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  1. clang-ve-ninja: Fix source path (details / githubweb)
  2. Disable bindings on x86_64-debian-dylib builder (details / githubweb)
  3. clang-ve-ninja: remove redundant quotes (details / githubweb)
  1. [clang-repl] Allow loading of plugins in clang-repl. (details)
  2. Revert "[clang-repl] Allow loading of plugins in clang-repl." (details)
  3. [lldb] Remove some anonymous namespaces (details)
  4. [LiveIntervals] Fix verification of early-clobbered segments (details)
  5. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Legalize G_VECREDUCE_AND. (details)
  6. [fir] Split FIROptimizer lib into several smaller libraries (details)
  7. [runtimes] Set a default value for LLVM_LIT_ARGS (details)
  8. [libcxx] Don't autodetect pthreads on MinGW (details)
  9. [libcxx] [test] Move a missed test to ctime.timespec.compile.pass.cpp (details)
  10. [Support] Trim #include after b06df22 (details)
  11. Revert "[fir] Split FIROptimizer lib into several smaller libraries" (details)
  12. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Add support to specify that a tensor value is known to bufferize to writeable memory (details)
  13. Revert "[lldb] Refactor variable parsing" (details)
  14. [fir] Split FIROptimizer lib into several smaller libraries (details)
  15. [AMDGPU] Pre-commit test for D111126 (NFC) (details)
  16. Revert "[fir] Split FIROptimizer lib into several smaller libraries" (details)
  17. AArch64+GISel: legalize vector remainder operations. (details)
  18. [AArch64] Make speculation-hardening-sls.ll x16 test more robust (details)
  19. [MLIR] Add an option to disable `maxIterations` in greedy pattern rewrites (details)
  20. [ARM] Reset speculation-hardening-sls.ll test checks. (details)
  21. [GlobalISel] Simplify narrowScalarMul. NFC. (details)
  22. [Support] Change fatal_error_handler_t to take a const char* instead of std::string (details)
  23. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Fix legalization of G_UMULH (details)
  24. [mlir] Convert ConstShapeOp to a static tensor type. (details)
  25. [SelectionDAG] Assume that a GlobalAlias may alias other global values (details)
  26. [SelectionDAG] Replace error prone index check in BaseIndexOffset::computeAliasing (details)
  27. [ELF][test] Enhance relative dynamic relocation tests (details)
  28. [lldb] Move DynamicRegisterInfo to public Target library (details)
  29. [gn build] Port 214054f78a4e (details)
  30. [Test] Add test showing profitable peeling opportunity (details)
  31. [clang][ASTImporter] Add import of thread safety attributes. (details)
  32. [llvm-cxxfilt][NFC] Fix test for running in Windows cmd (details)
  33. Silence an implicit conversion warning on the bit shift result in MSVC; NFC (details)
  34. [mlir][Linalg] Allow operand-less scf::ExecuteRegionOp to encapsulate scf::YieldOp (details)
  35. [GlobalISel] Combine fabs(fneg(x)) to fabs(x) (details)
  36. [SCCPSolver] Fix use-after-free in markArgInFuncSpecialization (details)
  37. [fir] Split FIROptimizer lib into several smaller libraries (details)
  38. Implement if consteval (P1938) (details)
  39. consteval if is now fully supported (details)
  40. [lldb][NFC] Remove unnecessary include in cpp/const_this test (details)
  41. [mlir][linalg] Move generalization pattern to Transforms (NFC). (details)
  42. [PowerPC][MMA] Allow MMA builtin types in pre-P10 compilation units (details)
  43. [DebugInfo][InstrRef] Track all of DBG_PHIs operands (details)
  44. Reland "[clang-repl] Allow loading of plugins in clang-repl." (details)
  45. tsan: make cur_thread_init return cur_thread (details)
  46. [PHIElimination] Update LiveVariables after handling an unspillable terminator (details)
  47. [mlir][spirv] Fix path in script (details)
  48. tsan: improve detection of stack/tls races (details)
  49. [mlir] Add an 'cppNamespace' field to availability (details)
  50. [RISCV] Update to vlm.v and vsm.v according to v1.0-rc1. (details)
  51. [AMDGPU] Use "hostcall" module flag instead of searching for ockl_hostcall_internal() declaration. (details)
  52. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i32/f32 Stride=4 VF=2 interleaving costs (details)
  53. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i32/f32 Stride=4 VF=4 interleaving costs (details)
