested regions are always legal in FuncBufferizePass (details)
  221. [lldb/ELF] Fix IDs of synthetic eh_frame symbols (details)
  222. [flang][driver] Add support for `-fget-definition` (details)
  223. [llvm-rc] Try to fix the Preprocessor/llvm-rc.rc test on non arm/x86 architectures (details)
  224. [RISCV] Further fixes for RVV stack offset computation (details)
  225. [DAGCombiner] Support all-ones/all-zeros SPLAT_VECTOR in more combines (details)
  226. [DAG] TargetLowering.cpp - breakup if-else chains where each block returns. NFCI. (details)
  227. [lldb] [MainLoop] Support multiple callbacks per signal (details)
  228. [ARM][Driver][Windows] Allow command-line upgrade to Armv8. (details)
  229. [llvm-rc] Fix a new test to disambiguate macOS paths like /Users/... from options starting with a slash (details)
  230. [OpenCL] Refactor shuffle builtin decls (details)
  231. [OpenCL] Do not add builtins with unavailable types (details)
  232. [AArch64] Add and update reverse mask tests. NFC (details)
  233. Reland "[clang-scan-deps] Add support for clang-cl" (details)
  234. [lld][MachO] Add support for LC_VERSION_MIN_* load commands (details)
  235. Fix clang/test/Frontend/plugin-annotate-functions.c (details)
  236. [clang] Recognize ppc32 as valid mcpu value (details)
  237. Some FormatEntity.cpp cleanup and unit testing (details)
  238. AMDGPU: Fix indirect tail calls (details)
  239. [AArch64][SVE] Fix crash with icmp+select (details)
  240. [libc] Enhance ArrayRef + unittests (details)
  241. Do not pass null attributes to BuildAttributedStmt during instantiation (details)
  242. [SelectionDAG] Fix minor typo in ISDOpcodes.h. NFC (details)
  243. [Clang][ARM] Define __VFP_FP__ macro unconditionally (details)
  244. [MC] MCInstrDesc.h - remove unnecessary <string> include. NFCI. (details)
  245. [PhaseOrdering] Add test case for PR45682 (details)
  246. [Support] Don't include VirtualFileSystem.h in CommandLine.h (details)
  247. [mlir][NFC] Refactor linalg substituteMin and AffineMinSCF canonizalizations (details)
  248. [AsmParser][ms][X86] Fix possible misbehaviour in parsing of special tokens at start of string. (details)
  249. [TTI] NFC: Change getVectorSplitCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  250. clang-format: [JS] do not wrap after `asserts` (details)
  251. [mlir] some iwyu fixes after ba7a92c01e8 (details)
  252. [mlir] more iwyu fixes after ba7a92c01e8 (details)
  253. [mlir] yet more iwyu fixes after ba7a92c01e8 (details)
  254. [lldb/test] Modernize lldb-server test inferior (details)
  255. [mlir] hopefully final round of iwyu fixes after ba7a92c01e8 (details)
  256. [flang] iwyu fixes after ba7a92c01e8 (details)
  257. [libc++] Add std::ranges::iter_move and std::iter_rvalue_reference_t (details)
  258. [AMDGPU] Lower regbanks reassign threshold to 15000 (details)
  259. [lldb/test] Clean up TestThreadSpecificBpPlusCondition inferior (details)
  260. [lld][MachO] Refactor findCommand (details)
  261. [gn build] Port 97e383aa061b (details)
  262. [gn build] add llvm-profgen to gn build (details)
  263. [CSSPGO] Exclude pseudo probe from slotindex verification. (details)
  264. [libc++] [test] Remove epicyclic workarounds for vector/span; use T[] or std::array. (details)
  265. [libc++] s/_LIBCPP_NO_HAS_CHAR8_T/_LIBCPP_HAS_NO_CHAR8_T/g (details)
  266. [PollyACC] Fix declaration/stub definition mismatch. NFC. (details)
  267. [libcxx][iterator] adds `std::indirectly_readable` and `std::indirectly_writable` (details)
  268. [lsan][docs] Clarify supported platforms (details)
  269. [OPENMP]Fix PR49698: OpenMP declare mapper causes segmentation fault. (details)
  270. [lld-macho] Support LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO (details)
  271. [lldb] [test/Register] Initial tests for regsets in core dumps (details)
  272. [X86][SSE] getFauxShuffleMask - don't decode OR(SHUFFLE,SHUFFLE) containing UNDEFs. (PR50049) (details)
  273. [Polly] Explicitly include all std headers (details)
  274. [libc++][doc] Improve Phabricator links. (details)
  275. [lld/mac] add aarch64 to requirements of encryption-info.s test (details)
  276. [InstSimplify] add tests for ctlz-of-shift-constant; NFC (details)
  277. [InstSimplify] generalize ctlz-of-shifted-constant (details)
  278. Fix FoldReshapeOpWithUnitExtent generating illegal reshape (details)
  279. [SimplifyLibCalls] Don't change alignment when creating memset (details)
  280. [compiler-rt] check max address from kernel is <= mmap range size (details)
  281. [FuncAttrs] Don't infer willreturn for nonexact definitions (details)
  282. [lldb] Fix RichManglingContext::FromCxxMethodName() leak (details)
  283. [scudo] Avoid empty statement warnings (details)
  284. Revert "[InstCombine] Fold multiuse shr eq zero" (details)
  285. [lld-macho][nfc] Add accessors for commonly-used PlatformInfo fields (details)
  286. [LoopIdiom] Added testcase from PR44378; NFC (details)
  287. [LLParser] Print mismatched types in error message (details)
  288. [SLP]Add a test with broadcast shuffle kind in SLP, NFC. (details)
  289. [flang][msvc] Fix compilation of external-hello-world test with MSVC. (details)
  290. [lldb] Use the compiler from the SDK in simulator tests (details)
  291. [Evaluator] Bitcast result of pointer stripping (details)
  292. [lldb-vscode] Add postRunCommands (details)
  293. scudo: Use DC GZVA instruction in storeTags(). (details)
  294. scudo: Make prepareTaggedChunk() and resizeTaggedChunk() generic. (details)
  295. [libc++] Move macOS testing out of the 2nd CI stage (details)
  296. [HIP] Add option -fgpu-inline-threshold (details)
  297. Re-land "[Driver] Support default libc++ library location on Darwin" (details)
  298. [MemCpyOpt] Allow variable lengths in memcpy optimizer (details)
  299. Fix TestVSCode_launch test (details)
  300. [MC] Use COMDAT for LSDA only if IR comdat type is any (details)
  301. Add a new AsmParserState class to capture detailed source information for .mlir files (details)
  302. [mlir][mlir-lsp] Add a new C++ LSP server for MLIR named mlir-lsp-server (details)
  303. [mlir] Add a vscode language extension for MLIR (details)
  304. [mlir][mlir-lsp-server] Add some initial documentation on the MLIR LSP server (details)
  305. [lldb-vscode] redirect stderr/stdout to the IDE's console (details)
  306. [RISCV] Temporary in vmsge(u).vx pseudo instructions can't be V0. (details)
  307. [RISCV] Cleanup up the spec version references around fmaxnum/fminnum. (details)
  308. [libc++] Move the debug_level feature to the DSL (details)
  309. [lldb-vscode] Distinguish shadowed variables in the scopes request (details)
  310. Fix TestVSCode_runInTerminal (details)
  311. [CodeView] Add CodeView support for PGO debug information (details)
  312. [libcxx] Stop using use c++ subdirectory for libc++ library (details)
  313. Fix VSCode/TestOptions.test (details)
  314. [IR][sanitizer] Set nounwind on module ctor/dtor, additionally set uwtable if -fasynchronous-unwind-tables (details)
  315. [IR] Add doc about Function::createWithDefaultAttr. NFC (details)
  316. [mlir] Linalg : do not forward memrefs to outputs when do bufferization (details)
  317. [HWASan] Untag argument to __hwasan_tag_memory. (details)
  318. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Always report dangling probes for frames with real samples. (details)
  319. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Mark some vector G_ABS cases as legal (details)
  320. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fix regbankselect for G_FCMP with vector destinations (details)
  321. Delete le32/le64 targets (details)
