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  1. [lldb] Remove reproducer stage from the matrix bot (details / githubweb)
  2. [lldb] Split LLDB and debug info tests into separate stages (details / githubweb)
  1. Revert "[ODS/AsmParser] Don't pass MLIRContext with DialectAsmParser." (details)
  2. [AsmParser] move AsmParser::getContext to IR library. (details)
  3. [ODS/AsmParser] Don't pass MLIRContext with DialectAsmParser. (details)
  4. AsmParser::getContext() - there can be only one.  This should unbreak the build. (details)
  5. [clang] Update Clang version from 13 to 14 in scan-build.1. (details)
  6. [llvm-profgen] Refactor and better diagnostics (details)
  7. [llvm-porfgen] Allow perf data as input (details)
  8. [llvm-profgen] Fix alignment in preferred based calculation (details)
  9. [clangd] Reland D110386 (details)
  10. [AA] Teach BasicAA to recognize basic GEP range information. (details)
  11. [mlir][python] provide access to function argument/result attributes (details)
  12. [mlir][python] provide bindings for the SCF dialect (details)
  13. [format] [docs] Fix typos and clarify QualifierAlignment/QualifierOrder documentation. (details)
  14. Investigate failure in rGdd13f45e04366cc4f648b57ec87d20a5569e27c3 (details)
  15. [flang][docs] Remove the new driver sync-up calls (details)
  16. Fix the build after d084c42bdfac4a5879bdabe645b14cf72f7685a7 (details)
  17. [fir] Update fir.array_update, fir.array_fetch and fir.array_merge_store (details)
  18. [LiveIntervals] Remove unused subreg ranges in repairIntervalsInRange (details)
  19. [fir] Update fir.extract_value and fir.insert_value ops (details)
  20. Second Recommit "[AArch64] Split bitmask immediate of bitwise AND operation" (details)
  21. [gn build] Port 13f3c39f3658 (details)
  22. [fir] Update fir.allocmem op (details)
  23. [fir] Update fir.alloca op (details)
  24. [fir][NFC] Move parser/printer/builder to cpp file (details)
  25. Revert "[clangd] Reland D110386" (details)
  26. [NFC] Cleanup the overload of ASTImporter::import() (details)
  27. [fir] Update fir.field_index op (details)
  28. [PowerPC] Truncate element index for vec_insert in altivec.h (details)
  29. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Re-generate some tests for D110802. (details)
  30. [NFC][Costmodel][LV][X86] Add test coverage for f32 interleaved load/store stride=2 (details)
  31. [mlir] Remove unused namespace alias. (details)
  32. [clangd] Land D110386 again (details)
  33. [libc] move benchmark function registration to a different file (details)
  34. [CodeView] Recognize Fortran95 as Fortran instead of MASM (details)
  35. [ARM] Add more MVE intrinsics to sink splats to (details)
  36. [mlir][python] provide bindings for ops from the sparse_tensor dialect (details)
  37. [fir][NFC] Update and move fir.freemem and (details)
  38. [fir][NFC] Move fir.shape verifier to cpp file (details)
  39. [BPI] Keep BPI available in loop passes through LoopStandardAnalysisResults (details)
  40. [fir][NFC] Move parser/printer for fir.global_len (details)
  41. [NFC] Improve file-level documentation for Sequence.h (details)
  42. [NFC][X86][LV] Add costmodel test coverage for interleaved i64/f64 load/store stride=2 (details)
  43. [NFC][X86][Codegen] Add test coverage for interleaved i64 load/store stride=2 (details)
  44. [LoopPredication] Remove unused variable (details)
  45. [clangd] Update comment after dea48079b90d40f2087435b778544dffb0ab1793 (details)
  46. [fir][NFC] Removed unused declaration from td file (details)
  47. [libc++] Add a testing configuration specific to Apple's libc++ (details)
  48. [fir] Update fir.alloca op (details)
  49. [x86] add test for 3 fcmps and logic; NFC (details)
  50. [NFC] [hwasan] Remove unneeded member. (details)
  51. [NFC][AMDGPU] Improve cost model tests coverage. (details)
  52. [llvm] Migrate from arg_operands to args (NFC) (details)
  53. [fir][NFC] Rename lenParams to typeparams in builders (details)
  54. [libc++][NFC] Remove stray whitespace (details)
  55. Improve the effectiveness of BDCE's debug info salvaging (details)
  56. [mlir] Remove old "tc" linalg ods generator. (details)
  57. [CostModel] Update default cost model for sadd/ssub overflow to match TargetLowering (details)
