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  1. [clangd] Check if macro is already in the IdentifierTable before loading it (details)
  2. [MLIR][GPU][NVVM] Add warp synchronous matrix-multiply accumulate ops (details)
  3. [OpenMP] Make sure classes work on the device as they do on the host (details)
  4. [OpenMP] Ensure the DefaultMapperId has a location (details)
  5. [OpenMP] Overhaul `declare target` handling (details)
  6. [llvm][NFC] Remove deprecated Alignment::None() (details)
  7. [llvm][NFC] Remove deprecated DataLayout::getPreferredAlignment functions (details)
  8. [llvm][NFC] Remove deprecated InterleaveGroup::getAlignment() function. (details)
  9. [llvm][NFC] Remove SelectionDag alignment deprecated functions (details)
  10. [llvm][NFC] Remove CallingConvLower deprecated alignment functions (details)
  11. [llvm-objdump] Use std::make_unique (details)
  12. [lit] Report tool path from use_llvm_tool if found via env variable (details)
  13. [ARM] Transforming memcpy to Tail predicated Loop (details)
  14. [flang] Remove `%f18` from LIT configuration files (details)
  15. [AMDGPU] SIFoldOperands: clean up tryConstantFoldOp (details)
  16. [clang-format] Add more support for C# 8 nullables (details)
  17. [clang-format] Fix C# nullable-related errors (details)
  18. [clang-format] Rename common types between C#/JS (details)
  19. [SVE][LoopVectorize] Add support for scalable vectorization of first-order recurrences (details)
  20. [SystemZ] Support builtin_frame_address with packed stack without backchain. (details)
  21. [AMDGPU] Regenerate shift tests. NFCI. (details)
  22. [AMDGPU] Regenerate fp2int tests. NFCI. (details)
  23. [mlir] Add support for ops with regions in 'gpu-async-region' rewriter. (details)
  24. [LLD] Improve --strip-all help text (details)
  25. [LV] Account for tripcount when calculation vectorization profitability (details)
  26. [ORC] Silence unused variable warnings in Release builds. NFC. (details)
  27. Revert "[ARM] Transforming memcpy to Tail predicated Loop" (details)
  28. [AMDGPU] Fix WQM failure with single block inactive demote (details)
  29. [amdgpu-arch] Fix rpath to run from build dir (details)
  30. [OpenCL] Remove subgroups pragma in enqueue kernel and pipe builtins. (details)
  31. [TableGen] [Clang] Clean up and add asserts. (details)
  32. [PowerPC] Provide some P8-specific altivec overloads for P7 (details)
  33. [AMDGPU] SIInsertHardClauses: move more stuff into the class. NFC. (details)
  34. [lldb][NFC] Make assert in TestStaticVariables more expressive (details)
  35. Revert "[PowerPC] Provide some P8-specific altivec overloads for P7" (details)
  36. [AIX][TLS] Add support for TLSGD relocations to XCOFF objects (details)
  37. [libc++] Rewrite std::to_address to avoid relying on element_type (details)
  38. [OpenMP] Temporarily require X86 target for parallel_for_codegen.cpp test (details)
  39. [AMDGPU][NFC] Fix typos in SIFormMemoryClauses description (details)
  40. [PowerPC] Re-commit ed87f512bb9eb5c1d44e9a1182ffeaf23d6c5ae8 (details)
  41. [mlir][vector] add pattern to cast away lead unit dimension for broadcast op (details)
  42. [mlir][NFC] Fix warning in VectorTransforms.cpp (details)
  43. [lld-macho][nfc] Convert the mock libSystem.tbd to TBDv4 (details)
  44. [lld-macho] Support loading of zippered dylibs (details)
  45. [SLP] Use empty() instead of size() == 0. NFCI. (details)
  46. [SLP] Constify the TreeEntry* input into dumpTreeCosts(). NFCI. (details)
  47. [SLP] Constify the TreeEntry* input into getEntryCost() + setInsertPointAfterBundle(). NFCI. (details)