  322. [OpenMP] Simplify offloading parallel call codegen (details)
  323. AMDGPU: Fix assert when trying to fold reg_sequence of physreg copies (details)
  324. [mlir][tosa] Add tosa.avg_pool2d lowering (details)
  325. [lldb] Disable because it's causing a SIGHUP (details)
  326. Wordsmith the semantics of invariant.load (details)
  327. [Coroutine] Collect CoroBegin if all of terminators are dominated by one coro.destroy (details)
  328. [RISCV] Teach lowerSPLAT_VECTOR_PARTS to detect cases where Hi is sign extended from Lo. (details)
  329. [mlir][linalg] Add pattern to push reshape after elementwise operation (details)
  330. [RISCV] Custom lowering of FLT_ROUNDS_ (details)
  331. [Debug-Info] implement -gstrict-dwarf (details)
  332. scudo: Obtain tag from pointer instead of loading it from memory. NFCI. (details)
  333. [CodeGen] Do not split functions with attr "implicit-section-name". (details)
  334. [AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed (details)
  335. [GVN] Introduce loop load PRE (details)
  336. [RISCV] Use TargetConstant for condition code of RISCVISD::SELECT_CC. (details)
  337. [NewPM] Mark some more wrapper passes as ignored (details)
  338. [clang-tidy] Avoid bugprone-macro-parentheses warnings after goto argument (details)
  339. [libcxx] [test] Fix testing on windows with c++experimental enabled (details)
  340. [CSSPGO][llvm-profdata] Support trimming cold context when merging profiles (details)
  341. [LoopVectorize] Don't create unnecessary vscale intrinsic calls (details)
  342. [RISCV] Custom lowering of SET_ROUNDING (details)
  343. [AMDGPU] SIWholeQuadMode: don't add duplicate implicit $exec operands (details)
  344. clang-format: [JS] do not merge side-effect imports. (details)
  345. [mlir][linalg] remove interchange option on linalg to loop lowering. (details)
  346. [clang][deps] Include "-cc1" in the arguments (details)
  347. [AArch64] Fix calling windows varargs with floats in fixed args from non-windows functions (details)
  348. [mlir] Move memref-tests from standard to memref folder. (details)
  349. [PowerPC] Improve codegen for vector fp to int widening conversions (details)
  350. [lldb] Add support for evaluating expressions in static member functions (details)
  351. [lldb][NFC] Fix unsigned/signed cmp warning in MainLoopTest (details)
  352. [AST] Add NestedNameSpecifierLoc accessors to node introspection (details)
  353. [PowerPC] Add vec_roundc as alias for vec_rint in altivec.h (details)
  354. [X86][AVX] Add PR49971 test case (details)
  355. MipsSEFrameLowering.h - remove unused headers. NFCI. (details)
  356. [Matrix] Support #pragma clang fp (details)
  357. [Bitcode] Ensure DIArgList in bitcode has no null or forward metadata refs (details)
  358. [lldb-vscode] Use a DenseMap to pacify overly aggressive linters (details)
  359. [AST] De-duplicate empty node introspection (details)
  360. Fix typo "beneficiates" in comments (details)
  361. [lldb] XFAIL TestStoppedInStaticMemberFunction on Windows (details)
  362. [AST] Add clarification comment (details)
  363. [clang][deps] Check extra args in tests (details)
  364. [lldb] Don't leak LineSequence in PDB parsers (details)
  365. [MLIR][Shape] Add canonicalizations for `shape.broadcast` (details)
  366. [-Wcalled-once] Do not run analysis on Obj-C++ (details)
  367. [AArch64][SVE] Regression test all ACLE tests with C++ (details)
  368. clang: libstdc++ LWM is 4.8.3 (details)
  369. [lldb/elf] Avoid side effects in function calls ParseUnwindSymbols (details)
  370. [gn build] (manually) port aee6c86c4d (details)
  371. [AST] Make comment a bit more specific (details)
  372. [gn build] (manually) port aee6c86c4d better (details)
  373. [X86][AMX][NFC] Remove assert for comparison between different BBs. (details)
  374. [mlir] Add `tensor.reshape`. (details)
  375. [DAGCombiner] Allow operand of step_vector to be negative. (details)
  376. [SimplifyLibCalls][NFC] Use StringRef::back instead explicit indexing. (details)
  377. [InstCombine][NFC] Use --check-globals flag in tests. (details)
  378. [LTO] Caching.h - remove unused <string> include. NFCI. (details)
  379. [X86] Regenerate atomic-eflags-reuse.ll (details)
  380. [lld/mac] add a comment pointing to a test that took me a while to find (details)
  381. [Hexagon] Masked and unmasked load to same base -> load and two selects (details)
  382. Update shebang for clang-format-diff script to python3. (details)
  383. Revert "[libcxx][iterator] adds `std::indirectly_readable` and `std::indirectly_writable`" (details)
  384. AArch64: expand G_DIVREM operations in GlobalISel (details)
  385. AArch64: support mixed-size fp <-> int conversions in GlobalISel. (details)
  386. Revert "[Hexagon] Masked and unmasked load to same base -> load and two selects" (details)
  387. [OpenCL] Add missing C++ legacy atomics with generic (details)
  388. [mlir] Move PyConcreteAttribute to header. NFC. (details)
  389. [C++4OpenCL] Add extra diagnostics for kernel argument types (details)
  390. [LoopIdiom] Added testcase for double memset (fixed in LLVM 12); NFC (details)
  391. [SLP]Improve cost model for the vectorized extractelements. (details)
  392. [lld/mac] make a few "named parameter comments" more consistent (details)
  393. [SLP]Added explicit ref to TargetTransformInfo to try to pacify MSVC (details)
  394. [SLP]Replace more `TTI` with `TTIRef`, NFC. (details)
  395. [LoopVectorize] Fix bug where predicated loads/stores were dropped (details)
  396. [OPENMP]Mark test as unsupported to avoid possible unexpected passes, (details)
  397. [AArch64] Block tryCombineToBSL combines for vectors wider than NEON (details)
  398. [lld/mac] tweak comment in a test (details)
  399. [Hexagon] Unmasked and masked load pair to dame bae -? one load and selects (details)
  400. [libc++] Re-apply `std::indirectly_readable` and `std::indirectly_writable` (details)
  401. [PowerPC] Add vec_roundm as alias for vec_floor in altivec.h (details)
  402. [PowerPC] Add missing VSX guard for vec_roundm with vector double (details)
  403. [PowerPC] Add vec_roundp as alias for vec_ceil (details)
  404. [PowerPC] Add vec_roundz as alias for vec_trunc in altivec.h (details)
  405. [PowerPC] Add vec_xlds to altivec.h (details)
  406. [PowerPC] Add vec_load_splats to altivec.h (details)
  407. [PowerPC] Add vec_vclz as an alias for vec_cntlz in altivec.h (details)
  408. [PowerPC] Add missing casts for vec_xlds and vec_load_splats (details)
  409. [flang][driver][Revert] Reverts f18 to allow options passed to -W (details)
  410. [flang] Fix checking of argument passing for parameterized derived types (details)
  411. [llvm-profgen] A couple tweaks to the testing harness. (details)
  412. [SLP]Skip undefs trying to find perfect/shuffled tree entries matching. (details)
  413. [libc++] Fix some typos and remove unused macros. NFCI. (details)
  414. [libc++] Eliminate macro _LIBCPP_UNUSED_VAR. NFCI. (details)
  415. [x86] remove stale comment from test file; NFC (details)
  416. [flang][openmp] Add General Semantic Checks for Allocate Directive (details)
  417. [libc++] [test] Fix nodiscard_extensions.pass.cpp in _LIBCPP_DEBUG mode. (details)
  418. [dfsan] Track origin at loads (details)
  419. [flang] Fix spurious errors from runtime derived type table construction (details)
  420. Fix memory leak in MicrosoftDemangleNodes's Node::toString (details)
  421. [OpenMP] Add function for setting LIBOMPTARGET_INFO at runtime (details)
  422. [Hexagon] Add HVX intrinsics for conditional vector loads/stores (details)
  423. [RISCV] Use stack temporary to splat two GPRs into SEW=64 vector on RV32. (details)
