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  1. [scudo][NFC] Split BasicTest further (details)
  2. [clang][driver] Treat -flto=[auto,jobserver] as -flto (details)
  3. [lit][gtest] Support SKIPPED tests (details)
  4. [unittests][CodeGen] Mark tests that cannot be executed with GTEST_SKIP() (details)
  5. Allow incomplete template types in unique_function arguments (details)
  6. [lldb] Match test dependencies name to other LLVM projects. (details)
  7. [dexter] Change line label reference syntax to enable label-relative offsets (1/2) (details)
  8. [dexter] Change line label reference syntax to enable label-relative offsets (2/2) (details)
  9. [dexter] Remove accidentally committed .rej file (details)
  10. [clang-repl] Tell the LLJIT the exact target triple we use. (details)
  11. [clang][deps] Explicitly enable C++ modules in a test (details)
  12. [mlir] Rename MlirLspServerLib -> MLIRLspServerLib (details)
  13. [ARM] Fix the operand used for WLS in ARMLowOverheadLoops (details)
  14. [mlir] Add conversion from Complex to Standard dialect for NotEqualOp. (details)
  15. Recommit: "[Debugify][Original DI] Test dbg var loc preservation"" (details)
  16. [clang] Fix for "Bug 27113 - MSVC-compat __identifier implementation incomplete" (details)
  17. [clang] Fix Wnested-anon-types in ABIArgInfo (details)
  18. [mlir] Add convenience builders for EqualOp and NotEqualOp. (details)
  19. [analyzer][Z3][NFC] Use GTEST_SKIP instead of hacks (details)
  20. [mlir] NFC - Use builder.getI1Type() (details)
  21. [IR][Verifier] Relax restriction on alloca address spaces (details)
  22. [NFC][Debugify][Original DI] Use MapVector insted of DenseMap for DI tracking (details)
  23. [InstSimplify] Properly constrain {insert,extract}_subvector intrinsic fold (details)
  24. 3rd Reapply "[DebugInfo] Use variadic debug values to salvage BinOps and GEP instrs with non-const operands" (details)
  25. [NFC][AMDGPU] Mark C code in AMDGPUUsage.rst (details)
  26. Fix warning: comparison of integer expressions of different signedness.  NFC (details)
  27. NFC: TreeTransform.h: make the function TransformNestedNameSpecifierLoc more beautiful (details)
  28. [CostModel][X86] Add uitpfp v4f32->v4i32 + v8f32->v8i32 SSE/AVX costs (details)
  29. [mlir][Standard] NFC - Drop remaining EDSC usage (details)
  30. [CostModel][X86] Match SSE41 legalized conversion costs as well as SSE2 (details)
  31. [CostModel][X86] Tweak fptoui v4f32->v4i32 + v8f32->v8i32 SSE/AVX costs (details)
  32. [dexter] Add hit_count keyword arg to DexLimitSteps (details)
  33. [OpenCL] Add support of OpenCL C 3.0 __opencl_c_fp64 (details)
  34. [TTI] NFC: Change getRegUsageForType to return InstructionCost. (details)
  35. [TTI] NFC: Change getCostOfKeepingLiveOverCall to return InstructionCost. (details)
  36. [DebugInfo] Salvage dbg.value() during ADCE (details)
  37. [VectorCombine] Add positive test for scalarizing multiple extracts. (details)
  38. [dexter] Add REQUIRES: lldb to the test label_offset.cpp (details)
  39. [mlir] Add additional traits to EqualOp and NotEqualOp. (details)
  40. [mlir][linalg] Add scalar operands inlining pattern (details)
  41. [mlir] Disallow tensor types in VectorToSCF (details)
  42. [SLP][NFC]Add a test for diamond match of broadcast tree nodes. (details)
  43. [mlir][memref] Improve canonicalization of memref.clone (details)
  44. [SLP]Improve handling of compensate external uses cost. (details)
  45. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add subtarget to a test (details)
  46. [LoopUnrollAndJam] Change LoopUnrollAndJamPass to LoopNest pass (details)
  47. [X86] Pre-commit test for D90901 (details)
  48. [X86] Don't fold (fneg (fma (fneg X), Y, (fneg Z))) to (fma X, Y, Z) (details)
  49. [libomptarget][amdgpu] Mark alloc, free weak to facilitate local experimentation (details)
