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  1. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fix crash in the extend(extract_vector_elt) optimization. (details)
  2. [clang-offload-bundler][docs][NFC] invalid indentation cause build issue (details)
  3. [lldb] Fix target-symbols-add-unwind.test for clang 7647a841 (details)
  4. [clang-format] ensure clang-format command-line argument sets up the default left/right qualifier ordering (details)
  5. [clang-format][docs] Fix documentation of clang-format BasedOnStyle type (details)
  6. [GlobalISel][IRTranslator] Fix crash during bit-test switch optimization with odd types. (details)
  7. [Driver] Correctly handle static C++ standard library (details)
  8. [mlir][linalg] Fix result type in FoldSourceTensorCast (details)
  9. [AArch64] Rewrite ldst-unsignedimm.ll codegen test. (details)
  10. [SystemZ] Implement ISD::BITCAST for fp128 -> i128. (details)
  11. [libcxx][pretty printers] Check GDB Python scripting support (details)
  12. [clang-format] Fixed an unused variable warning (details)
  13. [llvm-objcopy][docs] Add missing options to the help output and the command guide (details)
  14. [Analysis] Fix issues when querying vscale attributes on functions (details)
  15. [libcxx][pretty printers] Import gdb module in gdb feature check (details)
  16. [clang-doc] Pass Record argument by const-ref. NFCI. (details)
  17. [X86][SLM] Fix ADDQ/SUBQ/CMPEQQ throughput to account for running on either port. (details)
  18. [RISCV] (1/2) Add the tail policy argument to builtins/intrinsics. (details)
  19. [RISCV] (2/2) Add the tail policy argument to builtins/intrinsics. (details)
  20. Revert "[libcxx][pretty printers] Import gdb module in gdb feature check" (details)
  21. [analyzer] Retrieve a value from list initialization of constant array declaration in a global scope. (details)
  22. Reapply "[Dexter] Improve performance by evaluating expressions only when needed" (details)
  23. [CodeMoverUtils] Enhance isSafeToMoveBefore() when moving BBs (details)
  24. [mlir] add pad_tensor(tensor.cast) -> pad_tensor canonicalizer (details)
  25. [MLIR] PresburgerSet: support divisions in operations (details)
  26. [NFC] Mark LI.getLoopsInPreorder and LI.getLoopsInReverseSiblingPreorder const. (details)
  27. [LiveIntervals] Fix repairOldRegInRange for simple def cases (details)
  28. [LiveIntervals] Repair live intervals that gain subranges (details)
  29. [lldb] [Host] Refactor Socket::DecodeHostAndPort() to use LLVM API (details)
  30. Revert "[lldb] [Host] Refactor Socket::DecodeHostAndPort() to use LLVM API" (details)
  31. [flang][fir] Add support to mangle/deconstruct namelist group name (details)
  32. [Analysis] Fix another issue when querying vscale attributes on functions (details)
  33. [lldb] [Host] Refactor Socket::DecodeHostAndPort() to use LLVM API (details)
  34. [SystemZ] NFC: Remove unused intrinsic template arg 'name' (details)
  35. [compiler-rt] Use portable "#!/usr/bin/env bash" shebang for tests. (details)
  36. Revert "[DSE] Track earliest escape, use for loads in isReadClobber." (details)
  37. tsan: add a test for flushing memory (details)
  38. Revert "[JumpThreading] Ignore free instructions" (details)
  39. tsan: add a stress test (details)
  40. Revert "[InstCombine] fold cast of right-shift if high bits are not demanded (2nd try)" (details)
  41. [TargetLibraryInfo][AMDGPU] Minor cleanup, NFC (details)
  42. [llvm-objcopy][NFC] Add a helper method RelocationSectionBase::getNamePrefix() (details)
  43. [Transforms/Utils] Remove redundant declaration computeSyntheticCounts (NFC) (details)
  44. [libc++][NFC] Add missing link to a ranges review (details)
  45. [InstCombine] add tests for lshr-trunc-lshr; NFC (details)
  46. [x86] convert logic-of-FP-compares to FP logic-of-vector-compares (details)
  47. [libc++] Require a C++20 capable compiler. (details)
  48. [X86][SSE] combineMulToPMADDWD - replace sext(v8i16) -> zext(v8i16) (details)
  49. tsan: don't use pipe2 in tests (details)
  50. [MC][NFC] Add end-of-namespace comments (details)