  424. [lldb] Fix that the expression commands --top-level flag overwrites --allow-jit false (details)
  425. [RISCV] Turn splat shuffles of vector loads into strided load with stride of x0. (details)
  426. [lsan] Temporarily disable new check broken on arm7 (details)
  427. Temporarily revert the code part of D100981 "Delete le32/le64 targets" (details)
  428. [flang] Update recently added OpenMP tests to use the new driver (details)
  429. [sanitizer] Use COMPILER_RT_EMULATOR with gtests (details)
  430. [scudo] Check if MADV_DONTNEED zeroes memory (details)
  431. [NFC] Remove reference to file deleted by D100981. (details)
  432. [RISCV] Support vector type for second operand of vmfge and vmfgt IR intrinsics. (details)
  433. [RISCV] Add missing tests for vector type for second operand of vmsgt and vmsgtu IR intrinsics. (details)
  434. [RISCV] Add IR intrinsics for vmsge(u).vv/vx/vi. (details)
  435. Revert "[instcombine] Exploit UB implied by nofree attributes" (details)
  436. [Driver] Specify -ccc-install-dir for linux-cross test (details)
  437. [SCEV] Compute ranges for lshr recurrences (details)
  438. Revert "[sanitizer] Use COMPILER_RT_EMULATOR with gtests" (details)
  439. scudo: Use a table to look up the LSB for computing the odd/even mask. NFCI. (details)
  440. [flang] (NFC) Document Fortran feature history (details)
  441. Fix the triple used in llvm-mca. (details)
  442. Coverage: Document how to collect a profile without a filesystem (details)
  443. [Diagnostics] Restore -Wdeprecated warning when user-declared copy assignment operator is defined as deleted (PR45634) (details)
  444. Add support of the next Ubuntu (Ubuntu 21.10 - Impish Idri) (details)
  445. [lldb] Include thread name in output (details)
  446. Revert "[AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed" (details)
  447. [M68k][AsmParser][NFC] Remove redundant default cases (details)
  448. Skip unreliable LLDB tests when running under asan (details)
  449. [M68k][Disassembler][NFC] Decorate dump methods with LLVM_DUMP_METHOD (details)
  450. [AArch64] Improve vector reverse lowering (details)
  451. [GlobalOpt] Don't replace alias with aliasee if aliasee is interposable (details)
  452. [trace][intel-pt] Fix a crash on unconsumed Expected's Error (details)
  453. lldb/Instrumentation: NFC-ish use GetFrameCodeAddressForSymbolication() (details)
  454. [Hexagon] Use 'vnot' instead of 'not' in patterns with vectors (details)
  455. [GVN] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  456. [GVN] Generate LE and BE check lines (NFC) (details)
  457. Revert "Re-land "[Driver] Support default libc++ library location on Darwin"" (details)
  458. [dfsan] Fix Len argument type in call to __dfsan_mem_transfer_callback (details)
  459. [AST] Enable AST node introspection on Apple (details)
  460. [Hexagon] Improve lowering of returns of i1 (details)
  461. [RISCV] Fix crash with fptosi.sat/fptoui.sat intrinsics on RV64. Add test cases. (details)
  462. [flang] (NFC) Break up flang/runtime/reduction.cpp (details)
  463. [lld-macho][nfc] Clean up some constructor declarations (details)
  464. [lld-macho] Fix min version check (details)
  465. [WebAssembly] Put utility functions in Utils directory (NFC) (details)
  466. [WebAssembly] Serialize params/results in MachineFunctionInfo (details)
  467. [WebAssembly] Fix fixEndsAtEndOfFunction for delegate (details)
  468. scudo: Optimize getSizeLSBByClassId() by compressing the table into an integer if possible. NFCI. (details)
  469. Revert "[AST] Enable AST node introspection on Apple" (details)
  470. llvm-objdump: add --rpaths to macho support (details)
  471. [HIP] Support overloaded math functions for hipRTC (details)
  472. Revert "[lld-macho] Fix min version check" (details)
  473. scudo: Only static_assert for compressed LSB format with clang. (details)
  474. [clang][nfc] Split getOrCheckAMDGPUCodeObjectVersion (details)
  475. [RISCV] [1/2] Add IR intrinsic for Zbp extension (details)
  476. [re-land][lld-macho] Fix min version check (details)
  477. [lldb] Update register state parsing for JSON crashlogs (details)
  478. CWG2076: Permit implicit conversions within a single level of braces (details)
  479. Reapply  "[AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed" (details)
  480. [libc++][ranges] Add range.cmp: equal_to, not_equal_to, less, etc. (details)
  481. [IR][sanitizer] Add module flag "frame-pointer" and set it for cc1 -mframe-pointer={non-leaf,all} (details)
  482. AMDGPU: Restore atomic fp feature on FP atomic instruction definitions (details)
  483. [NFC] Fix cpplint warning (details)
  484. [gn build] (manually) port 0b2bc69ba29 (details)
  485. [lld/mac] slightly improve weak-private-extern.s test (details)
  486. [lld/mac] Implement support for .weak_def_can_be_hidden (details)
  487. [InlineSpiller] Clean-up isSpillCandBB (details)
  488. [NFC] Suppress cpplint warning in test (details)
  489. [RISCV] Implement the vneg.v builtin. (details)
  490. [X86] Enable compilation of user interrupt handlers. (details)
  491. [X86][AMX] Try to hoist AMX shapes' def (details)
  492. [X86][AMX][NFC] Avoid assert for the same immidiate value (details)
  493. [RISCV] Implement the vnot.v builtin. (details)
  494. [LoopReroll] Fix rerolling loop with extra instructions (details)
  495. [cland] Dont emit missing newline warnings when building preamble (details)
  496. [AArch64] Fix for BTI landing pad insertion with PAC-RET+bkey. (details)
  497. [GlobalISel] Remove ConstantFoldingMIRBuilder (details)
  498. [Debug-Info] change return type to void for attribute adding functions. (details)
  499. [mlir] Handle strided 1D vector transfer ops in ProgressiveVectorToSCF (details)
  500. [MLIR][NFC] Fix warning, trim includes + cleanup in AffineOps.h (details)
  501. [lldb][NFC] Delete a checked-in build log in docs/testsuite (details)
  502. [mlir] Support dimension permutations in ProgressiveVectorToSCF (details)
  503. [NewGVN] Track simplification dependencies for phi-of-ops. (details)
  504. [mlir][docs] Update `add_mlir_doc` usage (details)
  505. [mlir] Use SCF for loops in ProgressiveVectorToSCF (details)
  506. Revert "[NewGVN] Track simplification dependencies for phi-of-ops." (details)
  507. [mlir] Support broadcast dimensions in ProgressiveVectorToSCF (details)
  508. [Clang] Propagate guaranteed alignment for malloc and others (details)
  509. [mlir] Support masked 1D vector transfer ops in ProgressiveVectorToSCF (details)
  510. llvm-objdump: refactor SourcePrinter into separate file. NFC. (details)
  511. [mlir] Support masked N-D vector transfer ops in ProgressiveVectorToSCF. (details)
  512. [gn build] Port c623945d707c (details)
  513. Revert "[Clang] Propagate guaranteed alignment for malloc and others" (details)
  514. [X86][AMX][NFC] Make comparison operators to be complete (details)
  515. Re-reapply "[DebugInfo] Use variadic debug values to salvage BinOps and GEP instrs with non-const operands" (details)
  516. Recommit "[NewGVN] Track simplification dependencies for phi-of-ops." (details)
  517. [doc] Clarify constrained fcmps behavior (details)
  518. [dexter] Add keyword argument 'on_line' to DexLabel (details)
  519. [lldb][NFC] Remove a stray unicode character in the LLDB test docs (details)
  520. [RISCV] Custom lower vector F(MIN|MAX)NUM to vf(min|max) (details)
  521. [clang] Do not crash on template specialization following a fatal error (details)
  522. [InstCombine] Fixed crash when setting align attr for memalign (details)
  523. Reland "[Clang] Propagate guaranteed alignment for malloc and others" (details)