  48. [AMDGPU] Fix 64 bit DPP validation (details)
  49. [clangd][ObjC] Highlight Objc Ivar refs (details)
  50. [LangRef][VP] Fix typos in VP sdiv/udiv examples (details)
  51. [RISCV] Cleanup instruction formats used for B extension ternary operations. (details)
  52. [SystemZ] Don't use libcall for 128 bit shifts. (details)
  53. Fix array attribute in bindings for linalg.init_tensor (details)
  54. [AIX][Test][ORC] Skip unsupported ORC C API tests on AIX (details)
  55. [RISCV] Remove unused RISCV::VLEFF and VLEFF_MASK. NFC (details)
  56. [PowerPC][LLD] Make sure that the correct Thunks are used. (details)
  57. [WebAssembly] Fix argument types in SIMD narrowing intrinsics (details)
  58. [mlir][linalg][NFC] Make reshape folding control more fine grain (details)
  59. [mlir][vector] Fix typo (details)
  60. [gn build] Support compiler-rt/profile on Windows (details)
  61. [flang] Runtime must defer formatted/unformatted determination (details)
  62. Allow llvm-dis to disassemble multiple files (details)
  63. [flang] Fix race condition in runtime (details)
  64. [AArch64] Fix namespace issue. NFC (details)
  65. [flang] Implement NAMELIST I/O in the runtime (details)
  66. [RISCV] Minor vector instruction tablegen cleanup. NFC (details)
  67. [libunwind] NFC: Use macros to accommodate differences in representation of PowerPC assemblers (details)
  68. [Fuchsia][CMake] Update OSX deployment target (details)
  69. [flang][OpenMP] Add semantic check for occurrence of constructs nested inside a SIMD region (details)
  70. [RISCV] Remove unused ComplexPatterns. NFC (details)
  71. [NPM] Do not run function simplification pipeline unnecessarily (details)
  72. [PassManager] add helper function to hold set of vector passes (details)
  73. [mlir] Store the flag for dynamic operand storage in the low bits (details)
  74. [Index] Ignore nullptr decls for indexing (details)
  75. new altera ID dependent backward branch check (details)
  76. [gn build] Port 83af66e18e3d (details)
  77. Thread safety analysis: Eliminate parameter from intersectAndWarn (NFC) (details)
  78. When SendContinuePacketAndWaitForResponse returns eStateInvalid, don't fetch more packets. (details)
  79. [mlir][spirv] NFC: Replace OwningSPIRVModuleRef with OwningOpRef (details)
  80. [libomptarget][amdgpu][nfc] Remove dead code from amdgpu plugin (details)
  81. [ARM] Transforming memcpy to Tail predicated Loop (details)
  82. [mlir] Update dstNode after DenseMap insertion in loop fusion pass. (details)
  83. [libomptarget][nfc] Refactor amdgpu partial barrier to simplify adding a second one (details)
  84. [mlir][tosa] Added div op, variadic concat. Removed placeholder. Spec v0.22 alignment. (details)
  85. [AMDGPU] Expose __builtin_amdgcn_perm for v_perm_b32 (details)
  86. [llvm][TextAPI] add mapping from OS string to Platform (details)
  87. [dfsan] Rename and fix an internal test issue for mmap+calloc (details)
  88. [mlir][Linalg] Allow folding to rank-zero tensor when using rank-reducing subtensors. (details)
  89. [CGAtomic] Lift strong requirement for remaining compare_exchange combinations (details)
  90. [IR] Fix typo in comment of (NFC) (details)
  91. [TableGen] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  92. BPF: fix FIELD_EXISTS relocation with array subscripts (details)
  93. [PowerPC] Remove extra swap for extract+vperm on LE (details)
  94. [mlir][linalg] Add IndexedGenericOp to GenericOp canonicalization. (details)
  95. [XCOFF] handle string constants generation for AIX (details)

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