  50. [X86] Lower calls with clang.arc.attachedcall bundle (details)
  51. [MLIR][GPU][NVVM] Add conversion of warp synchronous matrix-multiply accumulate GPU ops (details)
  52. [mlir] Add support for fusion into TiledLoopOp. (details)
  53. [PowerPC] Add stack guard tests (details)
  54. Move a definition into cpp from header in advance of other changes [nfc] (details)
  55. [mlir] NFC: Expose tiled_loop->scf pattern. (details)
  56. [mlir][docs] Fix links to index and integer types (details)
  57. [CostModel][X86] Improve fneg costs (details)
  58. [X86] Inline variable to avoid unused warning in Release builds. NFCI. (details)
  59. Revert "[LoopUnrollAndJam] Change LoopUnrollAndJamPass to LoopNest pass" (details)
  60. [NFC][AMDGPU] Add documentation for AMD Instinct MI100 accelerator (details)
  61. [CostModel][X86] Improve f64/v2f64/v4f64 FMUL costs on AVX1 targets to account for slower btver2 (details)
  62. [ORC] Use GTEST_SKIP in ORC C-API unit test. (details)
  63. [ORC-RT] Add missing headers to CMakeLists.txt. (details)
  64. [libomptarget] Fix a bug whereby firstprivates are not copied over to the device (details)
  65. [scudo] Try to re-enabled the test on arm (details)
  66. precommit tests for D102934 and D102928 (details)
  67. [Matrix] Remove unused matrix-propagate-shape option. (details)
  68. [libcxx][ranges] Add ranges::data CPO. (details)
  69. [gn build] Port 9db55b314b5b (details)
  70. [nfc][lit] Relax spacing check (details)
  71. [NFC][lit] Add skipped test into upstream format (details)
  72. [NFC][lit] Add missing UNRESOLVED test (details)
  73. [mlir][sparse] add full dimension ordering support (details)
  74. [InstSimplify] add tests for rem-of-mul; NFC (details)
  75. [libcxx][gardening] Re-order includes across libcxx. (details)
  76. [Verifier] Move some atomicrmw/cmpxchg checks to instruction creation (details)
  77. [LLD][COFF] PR49068: Include the IMAGE_REL_BASED_HIGHLOW relocation base type when the machine is 64 bits and the relocation type is ADDR32 (details)
  78. [OpenMP] libomp: move warnings to after library initialization (details)
  79. RISCV: add a few deprecated aliases for CSRs (details)
  80. [clang] Don't pass multiple backend options if mixing -mimplicit-it and -Wa,-mimplicit-it (details)
  81. [NFC][sanitizer] Fix android bot after D102815 (details)
  82. [NFC][HIP] fix comments in __clang_hip_cmath.h (details)
  83. [compiler-rt][profile] Explicitly specify PROFILE_SOURCES extensions. NFC (details)
  84. [lld][WebAssembly] Fix for PIC output + TLS + non-shared-memory (details)
  85. [mlir][docs] Add memref and sparse_tensor to (details)
  86. [IR] make stack-protector-guard-* flags into module attrs (details)
  87. [lit] Print full googletest commad line (details)
  88. [NFC][sanitizer] Remove unused variable (details)
  89. [NewPM] Mark BitcodeWriter as required. (details)
  90. Revert "[NPM] Do not run function simplification pipeline unnecessarily" (details)
  91. Revert "[NewPM] Only invalidate modified functions' analyses in CGSCC passes" (details)
  92. [ORC][C-bindings] Replace LLVMOrcJITTargetMachineBuilderDisposeTargetTriple. (details)
  93. [flang] Fix symbol table bugs with ENTRY statements (details)
  94. [UpdateTestChecks] Default --x86_scrub_rip to False (details)
  95. [docs] ld.lld.1: Mention -z nostart-stop-gc (details)
  96. [ORC] Fix race condtition in CoreAPIsTest. (details)
  97. [ORC] Fix debugging output: printDescription should not have a newline. (details)
  98. [ORC] Check for underflow on SymbolStringPtr ref-counts. (details)
  99. [Polly] Avoid compiler warning. NFC. (details)
  100. [ConstantFolding] Use APFloat for constant folding. NFC (details)
  101. [SelectionDAG] Fix argument copy elision with irregular types (details)

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