  524. [InstCombine][NFC] add tests for printf("%s", str) --> puts(str)/noop transformation. (details)
  525. [InstCombine] Fixed newly added tests; NFC (details)
  526. [llvm][NFC] Fix assert indentation (details)
  527. AMDGPU: Fix assert on inline asm on gfx90a (details)
  528. [X86] combineSetCCAtomicArith - pull out repeated ops. NFCI. (details)
  529. [lld-macho] Have tests default to targeting macos 10.15 (details)
  530. [InstCombine] Added tests for PR50096; NFC (details)
  531. [OpenCL] Fix typo in the test. (details)
  532. [OpenMP] Replace global InfoLevel with a reference to an internal one. (details)
  533. [TableGen] [docs] Improve description of NAME in Programmer's Reference (details)
  534. [X86] Add Win32/64 mulo test coverage (details)
  535. [TableGen] Correct some comments in the TableGen parser [NFC] (details)
  536. [AMDGPU] Save WWM registers in functions (details)
  537. [Hexagon] Remove redundant HVX intrinsic selection patterns, NFC (details)
  538. [AMDGPU][NFC] Update auto-gen test (details)
  539. Revert "[AMDGPU] Save WWM registers in functions" (details)
  540. [AMDGPU] Fix typo in implicit operand lists (details)
  541. [AArch64][SVE] Fix bug in lowering of fixed-length integer vector divides (details)
  542. [TTI] Fix ScalarizationCost initialization. (details)
  543. [TTI] NFC: Use InstructionCost to store ScalarizationCost in IntrinsicCostAttributes. (details)
  544. [TTI] NFC: Change getAddressComputationCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  545. [TTI] NFC: Change getGEPCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  546. [TTI] NFC: Change getMemcpyCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  547. [TTI] NFC: Change getScalingFactorCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  548. [TTI] NFC: Change getIntImmCost[Inst|Intrin] to return InstructionCost (details)
  549. [flang] Switch from %f18 to %flang_fc1 in a test (details)
  550. [AST] Sort introspection results without instantiating other data (details)
  551. [Analyzer][StdLibraryFunctionsChecker] Describe arg constraints (details)
  552. fix comment typo to cycle bots (details)
  553. [CostModel][X86] Improve v2f32 fadd reduction cost (details)
  554. [cmake] Configure policy CMP0116 (details)
  555. [PowerPC] Add vec_ctsl and vec_ctul to altivec.h (details)
  556. [TableGen] [docs] Improve BNF for the 'multiclass' statement [NFC] (details)
  557. [AMDGPU] Save WWM registers in functions (details)
  558. [libcxx] Fixed build break on buildbots with -Werror (details)
  559. [Clang] Allow the combination of loader_uninitialized and address spaces (details)
  560. [OpenMP] Avoid reading uninitialized parallel level values (details)
  561. [VPlan] Add GraphTraits impl to traverse through VPRegionBlock. (details)
  562. scudo: Store header on deallocation before retagging memory. (details)
  563. [RISCV] Have assembler check that the temp register is different than dest register for vmsgeu.vx pseudo. (details)
  564. [RISCV] Remove GetVRegNoV0 from the output register class of masked compare pseudo instructions. (details)
  565. Drop a REQUIRES: lldb on a dexter regression test (details)
  566. [libc++] Rewrite the tuple constructors to be strictly Standards conforming (details)
  567. [AST] Update tests to query for introspection support (details)
  568. [NFC] Use hasSection instead of getSection().empty() (details)
  569. Mark type test intrinsics as speculatable to fix inline cost (details)
  570. [PR49761] Fix variadic arg handling in matcher (details)
  571. [Scudo] Use GWP-ASan's aligned allocations and fixup postalloc hooks. (details)
  572. [InstCombine] add test for ctpop; NFC (details)
  573. [InstCombine] fold 'not' of ctpop in parity pattern (details)
  574. Revert "[X86][AMX] Try to hoist AMX shapes' def" (details)
  575. [OpenMP] Fix -Wdeprecated-copy (details)
  576. [hwasan] Remove untagging of kernel-consumed memory (details)
  577. [CSSPGO]  Fix incorrect prorating indirect call distribution factor that leads to target count loss. (details)
  578. scudo: Work around gcc 8 conversion warning. (details)
  579. [lld/mac] Support more flags for --reproduce (details)
  580. [mlir] Add block arguments for input/output operands of 'linalg.tiled_loop`. (details)
  581. [Docs] Updated LLVM_TARGETS_TO_BUILD section in GettingStarted.rst (details)
  582. [InstCombine] X - usub.sat(X, Y) => umin(X, Y) (details)
  583. [clangd] Allow AST request without range (details)
  584. [libcxx][nfc] Add license to `pointer_comparison_test_helper.h` (details)
  585. [mlir][tosa] Add tosa.resize lowering to linalg generic (details)
  586. [PowerPC] Provide XL-compatible builtins in altivec.h (details)
  587. [SCEV] Add loop guard tests for ugt/uge predicates (NFC) (details)
  588. [WebAssembly] Finalize wasm_simd128.h intrinsics (details)
  589. Enable AST introspection on non-X86 (details)
  590. Thread safety analysis: Simplify intersectAndWarn (NFC) (details)
  591. [CSSPGO] Fix missing debug info of dangling pseudo probe (details)
  592. [utils] Disable -Wdeprecated-copy for googlemock/gtest (details)
  593. [lld-macho]][nfc] Fix some typos + rephrase a comment (details)
  594. [lld-macho] Fix use-after-free in loadDylib() (details)
  595. [RISCV] Only expose one interface for getContainerForFixedLengthVector in the RISCVTargetLowering class (details)
  596. [RISCV] Move getLMULForFixedLengthVector out of RISCVSubtarget. (details)
  597. Implement N3644 "Null Forward Pointers" in _LIBCPP_DEBUG mode. (details)
  598. Require asserts for test that uses debug flag (details)
  599. Revert "[Scudo] Use GWP-ASan's aligned allocations and fixup postalloc hooks." (details)
  600. [clang][amdgpu] Use implicit code object version (details)
  601. [MachineCSE] Prevent CSE of non-local convergent instrs (details)
  602. [RISCV] Removed getLMULForFixedLengthVector. (details)
  603. [NFC] Delete the redundant member 'shouldEmitMoves' from DwarfCFIException class (details)
  604. [libcxx] disables ranges for clang-cl (details)
  605. [libomptarget] Enable AMDGPU devicertl (details)
  606. [ORC-RT] Initial ORC Runtime directories and build system files. (details)
  607. Revert "[ORC-RT] Initial ORC Runtime directories and build system files." (details)
  608. [ELF] Simplify a condition in addGotEntry. NFC (details)
  609. [libcxx][iterator] adds `std::weakly_incrementable` and `std::incrementable` (details)
  610. [mlir][tosa] Add tosa.gather lowering to linalg.indexed_generic (details)
  611. [mlir] Canonicalize AllocOp's with only store and dealloc uses (details)
  612. [Polly] Fix stage 2 clang -Wdeprecated-copy after D79714 (details)
  613. [lldb] [Process] Introduce protocol extension support API (details)
  614. [lldb] [gdb-remote server] Introduce new stop reasons for fork and vfork (details)
  615. [lldb] [llgs] Support owning and detaching extra processes (details)
  616. [lldb] [Process/Linux] Report fork/vfork stop reason (details)
  617. [Polly][ManualOpt] Match interpretation of unroll metadata to LoopUnrolls's. (details)
  618. [InstCombine] Added testcases from PR48999, NFC (details)
  619. [GVN] Clobber partially aliased loads. (details)
  620. [lld/mac] add test coverage for -sectcreate and -order_file with --reproduce (details)
  621. [lld/mac] simplify export-options.s test a bit (details)
  622. [Clang] Added doc for malloc attribute (details)
  623. [Clang] Added heading to doc for malloc attribute (details)
  624. [ARM] Format ARMISD node definitions. NFC (details)
  625. [libc++] Remove if-else to make branch predictor happy (details)
  626. [lld/mac] Don't assert when using -exported_symbol with private symbol (details)