  51. Recommit "[DSE] Track earliest escape, use for loads in isReadClobber." (details)
  52. [PowerPC] Add range check for vec_genpcvm builtins (details)
  53. [mlir] Linalg: ensure tile-and-pad always creates padding as requested (details)
  54. [AMDGPU] Always reserve flat scratch SGPR for architected flat scratch (details)
  55. Revert "[flang][fir] Add support to mangle/deconstruct namelist group name" (details)
  56. Re-apply "[JumpThreading] Ignore free instructions" (details)
  57. [PowerPC] Mark splat immediate instructions as rematerializable (details)
  58. Write test for CWG1772/CWG1762/CWG1779, mark them 'done', and update (details)
  59. Fix wrong FixIt about union in cppcoreguidelines-pro-type-member-init (details)
  60. [PowerPC][NFC] Add test case in preparation for codegen change (details)
  61. [SCCP] Regenerate bigint test checks (details)
  62. [ConstantFold] ConstantFoldGetElementPtr - use APInt::isNegative() instead of getSExtValue() to support big ints (details)
  63. [libc++] Refactor the tests for common_view to reduce duplication (details)
  64. Add test for DR1307, which we have already implemented. (details)
  65. Fix test from 8dd42f, capitalization in test (details)
  66. Revert "Allow rematerialization of virtual reg uses" (details)
  67. [NFC][libc++] Update clang-format style. (details)
  68. [mlir:OpConversionPattern] Add overloads for taking an Adaptor instead of ArrayRef (details)
  69. [mlir:OpConversion] Remove the remaing usages of the deprecated matchAndRewrite methods (details)
  70. [SystemZ][z/OS] Add GOFF Support to the DataLayout (details)
  71. [libc++][NFC] Mark LWG3158 as implemented (details)
  72. [LiveIntervals] Fix asan debug build failures (details)
  73. DebugInfo: Move the '=' version of -gsimple-template-names to the frontend (details)
  74. [libc++][NFC] Update status of old issue LWG2560 -- we implement it properly (details)
  75. [ARM] Addition jump table plus while loop block placement pass test. (details)
  76. [compiler-rt] Add shared_cxxabi requirement to some tests (details)
  77. [TargetLibraryInfo] Correctly handle sqrt*_finite (details)
  78. [DSE] Add additional capture tests (NFC) (details)
  79. [NFC] Replace hard-coded usages of SystemZ::R15D with SpecialRegisters API (details)
  80. [libc] Add an implementation of qsort. (details)
  81. [mlir][tosa] Add some transpose folders (details)
  82. [ThinLTO] Update combined index for SamplePGO indirect calls to locals (details)
  83. [mlir:MemRef] Move DmaStartOp/DmaWaitOp to ODS (details)
  84. Fix bot failure by adding needed dependence (details)
  85. [InstCombine] match variable names and code comments; NFC (details)
  86. [InstCombine] fold lshr(trunc(lshr X, C1)) C2 (details)
  87. [Polly] Fix wrong redirect in test case. (details)
  88. [flang][fir] Add support to mangle/deconstruct namelist group name (details)
  89. [mlir:OpAsm] Factor out the common bits of (Op/Dialect)Asm(Parser/Printer) (details)
  90. [IR] Handle large element size when calculating GEP indices (details)
  91. [SystemZ][z/OS] Introduce the GOFFMCAsmInfo Interface for z/OS (details)
  92. [ORC] Add 'contains' and 'overlaps' operations to ExecutorAddrRange. (details)
  93. [gn build] Port a9ae2436fc0d (details)
  94. [gn build] Port c0d889995e70 (details)
  95. [AMDGPU] Limit promote alloca max size in functions (details)
  96. [llvm-profgen] Ignore invalid perf line in LBR record (details)
  97. [mlir] Create a generic reduction detection utility (details)
  98. [AutoFDO][llvm-profgen] Profile generation for LBR(non-CS) sample (details)
  99. [mlir][tosa] Do not fold transpose with quantized types (details)
  100. [AutoFDO][llvm-profgen] Report zero count for unexecuted part of function code (details)
  101. [llvm-profgen] Unify output format of different unsymbolized profiles (details)
  102. [dsymutil] Track incompleteness across unions (details)
  103. WIP: Verify -gsimple-template-names=mangled values (details)
  104. [ORC] Allow construction of an ExecutorAddrRange from an addr and a size. (details)
  105. [lldb] Copy the system debugserver in LLDB.framework (details)
