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  1. [AtomicExpandPass][AArch64] Promote xchg with floating-point types to integer ones (details)
  2. [LoopUnroll] Make DomTree explicitly required (NFC) (details)
  3. Revert "[libc++] NFC: Move unwrap_iter to its own header" (details)
  4. [gn build] Port b13edf6e907b (details)
  5. [SystemZ] Set getExtendForAtomicOps to ISD::ANY_EXTEND (details)
  6. [analyzer]  Use Optional as a return type of StoreManager::castRegion (details)
  7. [InstCombine] reduce code duplication; NFC (details)
  8. [InstCombine] fold zext of masked bit set/clear (details)
  9. [RISCV] Remove -riscv-no-aliases in favour of new -M no-aliases (details)
  10. [Support] Fix getMainExecutable on FreeBSD when called via an absolute path (details)
  11. Revert "[RISCV] Remove -riscv-no-aliases in favour of new -M no-aliases" (details)
  12. [clang-format] successive C# attributes cause line breaking issues (details)
  13. [Verifier] Inline a method to simplify the code in preparation for bigger changes, NFC. (details)
  14. [Dominance] Speed up recalculate noticable, NFC. (details)
  15. [ARM] Guard against WhileLoopStart kill flags (details)
  16. [libc++] [test] Update "test_compare.h" users to avoid removed-in-C++20 members. NFCI. (details)
  17. [InstrProfiling][test] Improve tests (details)
  18. [libc++] [modules] Add __threading_support to the modulemap. (details)
  19. [libc++] Alphabetize and include-what-you-use. NFCI. (details)
  20. [analyzer] MallocSizeof: sizeof pointer type is compatible with void* (details)

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