  627. [InstCombine] Add tests for comparison of integer parts (NFC) (details)
  628. [libc++][doc] Adds a Format library status page. (details)
  629. [libcxx][iterator] adds `std::input_or_output_iterator` and `std::sentinel_for` (details)
  630. [InstCombine] ctpop(X) + ctpop(Y) => ctpop(X | Y) if X and Y have no common bits (PR48999) (details)
  631. [InstCombine] ctpop(rot(X)) -> ctpop(X) (details)
  632. Fix null ptr crash dumping TemplateTemplateParmDecl (details)
  633. [Tests] Rename variable to fix broken buildbots (details)
  634. [AArch64] Enable UseAA globally in the AArch64 backend (details)
  635. [InstCombine] Fixed UB in foldCtpop (details)
  636. [NewGVN] Use performSymbolicEvaluation instead of createExpression. (details)
  637. [flang] Fix crash from -DMACRO= with empty replacement (details)
  638. [Analysis] Attribute alignment should not prevent tail call optimization (details)
  639. [NFC] Refactor how CFI section types are represented in AsmPrinter (details)
  640. [PatternMatch] Improve m_Deferred() documentation (NFC) (details)
  641. [SCEV] Add additional NE applyLoopGuards() test (NFC) (details)
  642. [SCEV] Fix applyLoopGuards() chaining for ne predicates (details)
  643. Simplify the breakpoint setting in DynamicLoaderMacOS::SetNotificationBreakpoint (details)
  644. [ORC-RT] Re-apply "Initial ORC Runtime directories and build..." with fixes. (details)
  645. [Clang] Add clang attribute `clang_builtin_alias`. (details)
  646. [ORC][C-bindings] Fix missing ')' in comments. (details)
  647. [Clang] Fixup for D100611 (details)
  648. [X86] Support AMX fast register allocation (details)
  649. [X86] Refine AMX fast register allocation (details)
  650. [PhaseOrdering] Add PR32544 test coverage (details)
  651. [RISCV] Apply clang_builtin_alias to overloaded builtins. (details)
  652. [NewGVN] Use ExprResult to add extra predicate users. (details)
  653. [NewGVN] Properly transfer PredDep in move constructor. (details)
  654. [X86] Regenerate atomic-flags.ll test file (details)
  655. [X86] Add PR20841 test cases showing failure to reuse ZF from XADD ops (details)
  656. [X86] Add support for reusing ZF etc. from locked XADD instructions (PR20841) (details)
  657. [AST] Add DeclarationNameInfo to node introspection (details)
  658. Add srcloc output to clang-query (details)
  659. [libc++] Adds __utility/to_underlying.h. (details)
  660. [gn build] Port a354fd56c504 (details)
  661. Revert rG2149aa73f640c96 "[X86] Add support for reusing ZF etc. from locked XADD instructions (PR20841)" (details)
  662. [demangler] Use standard semantics for StringView::substr (details)
  663. [gn build] Port 1cea7ab4ba13 (details)
  664. [VPlan] Add VPBlockUtils::blocksOnly helper. (details)
  665. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSD] Report fork/vfork events to LLGS (details)
  666. [lldb] [Process/NetBSD] Report fork/vfork events to LLGS (details)
  667. [ARM][disassembler] Fix incorrect number of MCOperands generated by the disassembler (details)
  668. [NFC] Fixed some D79714 warnings (details)
  669. Disable deprecated-copy warnings on various LLVM code to bring the bot back to green (details)
  670. [googlemock] Fix warnings about superfluous semicolons after 68ff493dfc950c05c102e09e14a16d06253ffa16. NFC. (details)
  671. [clangd] Produce semantic token for name referring to UnresolvedUsingValueDecl (details)
  672. [clangd] Use HeuristicResolver to produce a better semantic token for name referring to UnresolvedUsingValueDecl (details)
  673. [NFC][X86][AVX2] Add baseline CodeGen/CostModel tests for interleaved loads/stores of i16 w/ strides 2/3/4 (details)
  674. [sanitizer] Use COMPILER_RT_EMULATOR with gtests (details)
  675. [scudo] Mark ARM64 as supported platform (details)
  676. [scudo][NFC] Fix cast warning (details)
  677. [clangd] Omit parameter hint if parameter name comment is present (details)
  678. [clangd] Omit parameter hint for setter functions (details)
  679. [clangd] Rename HeuristicResolver::resolveCallExpr() to resolveTypeOfCallExpr() (details)
  680. [ORC] Avoid invalidating iterators in EHFrameRegistrationPlugin. (details)
  681. [DebugInfo][AIX] Set target debugger-tune default to dbx (details)
  682. [RISCV] [1/2] Add IR intrinsic for Zbe extension (details)
  683. [RISCV] Teach DAG combine what bits Zbp instructions demanded from their inputs. (details)
  684. [RISCV] Optimize addition with immediate (details)
  685. [RISCV] Cleanup setOperationAction calls for INTRINSIC_WO_CHAIN/INTRINSIC_W_CHAIN (details)
  686. [RISCV] Implement the vmmv.m/vmnot.m builtin. (details)
  687. [RISCV] Implement the vfabs.v/vfneg.v builtin. (details)
  688. [RISCV] Implement the pseudo compare builtin. (details)
  689. [RISCV] Implement the vwcvt{u}.x.x.v/vncvt.x.x.w builtin. (details)
  690. [OpenCL] Add inc/dec/cmpxchg C++ legacy atomics with generic (details)
  691. [clang][deps] Only generate absolute paths when asked to (details)
  692. [clang][deps] NFC: Fix typo (details)
  693. [llvm-dwarfdump] Fix split-dwarf bug in stats for inlined var loc cov (details)
  694. [RISCV] Add REQUIRES: riscv-registered-target for RISC-V test cases. (details)
  695. [ARM] Ensure loop invariant active.lane.mask operands (details)
  696. [clang-format] fix indent in alignChainedConditionals (details)
  697. [Clang][Coroutine][DebugInfo] Relax test ordering requirement (details)
  698. [flang][driver] Fine-tune `-fdebug-dump-symbols` (details)
  699. [VPlan] Make blocksOnly work properly with ranges over const pointers. (details)
  700. [AArch64] Add AArch64TTIImpl::getMaskedMemoryOpCost function (details)
  701. [NFC] Add scalable vectorisation tests for int/FP <> int/FP conversions (details)
  702. [ARM] Additional soft float BE test. NFC (details)
  703. [ARM] Expand VMOVRRD simplification pattern (details)
  704. [InstCombine] Added testcases for PR50104, NFC (details)
  705. [AArch64][SVE] Add missing patterns for scalar versions of SQSHL/UQSHL (details)
  706. [LSR][DebugInfo] Don't unnecessarily drop DebugLocs (details)
  707. [IndVars] avoid 'tmp' names in test file with auto-generated CHECK lines; NFC (details)
  708. [MC][AMDGPU][llvm-objdump] Synthesized local labels in disassembly (details)
  709. [AMDGPU][llvm-objdump] Add lit.local.cfg missing from recent commit (details)
  710. [lldb] Use forward type in pointer-to-member (details)
  711. AArch64: support atomics in GISel (details)
  712. [InstCombine] C - ctpop(a) - > ctpop(~a)) if C is bitwidth (PR50104) (details)
  713. [SYCL] Implement SYCL address space attributes handling (details)
  714. [TableGen] Change assertion information from a tuple to a struct [NFC] (details)
  715. Only ignore -Wdeprecated-copy if the used compiler supports the warning (details)
  716. [TableGen] Remove a TODO comment that is no longer relevant [NFC] (details)
  717. [clang][XCore] Define __xcore__ for XCore target. (details)
  718. Revert "Only ignore -Wdeprecated-copy if the used compiler supports the warning" (details)
  719. [lld-macho] Add option --error-limit=N (details)
  720. [X86] Rename multiclass ATOMIC_LOAD_BINOP -> ATOMIC_RMW_BINOP. NFCI. (details)
  721. [SYCL][Doc] Add design document for SYCL mode (details)
  722. [dexter] Update failing regression test (details)
  723. [AMDGPU] Use MapVector for WWMReservedRegs (details)
  724. [libc++][NFC] Remove non-ASCII from comment. (details)
  725. [MLIR][Shape] Ensure to preserve op type of `shape.broadcast` (details)
  726. [SimplifyCFG] Preserve metadata when unconditionalizing branches (constant condition). (details)
  727. [CSSPGO] Explicitly disallow Binary and Compact Binary profile format for CSSPGO (details)