  106. [dsymutil] Update union-fwd-decl.test for Windows (details)
  107. [RISCV] Add another isel optimization for (and (shl X, c2), c1). (details)
  108. Fixed a bug in (details)
  109. Add "REQUIRES: zlib" in forward-compatible.test since it handles compressed file. (details)
  110. [llvm] Improve with help and snapshot (details)
  111. Revert "[Driver] Correctly handle static C++ standard library" (details)
  112. [llvm] Remove LLVM_CHECK_ENABLED_PROJECTS again (details)
  113. [llvm-profdata] Extend support of --topn to sample profiles (details)
  114. [mlir:ElementsAttr] Avoid crash on empty contiguous ranges (details)
  115. DebugInfo: Use the signedness of the underlying enum when encoding enum non-type-template-parameters (details)
  116. Add pragma to make it easier to find "image list" impl (details)
  117. [CMake] Pass through CMAKE_READELF to subbuilds (details)
  118. [AArch64][AMDGPU] Re-generate some tests with CHECK-NEXT to prepare for a patch. (details)
  119. [clang] set templates as invalid when any of the parameters are invalid (details)
  120. [RISCV] Fix incorrect operand type of inst alias for InstR4 (details)
  121. [TTI] getUserCost - Ensure a vector insert/extract index is in unsigned 32-bit range (details)
  122. tsan: uninline RacyStacks::operator== (details)
  123. [ARM] Fix Arm block placement creating branches after jump tables. (details)
  124. [MLIR] Add functionality to remove redundant local variables (details)
  125. [DAG] combineShiftToMULH - move getValueType() inside assert. NFCI. (details)
  126. [IR] DIBuilder::createEnumerator - pass APSInt by const reference (details)
  127. [CMake] Consistently use the LibXml2::LibXml2 target instead of LIBXML2_LIBRARIES (details)
  128. [InstCombine] Ensure shifts are in range for (X << C1) / C2 -> X fold. (details)
  129. [fir] Add desc to fir.array_load op and update operand name (details)
  130. [lldb] Convert misc. StringConvert uses (details)
  131. [X86] combineShiftToPMULH - relax from ISA from SSE41 to SSE2 (details)
  132. [X86] X86FastISel::fastMaterializeConstant - break if-else chain to fix llvm-else-after-return warning. NFCI (details)
  133. [X86][SSE] combineMulToPMADDWD - enable sext(v8i16) -> zext(v8i16) fold on pre-SSE41 targets (details)
  134. [Mips] Remove redundant declarations (NFC) (details)
  135. [X86][SSE] combineMulToPMADDWD - enable sext(v8i16) -> zext(v8i16) fold on sub-128 bit vectors (details)
  136. [X86][SSE] combineMulToPMADDWD - mask off upper bits of sign-extended vXi32 constants (details)
  137. [CostModel][X86] Adjust vXi32 multiply costs if it can be performed using PMADDWD (details)
  138. [clang-format] Left/Right alignment fixer can cause false positive replacements when they don't actually change anything (details)
  139. [DAG] ReduceLoadOpStoreWidth - replace getABITypeAlign with allowsMemoryAccess (PR45116) (details)
  140. [ORC] Introduce EPCGenericRTDyldMemoryManager. (details)
  141. [lli] Add ChildTarget dependence on OrcTargetProcess library. (details)
  142. Revert "[ORC] Introduce EPCGenericRTDyldMemoryManager." (details)
  143. [ELF][test] Improve test coverage (details)
  144. [ORC-RT] ExecutorAddrDiff ergonomic improvements; contains and overlaps methods (details)
  145. [BasicAA] Don't consider Argument as escape source (NFCI) (details)
  146. [DSE] Make capture check more precise (details)
  147. [AA] Move earliest escape tracking from DSE to AA (details)
  148. [ELF] Default gotBaseSymInGotPlt to false (NFC for most architectures) (details)
  149. [ELF] Replace noneRel = R_*_NONE with static constexpr. NFC (details)
  150. [ELF] Remove unneeded binding parameter from addOptionalRegular. NFC (details)
  151. [ORC] Fix uninitialized variable. (details)
  152. [ORC] Wait for handleDisconnect to complete in SimpleRemoteEPC::disconnect. (details)
  153. MLIR can't support -Bsymbolic link option, fail at CMake time with a helpful message instead of broken runtime (details)
  154. [ADT]  Add trailing comma on TYPED_TEST_SUITE (details)

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