  58. Instantiate fewer templates in PassManager::addPass() (details)
  59. [BasicAA] Use ExtendedValue in VariableGEPIndex (NFC) (details)
  60. Manually create unique_ptr in various pass adaptors (details)
  61. [AMDGPU] move hasAGPRs/hasVGPRs into header (details)
  62. [lldb] Remove support for replaying the test suite from a reproducer (details)
  63. [mlir][linalg] Fix incorrect bound calculation for tiling conv (details)
  64. [flang] Front-end and runtime support for CALL EXIT and ABORT (details)
  65. Revert "[libc++][libc++abi] Add tests for vendor-specific properties" (details)
  66. [libc++abi][NFCI] Consistently group new_handler, unexpected_handler and terminate_handler (details)
  67. [clang] Remove duplication in types::getCompilationPhases() (details)
  68. [clang] do not emit note for bad conversion when destination type qualifiers are not compatibly include source type qualifiers (details)
  69. [clang] Make crash reproducer work with clang-cl (details)
  70. [flang] Fix test regression from SQRT folding (details)
  71. [clang] Don't modify OptRemark if the argument is not relevant (details)
  72. [mlir][sparse] Correcting a few typos (details)
  73. [BasicAA] Move more extension logic into ExtendedValue (NFC) (details)
  74. Reland "[clang-cl] Accept `#pragma warning(disable : N)` for some N" (details)
  75. [InstCombine] add tests for shift-trunc-shift; NFC (details)
  76. [InstCombine] restrict shift-trunc-shift fold to opposite direction shifts (details)
  77. [flang] Fold FINDLOC() (details)
  78. [GlobalISel] Extend G_SELECT of known condition combine to vectors. (details)
  79. [PowerPC] Improved codegen related to xscvdpsxws/xscvdpuxws (details)
  80. [MC] Make MCDwarfLineStr class public (details)
  81. [gn build] Port 050edef8538e (details)
  82. [DFSan] Optimize code for writing to shadow. Move SetShadow to namespace. (details)
  83. Revert "Recommit "[SCEV] Look through single value PHIs." (take 2)" (details)
  84. [AIX] Rename binder option for PGO support (details)
  85. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor comprehensive bufferize for external uses - NFC (details)
  86. [cora async] Cleanup undefined llvm.coro.async.resume (details)
  87. [libomptarget] Apply D110029 to amdgpu (details)
  88. [openmp] Add addrspacecast to getOrCreateIdent (details)
  89. [compiler-rt] Add -fno-omit-frame-pointer check to builtins (details)
  90. [CMake] Remove the LLD LTO check for Darwin (details)
  91. [flang][NFC] Fix header comments in some runtime headers (details)
  92. [openmp][docs] Describe how the internal components are found (details)
  93. [flang] Take into account SubprogramDetails in GetInterfaceSymbol (details)
  94. [RISCV] Remove Zbproposedc extension (details)
  95. [flang][NFC] Add debug dump method to evaluate::Expr and semantics::Symbol (details)
  96. [GlobalISel] Extend CombinerHelper::matchConstantOp() to match constant splat vectors. (details)
  97. [MC] Fix buildbots with shared lib builds (details)
  98. [MemProf] Record accesses for all words touched in mem intrinsic (details)
  99. [SCEV] Modernize code style of isSCEVExprNeverPoison [NFC] (details)
  100. [libcxx][test] Use python specified by build rather than system default python (details)
  101. [test] Add tests covering a missing opt in SCEV's isSCEVExprNeverPoison (details)
  102. BPF: implement isLegalAddressingMode() properly (details)
  103. [NFC][sanitizer] Add const into method (details)
  104. add tsan shared library (details)
  105. [NFC] Restore magic and magicu to a globally visible location (details)
  106. [gn build] Port 3077bc90de8d (details)
  107. [NFC][sanitizer] Lazy init in StackDepotReverseMap (details)
  108. [NFC][lsan] Expand use StackDepotReverseMap (details)
  109. [NFC][asan] Remove redundant functions (details)
  110. [PowerPC] Fix lharx and lbarx builtin signatures (details)
  111. Expose `DIBuilder::finalizeSubprogram()` through the LLVM C API (details)
  112. [MemProf] Loosen matching of profile data to avoid bot flakes (details)
  1. [lldb] Remove reproducer stage from the matrix bot (details)
  2. [lldb] Split LLDB and debug info tests into separate stages (details)

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