  728. [Doc] Add SYCLSupport.rst to index toctree. (details)
  729. [flang] Check for attributes specific to dummy arguments (details)
  730. [lldb] Don't use ::fork or ::vfork on watchOS or tvOS (details)
  731. [MLIR] Remove empty shape operands from `cstr_broadcastable` ops (details)
  732. [Lexer] Allow LLLexer to be used as an API (details)
  733. [lldb] Skip TestPointerToMemberTypeDependingOnParentSize on Windows and GCC (details)
  734. XFAIL thinlto testcases on AIX (details)
  735. [AMDGPU] Fix autogenerated wwm-reserved-spill.ll (details)
  736. Preserve the lexical order for global variables during llvm-link merge (details)
  737. [RuntimeDyld] Fixed buffer overflows with absolute symbols (details)
  738. [AST] Fix DeclarationNameInfo introspection (details)
  739. [AMDGPU][llvm-objdump] Fix memory leak in recent commit (details)
  740. [OpenMP][Documentation] Add FAQ entry for dynamically linked libraries (details)
  741. [clang][driver] Use the provided arch name for a Darwin target triple (details)
  742. Remove obsolete using declaration that was just kept around to help with API adoption. (details)
  743. [Verifier] Tidy up the code a bit, NFC. (details)
  744. [llvm-rc] Add a GNU windres-like frontend to llvm-rc (details)
  745. [libc] Use different alignment for memcpy between ARM and x86. (details)
  746. Support DW_FORM_strx* in llvm-dwp. (details)
  747. [libc] Add differential quality and perf analysis targets for sinf and cosf. (details)
  748. [gn build] (manually) port f8de9aaef2f4 (details)
  749. [gn build] reformat all gn files (details)
  750. [libc++] __bit_iterator mustn't rely on deprecated SMF generation. (details)
  751. [libc++] Remove the special logic for "noexcept iterators" in basic_string. (details)
  752. [libc++] [test] Improve test_exceptions() in each string.modifiers test. (details)
  753. [libc++] [test] Fix a Python warning. (details)
  754. [compiler-rt][hwasan] Add definition for Symbolizer::SymbolizeFrame (details)
  755. [gcov] Set nounwind and respect module flags metadata "frame-pointer" & "uwtable" for synthesized functions (details)
  756. Add LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_USED to fix problems which could be exposed by aggressive global pointer variable removal (details)
  757. [RISCV] Match splatted load to scalar load + splat. Form strided load during isel. (details)
  758. [ADT] Remove StatisticBase and make NoopStatistic empty (details)
  759. [ORC] Fix type name. (details)
  760. [ORC] C API updates. (details)
  761. [ORC] Add unit tests for parts of the Orc and LLJIT C APIs. (details)
  762. [gn build] Port 8740360093b5 (details)
  763. Don't fail the shared_ptr test if libc++ has insufficient debug info. (details)
  764. Support leak sanitizer in libcxx. (details)
  765. Implementation for TargetTransformInfo::hasActiveVectorLength() (details)
  766. [AMDGPU] Experiments show that the GCNRegBankReassign pass significantly impacts (details)
  767. [gn build] Port caf1294d9578 (details)
  768. Revert "[clang][driver] Use the provided arch name for a Darwin target triple" (details)
  769. [libc++][ranges] iterator.concept.sizedsentinel: sized_sentinel_for and disable_sized_sentinel_for. (details)
  770. [Clang] -Wunused-but-set-parameter and -Wunused-but-set-variable (details)
  771. Revert "[ORC] Add unit tests for parts of the Orc and LLJIT C APIs." (details)
  772. [gn build] Port bbddadd46e46 (details)
  773. Revert D76519 "[NFC] Refactor how CFI section types are represented in AsmPrinter" (details)
  774. [SimplifyCFG] Preserve metadata when unconditionalizing branches (same target). (details)
  775. [AIX] Avoid use of mtim.tv_nsec member of stat structure on AIX (details)
  776. Revert "[ADT] Remove StatisticBase and make NoopStatistic empty" (details)
  777. [RISCV] Use stack slot to handle SPLAT_VECTOR_PARTS on RV32. (details)
  778. [test] Fix tools/gold/X86/weak.ll after D94202 (details)
  779. [NVPTX] Enable lowering of atomics on local memory (details)
  780. Revert "[NVPTX] Enable lowering of atomics on local memory" (details)
  781. [ADT] Remove StatisticBase and make NoopStatistic empty (details)
  782. [CSSPGO] Unblock optimizations with pseudo probe instrumentation part 2. (details)
  783. BPF: emit debuginfo for Function of DeclRefExpr if requested (details)
  784. [clang] Don't crash when loading invalid VFS for the module dep collector (details)
  785. [NVPTX] Enable lowering of atomics on local memory (details)
  786. [MLIR] Add SCF.if Condition Canonicalizations (details)
  787. [gn build] Port 7aa3cad46ac3 (details)
  788. [Inliner] Make ModuleInlinerWrapperPass return PreservedAnalyses::all() (details)
  789. BPF: generate BTF info for LD_imm64 loaded function pointer (details)
  790. [mlir][tensors] Introduce attribute interface/attribute for tensor encoding (details)
  791. Move Sema's key function around and add more comments (details)
  792. Revert "Reapply  "[AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed"" (details)
  793. Reapply "[X86][AMX] Try to hoist AMX shapes' def" (details)
  794. [mlir] Refactor the forward dataflow propagation in SCCP into a generic framework (details)
  795. [asan][NFC] Fix "not used" warning in test (details)
  796. Reapply "[ORC] Add unit tests for parts of the ..." with fixes and improvements. (details)
  797. [ORC] Initialize the native asm printer and parser in Orc C-API unit test. (details)
  798. [XCOFF] make .file directive have directory info (details)
  799. [ORC] Fix build after 1798f2289aaa (details)
  800. [gn build] Port d122d80b3d1c (details)
  801. [ORC] Add missing LLVMConsumeError calls. (details)
  802. [ORC] Record target triple in C API testcase, print it on failure. (details)
  803. [ORC] Fix more missing LLVMConsumeError calls. (details)
  804. [DebugInfo][llvm-dwarfdump] Fix printing of Unit header with DW_UT_partial type (details)
  805. [NFC] Fix "not used" warning (details)
  806. [Driver] Push multiarch path setup to individual drivers (details)
  807. [ORC] Remove unused headers in C API test. (details)
  808. [ORC] Make LLVMOrcLLJITBuilderSetJITTargetMachineBuilder consume as advertised. (details)
  809. [ORC] Disable Orc C API test for armv8l targets. (details)
  810. [TTI] NFC: Change getScalarizationOverhead and getOperandsScalarizationOverhead to return InstructionCost. (details)
  811. [ORC] Temporarily remove the ORC C API test. (details)
  812. [gn build] Port 51495fd2855c (details)
  813. Only ignore -Wdeprecated-copy if the used compiler supports the warning (details)
  814. [Fuchsia] Use correct target triple for ARM (details)
  815. [MLIR][Linalg] Generalize splat constant folding (details)
  816. [clang-format] Reformat. NFC. (details)
  817. [clang-format] Merge SpacesInAngles tests. NFC. (details)
  818. [NFC][SVE] Add tests for inserting subvectors into illegal scalable vectors (details)
  819. [X86][AMX] Add description for AMX new interface. (details)
  820. [GlobalISel]: Add a getConstantIntVRegVal utility (details)
  821. [MIPatternMatch]: Add ICstRegMatch (details)
  822. [MIPatternMatch]: Add mi_match for MachineInstr (details)
  823. [MIPatternMatch]: Add matchers for binary instructions (details)
  824. [llvm] Unbreak no-asserts testing after 18839be9c5c8b9f882dd241769784035b082d4e1 (details)
  825. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add integer med3 combines (details)
  826. [NFC] Workaround MSVC2019 32-bit compiler crash (details)
  827. [libc++] Fix set-but-not-used warning. NFC. (details)
  828. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove redundant G_FCANONICALIZE (details)
