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  1. Enable LLD tests together with the expensive checks on the expensive check builders. (details / githubweb)
  1. [analyzer][solver] Use all sources of constraints (details)
  2. [lldb][docs] Fix reference warnings in python-reference.rst (details)
  3. Revert "[clang] fixes named return of variables with dependent alignment" (details)
  4. [Polly][Isl] Use isl::set::tuple_dim, isl::map::domain_tuple_dim and isl::map::range_tuple_dim. NFC (details)
  5. [LV] Collect a list of all element types found in the loop (NFC) (details)
  6. [MLIR] Fix dialect conversion cancelRootUpdate (details)
  7. [AMDGPU] Set optional PAL metadata (details)
  8. [hwasan] Check for overflow when searching candidates. (details)
  9. [VPlan] Add VPReductionPHIRecipe (NFC). (details)
  10. [AMDGPU] Remove outdated comment and tidy up. NFC. (details)
  11. [VPlan] Add destructor to VPReductionRecipe to unbreak build. (details)
  12. [VPlan] Mark overriden function in VPWidenPHIRecipe as virtual. (details)
  13. Revert "[VPlan] Add VPReductionPHIRecipe (NFC)." and follow-ups (details)
  14. [hwasan] Fix incorrect candidate matching for stack OOB. (details)
  15. [CodeGen][AArch64][SVE] Use ld1r[bhsd] for vector splat from memory (details)
  16. [LV] Prevent vectorization with unsupported element types. (details)
  17. [runtimes] Move enable_32bit to the DSL (details)
  18. Revert "[profile][test] Improve coverage-linkage.cpp" (details)
  19. [CostModel][X86] i8/i16 sitofp/uitofp are sext/zext to i32 for sitofp (details)
  20. Recommit "[VPlan] Add VPReductionPHIRecipe (NFC)." and follow-ups. (details)
  21. [libc++] NFC: Move the status docs to their own subdirectory (details)
  22. [libc++] NFC: Remove outdated link to TS status (details)
  23. [AArch64][SVE] Fix selection failures for scalable MLOAD nodes with passthru (details)
  24. [lld/mac] Partially implement -export_dynamic (details)
  25. Use swift mangling for resume functions (details)
  26. [SLP]Fix non-determinism in PHI sorting. (details)
  27. [libomptarget][nfc] Group environment variables, drop accesses to DeviceInfo global (details)
  28. [SystemZ]  Generate XC loop for memset 0 of variable length. (details)
  29. [RISCV] Remove Zvamo implication for v1.0-rc change (details)
  30. [CostModel][X86] fptosi/fptoui to i8/i16 are truncated from fptosi to i32 (details)
  31. Fix coro lowering of single predecessor phis (details)
  32. [RISCV] Add support for matching vwmul(u) and vwmacc(u) from fixed vectors. (details)
  33. [DebugInfo][InstrRef][3/4] Produce DBG_INSTR_REFs for all variable locations (details)
  34. [SystemZ] Support the 'N' code for the odd register in inline-asm. (details)
  35. [ScalarEvolution] Make getMinusSCEV() fail for unrelated pointers. (details)
  36. [LoopVersion] Move an assert [nfc-ish] (details)
  37. [LV] Disable epilogue vectorization for non-latch exits (details)
  38. [libcxx][modularisation] splices `<iterator>` into individual headers (details)
  39. [InstSimplify][test] add tests for poison propagation through FP calls; NFC (details)
  40. [InstSimplify] fix bug in poison propagation for FP ops (details)
  41. [profile][test] Improve coverage-linkage.cpp with ld.lld --gc-sections (details)
  42. [libc++][docs] Overhaul the documentation for building and using libc++ (details)
  43. [AIX] Define __TOS_AIX__ predefined macro (details)
  44. Revert "[ScalarEvolution] Make getMinusSCEV() fail for unrelated pointers." (details)
  45. [gn build] Port 8517a26d442f (details)
  46. [Tests] Update some tests for D104765. NFC (details)
  47. [openmp] [test] Add missing <limits> include to capacity_nthreads (details)
  48. [compiler-rt] [test] Fix asan symbolize tests on py3.10 (details)
  49. [RISCV] Implement lround*/llround*/lrint*/llrint* with fcvt instruction with -fno-math-errno (details)
  50. [libc++] NFC: Sort header lists and remove outdated comments in modulemap (details)
  51. [libc++] Do not set CMAKE_BUILD_WITH_INSTALL_NAME_DIR (details)
  52. Recommit [ScalarEvolution] Make getMinusSCEV() fail for unrelated pointers. (details)
  53. [lld/mac] Give several LTO tests an "lto-" prefix (details)
  54. [Hexagon] Generate trap/undef if misaligned access is detected (details)
  55. [NFC][AMDGPU] Add link to AMD GPU gfx906 instruction set architecture (details)
  56. [AMDGPU] Fix pass name of AMDGPULowerKernelAttributes. NFC. (details)
  57. [AMDGPU] Do not run IR optimizations at -O0 (details)
  58. [AMDGPU] Move atomic expand past infer address spaces (details)
  59. DebugInfo: Mangle K&R declarations for debug info linkage names (details)
  60. [AArch64] Sync isDef32 to the current x86 version. (details)
  61. [AArch64] Add more tests related to vselect with constant condition. (details)
  62. [clang] fixes named return of variables with dependent alignment (details)
  63. [PowerPC] Re-enable combine for i64 BSWAP on targets without LDBRX (details)
  64. tests/CodeGen: Use %python lit substitution when invoking python (details)
  65. [MLIR][NFC] Move normalizeAffine methods to Affine utils (details)
  66. [Attributor] Simplify operands inside of simplification AAs first (details)
  67. [Attributor] Introduce a helper function to deal with undef + none (details)
  68. [Attriibutor][NFC] Precommit heap-2-stack test case (details)
  69. [Attributor][FIX] Replace uses first, then values (details)
  1. Enable LLD tests together with the expensive checks on the expensive check builders. (details)

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