  829. [OpenMP][libomptarget] Separate lit tests for different offloading targets (1/2) (details)
  830. [mlir] Add a pass to tile Linalg ops using `linalg.tiled_loop`. (details)
  831. [clangd] Dont index deeply nested symbols (details)
  832. Reapply  "[AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed" (details)
  833. tsan: fix deadlock in pthread_atfork callbacks (details)
  834. [AIX] Allow safe for 32bit P9 VSX extract and insert pattern matches (details)
  835. [VPlan] Use recursive traversal iterator in VPSlotTracker. (details)
  836. [C++4OpenCL] Add diagnostics for OpenCL types in templates. (details)
  837. [AArch64] Enable runtime unrolling for in-order sched models (details)
  838. [IndVars] avoid crash in LFTR when assuming an add recurrence (details)
  839. [LV] Hoist code to get vector loop latch (NFC). (details)
  840. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add test for buffer_load with negative offset (details)
  841. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix negative offset folding for buffer_load (details)
  842. [MLIR][Shape] Replace single operand broadcasts with appropriate cast (details)
  843. [LV,LAA] Add test cases with pointer phis in loops. (details)
  844. [MLIR][Shape] Remove empty extent tensor operands (details)
  845. [SLP]Improved isGatherShuffledEntry, NFC. (details)
  846. [MLIR] Debug log IR after pattern applications (details)
  847. [X86] Ensure multiclass ATOMIC_RMW_BINOP is tagged as MayLoad and MayStore (details)
  848. [AMDGPU] Minor refactoring in AMDGPUUnifyDivergentExitNodes. NFC. (details)
  849. [analyzer][StdLibraryFunctionsChecker] Track dependent arguments (details)
  850. [OpenMP][libomptarget] Separate lit tests for different offloading targets (2/2) (details)
  851. [X86] Add support for reusing ZF etc. from locked XADD instructions (PR20841) (details)
  852. [HIP] Fix help text for -fgpu-allow-device-init (details)
  853. [clangd] run clang-format on FindTargetTests.cpp's FindExplicitReferencesTest (details)
  854. [libcxx] [test] Add a separate 'windows-dll' feature to check for (details)
  855. [libcxx] [test] Convert a couple of LIBCXX-WINDOWS-FIXME into XFAIL: windows-dll for known bugs (details)
  856. [clangd] Improve handling of Objective-C protocols in types (details)
  857. [LoopVectorize] Simplify scalar cost calculation in getInstructionCost (details)
  858. Revert rG9b7a0a50355d5 - Revert "[X86] Add support for reusing ZF etc. from locked XADD instructions (PR20841)" (details)
  859. [flang] Add format test to GTest suite (details)
  860. Revert "[LoopVectorize] Simplify scalar cost calculation in getInstructionCost" (details)
  861. [doc] added documentation for pre-merge testing (details)
  862. [llvm, clang] Remove stdlib includes from .h files without `std::` (details)
  863. [AIX][Power10] Restrict prefixed instructions from crossing the 64byte boundary (details)
  864. [gn build] Port 241c2da4064c (details)
  865. [CodeGenOptions] make StackProtectorGuardOffset signed (details)
  866. [Driver] Fix tests failing in per-target multiarch layout (details)
  867. [lldb] [gdb-remote] Report QPassSignals and qXfer via extensions API (details)
  868. Also display the underlying error message when displaying a fixit (details)
  869. [NFC][lsan] Another attempt to fix arm bot (details)
  870. [TableGen] Add predicate checks to isel patterns for default HwMode. (details)
  871. [SystemZ][z/OS] Remove register prefixes when printing out the register. (details)
  872. [NFC][IR] PHINode: assert we aren't trying to create token-typed PHI (details)
  873. [NFC][IR] PHINode: ... and assert in another ctor too (details)
  874. [docs] Replace Apple representative to security group. (details)
  875. [ELF][MIPS] Don't emit dynamic relocations for PIE non-preemptible TLS (details)
  876. [ELF][MIPS] Emit dynamic relocations for PIC non-preemptible static TLS (details)
  877. [NFC][Verifier] Fixup token PHINode test cases (details)
  878. [COST][X86]Improve cost model for reverse shuffle v32i16/v64i8 in AVX512F. (details)
  879. [ARM] Additional VIDUP tests. NFC (details)
  880. [ARM] Recognize VIDUP from BUILDVECTORs of additions (details)
  881. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Autogenerate check lines in many test files (details)
  882. Fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warning in msan_test.cpp (details)
  883. [AMDGPU] GCNHazardRecognizer: ignore all meta instructions (details)
  884. [Dependence Analysis] Fix ExactSIV producing wrong analysis (details)
  885. [InstCombine] add tests for clamp patterns using min/max intrinsics; NFC (details)
  886. [InstCombine] fold clamp to 2 values from min/max intrinsics (details)
  887. Revert "tsan: fix deadlock in pthread_atfork callbacks" (details)
  888. hurd: Fix i386 research path (details)
  889. [flang] Handle structure constructors with forward references to PDTs (details)
  890. hurd: Detect libstdc++ include paths on Debian Hurd i386 (details)
  891. [test] Fix some func-attrs tests under the legacy PM (details)
  892. hurd: Clean up test (details)
  893. Update testcase for D101333. (details)
  894. Gnu: Replace with a GCCInstallation.isValid() check with assert (details)
  895. [SCEV] Improve loop guard tests (NFC) (details)
  896. Hurd: Clean up Debian multiarch /usr/include/<triplet> (details)
  897. tsan: refactor fork handling (details)
  898. tsan: fix build with COMPILER_RT_TSAN_DEBUG_OUTPUT (details)
  899. [SLP]Add a test for possibly vectorized tiny tree, NFC. (details)
  900. [SCEV] Handle uge/ugt predicates in applyLoopGuards() (details)
  901. [loop-idiom][NFC] Extract processLoopStoreOfLoopLoad into a helper function (details)
  902. [DSE] Added testcases for 11896, NFC (details)
  903. [OpenMP][CMake] Pass --cuda-path to regression tests. (details)
  904. [ConstFold] Use const-folded operands in more places (details)
  905. [mlir] Fix bug in ForwardDataFlowAnalysis solver (details)
  906. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Autogenerate check lines in few more tests (details)
  907. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Precommit SimplifyCFG tests from D29428 (details)
  908. [RISCV] Select 5 bit immediate for VSETIVLI during isel rather than peepholing in the custom inserter. (details)
  909. [SelectionDAG] Use a VTSDNode to store the saturation width for FP_TO_SINT_SAT/FP_TO_UINT_SAT (details)
  910. [lld-macho] std::sort -> llvm::sort (details)
  911. [lld-macho] Don't put an antivirus test file in reproduce.s (details)
  912. [OpenMP] Remove legacy pass manager run lines (details)
  913. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add support for LC_THREAD/LC_UNIXTHREAD (details)
  914. [Driver] Add -print-multiarch (details)
  915. [WebAssembly] Error when wasm EH is used with Emscripten EH/SjLj (details)
  916. Revert "[llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add support for LC_THREAD/LC_UNIXTHREAD" (details)
  917. [CMake][llvm] avoid conflict w/ (and use when available) new builtin check_linker_flag (details)
  918. [mlir][tosa] Add tosa.negate lowerings for quantized cases (details)
  919. [tosa][mlir] Fix FullyConnected to correctly order dimensions (details)
  920. [AIX] Add %pluginext and update tests to use proper pluginext (details)
  921. [loop-idiom] Hoist loop memcpys to loop preheader (details)
  922. Handle the case of tile and pad a subset of the dimensions (details)
  923. [lld-macho][NFC] define more strings in section_names:: and segment_names:: (details)
  924. [CSSPGO] Fix an AV caused by a block that has only pseudo pseudo instructions. (details)
  925. [DSE] Eliminate zero memset after calloc (details)
  926. [scudo] Enable arm32 arch (details)
  927. [CMake][llvm] add missing include to LLVMCheckLinkerFlag (details)
  928. [MLIR][Python] Add capsule methods for pybind11 to PyValue. (details)
  929. [mlir] Support setting operand values in C and Python APIs. (details)
  930. [gn build] (manually) port 82d3c0759fa0 (details)
  931. [clang/Basic] Make TargetInfo.h not use DataLayout again (details)
  932. [lldb] Fix DataLayout reference after 0f1137ba79c0 (details)
  933. Fixed Typos (details)
  934. [NFC] Refactor how CFI section types are represented in AsmPrinter (details)
  935. [MLIR] Add and propagate section attribute for LLVM_GlobalOp (details)
  936. [Driver] Use normalized triples for per-target runtimes (details)
  937. [libcxx] Fix the libc++abi header path (details)
  938. [mlir][Python][Linalg] Fixing typos (NFC). (details)
  939. [RISCV] Remove riscv32 test cases for vector intrinsics. (details)
  940. [flang] Remove interfaces for Character[Min|Max][Val|Loc]. NFC (details)
  941. Require asserts for llvm/test/Verifier/token1.ll (details)
  942. [X86][AMX][NFC] Add more comments and remove unnecessary check found by Clocwork (details)
  943. [AArch64] Add missing UINT_TO_FP promotions for v16i8 (details)
  944. [MLIR][Shape] Derive more concrete type for `shape.shape_of` (details)
  945. [clang-cl] Map /QIntel-jcc-erratum to -mbranches-within-32B-boundaries (details)
  946. [DebugInfo] Drop DBG_VALUE_LISTs with an excessive number of debug operands (details)
  947. [PowerPC] Fix SELECT_CC with i64 operand on PPC32 (details)
  948. [MLIR][Shape] Canonicalize casted extent tensor operands (details)
  949. Try to fix clang/test/Driver/cl-options.c on non-x86 hosts (details)
  950. [MLIR][Shape] Concretize broadcast result type if possible (details)
  951. [ADT] Make TrackingStatistic's ctor constexpr (details)
  952. [IRCE] Add tests for conservative bound check (details)
  953. [clang-query] Add check to prevent setting srcloc when no introspection is available. (details)
  954. [LoopVectorize] Prevent multiple Phis being generated with in-order reductions (details)
  955. [mlir] Fix typos (NFC) (details)
  956. [NFC][Verifier] Split token1.ll into two, assert/non-assert versions (details)
  957. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Move sink-common-code.ll into X86 (details)
  958. Revert "[loop-idiom] Hoist loop memcpys to loop preheader" (details)
  959. [lldb] Correct format enum comment (NFC) (details)
  960. [update_(llc_)] Support pre-processing commands (details)
  961. [builtins] Fix ABI-incompatibility with GCC for floating-point compare (details)
  962. [ELF] Update URL for MIPS TLS wiki page (details)
  963. [llvm-objdump] Fix dumping dynamic relative relocations for SHT_REL (details)
  964. [LV] Calculate max feasible scalable VF. (details)
  965. Revert "tsan: refactor fork handling" (details)
  966. [MLIR] Add ComplexToStandard conversion pass. (details)
  967. [mlir] Add folding for tensor inputs and memref.cast in linalg.tiled_loop. (details)
  968. [OPENMP]Fix PR49098: respect firstprivate of declare target variable. (details)
  969. [LoopVectorize] Simplify scalar cost calculation in getInstructionCost (details)
  970. GlobalISel: Relax verification of physical register copy types (details)
  971. [mlir] Fix the postsubmit comments in (details)
  972. [OpenCL] Introduce new method for validating OpenCL target (details)
  973. [clangd] Add SymbolID to LocatedSymbol. (details)
  974. [NFC][InlineCost] Add tests for D101228 (details)
  975. [SLP]Try to vectorize tiny trees with shuffled gathers. (details)
  976. Silence unused variable warning (details)
  977. [TableGen] Add the !find bang operator (details)
  978. [gn build] (port) 64bc44f5dd and f8de9aaef2f some more (details)
  979. [clangd][ObjC] Improve support for class properties (details)
  980. [libc++] [test] Don't assume iterators are class types. (details)
  981. [LoopVectorize][SVE] Fix crash when vectorising FP negation (details)
  982. [Hexagon] Skip function in Hexagon vector combine if requested (details)
  983. [clang] remove dead code after 2a1332245fc (details)
  984. [SimplifyLibCalls] Transform printf("%s", str) --> puts(str)/noop (details)
  985. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Add test for sinking indirect calls (details)
  986. [SimplifyCFG] Sinking indirect calls - they're already indirect anyways (details)
  987. Revert "[SimplifyCFG] Sinking indirect calls - they're already indirect anyways" (details)
  988. [mlir][python] Add python support for async dialect and passes. (details)
  989. [mlir][python] Add basic python support for GPU dialect and passes (details)
  990. Revert "[MLIR][Shape] Concretize broadcast result type if possible" (details)
  991. [ARM][AArch64] Require appropriate features for crypto algorithms (details)
  992. [analyzer][NFC] Remove duplicated work from retain count leak report (details)
  993. [analyzer] Adjust the reported variable name in retain count checker (details)
  994. [analyzer] Track leaking object through stores (details)
  995. [analyzer] Find better description for tracked symbolic values (details)
  996. [analyzer][NFC] Fix tests failing after a rebase (details)
  997. [PhaseOrdering] Add test for vectorization requiring hoisting/sinking. (details)
  998. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Add common code sinking test with direct and indirect callees (details)
  999. [SimplifyCFG] Try 2: sink all-indirect indirect calls (details)
  1000. [clang] Make libBasic not depend on MC (details)
  1001. [RISCV] Add explanatory comment to RISCVOp::OPERAND_AVL. (details)
  1002. [libc++][CI] Fix check-generated-output. (details)
  1003. [lld][WebAssembly] Allow relocations against non-live global symbols (details)
  1004. [mlir] Fix canonicalization of tiled_loop if not all opresults fold. (details)
  1005. [AMDGPU] Make some VOP3 insts commutable (details)
  1006. Fix typo from (details)
  1007. [dsymutil] Add flag to force a static variable to keep its enclosing function (details)
  1008. [mlir][Linalg] Avoid changing the rank of the result in canonicalizations of subtensor. (details)
  1009. [ARM] Neon Polynomial vadd Intrinsic fix (details)
  1010. [libcxx] Stop hardcoding the bash path in the Windows CI (details)
  1011. [InstCombine] add tests for demand of shl op; NFC (details)
  1012. [TableGen] Store predicates in PatternToMatch as ListInit *. Add string for HwModeFeatures (details)
  1013. [LAA] Support pointer phis in loop by analyzing each incoming pointer. (details)
  1014. [libc++][NFC] Remove stray whitespace (details)
  1015. [SCEV] Compute ranges for ashr recurrences (details)
  1016. [AsmParser][SystemZ][z/OS] Use updated framework in AsmLexer to accept special tokens as Identifiers (details)
  1017. Revert "[Clang] -Wunused-but-set-parameter and -Wunused-but-set-variable" (details)
  1018. [SCEV] Avoid range intersection idiom in getRangeForUnkownRecurrence [NFC] (details)
  1019. Linker: Avoid scheduling the link of a global value twice due to an alias (details)
  1020. [mlir][python] Update `PyOpResult.owner` to get the parent object. (details)
  1021. [tests] Precommit some extra tests for D100884 (details)
  1022. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Don't match thread-local globals in matchFoldGlobalOffset (details)
  1023. [InstCombine] add tests for rotate/funnel; NFC (details)
  1024. [InstCombine] relax masking requirement for truncated funnel/rotate match (details)

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