  54. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i32/f32 Stride=4 VF=8 interleaving costs (details)
  55. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i32/f32 Stride=4 VF=16 interleaving costs (details)
  56. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i64/f64 Stride=4 VF=2 interleaving costs (details)
  57. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i64/f64 Stride=4 VF=4 interleaving costs (details)
  58. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i64/f64 Stride=4 VF=8 interleaving costs (details)
  59. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i32/f32 Stride=6 VF=2 interleaving costs (details)
  60. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i32/f32 Stride=6 VF=4 interleaving costs (details)
  61. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i32/f32 Stride=6 VF=8 interleaving costs (details)
  62. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i32/f32 Stride=6 VF=16 interleaving costs (details)
  63. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i64/f64 Stride=6 VF=2 interleaving costs (details)
  64. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i64/f64 Stride=6 VF=4 interleaving costs (details)
  65. [X86][Costmodel] Load/store i64/f64 Stride=6 VF=8 interleaving costs (details)
  66. Add .cmt and .cmti files for OCaml bindings (details)
  67. [libc++][test] Remove unused macro in is_constructible.pass.cpp. NFC. (details)
  68. [lldb testing] Avoid subtle terminfo behavioral differences (details)
  69. [AArch64][SVE] Propagate math flags from intrinsics to instructions (details)
  70. [AArch64][SVE] Remove redundant PTEST following PNEXT/PFIRST (details)
  71. [SystemZ] Implement memcpy of variable length with MVC. (details)
  72. Revert "Revert "Revert "[GlobalISel][IRTranslator] Emit trap intrinsic for "unreachable"""" (details)
  73. [llvm] Migrate from getNumArgOperands to arg_size (NFC) (details)
  74. [clangd] Include refs of base method in refs for derived method. (details)
  75. [APInt] Make insertBits and concat work with zero width APInts. (details)
  76. [clang] FatalErrorHandler.cpp - add explicit <stdio.h> include (details)
  77. [TableGen] CodeEmitterGen - emit report_fatal_error(const char*) instead of report_fatal_error(std::string&) (details)
  78. [Support] Update SmallVector report_fatal_error calls to use Twine and add missing implicit header dependency. (details)
  79. [ConstantFold] Refactor load folding (details)
  80. [clangd] IncludeCleaner: Mark used headers (details)
  81. [MacroFusion] Expose useful static methods. NFC. (details)
  82. [clang-tidy] Fix to generate correct list.rst autofix column from relative path (details)
  83. [APInt] Fix type limits warning (NFC) (details)
  84. [SystemZ] Implement memcmp of variable length with CLC. (details)
  85. [mlir][sparse] add a "release" operation to sparse tensor dialect (details)
  86. [NFC][X86][LV] Add basic costmodel test coverage for not-fully-interleaved i32 loads (details)
  87. [SLP]Detect reused scalars in all possible gathers for better vectorization cost. (details)
  88. [MLIR][linalg] Preserve location during elementwise fusion (details)
  89. [clangd] Revert unwanted change from D108194 (details)
  90. [InstrProfData] Bump the raw profile version to 8 (details)
  91. [lldb] Improve help for platform put-file (details)
  92. [lldb testing] NFC: run through clang-format (details)
  93. [llvm] Update report_fatal_error calls from raw_string_ostream to use Twine(OS.str()) (details)
  94. [Sema] Allow comparisons between different ms ptr size address space types. (details)
  95. [mlir][tosa] tosa.cast support for unsigned integers (details)
  96. [libc++][test] Use = delete over DELETE_FUNCTION. NFC. (details)
  97. [mlir:Pass] Generate a reproducer as early as possible (details)
  98. [SCEV] Tweak the algorithm for figuring out if flags must apply to a SCEV [mostly-NFC] (details)
  99. [flang] Fold MAXLOC and MINLOC (details)
  100. [mlir][spirv] Add ops and patterns for lowering standard max/min ops (details)
  101. [libc++abi] Mark __cxa_new_handler with _LIBCPP_SAFE_STATIC (details)
  102. [fir] Add external name interop pass (details)
  103. [NFC] Fixup newly-added costmodel tests to actually test what they should (details)
  104. [lldb] Improve meta data stripping from JSON crashlogs (details)
  105. [NFC][sanitizer] Combine MSAN data in single field (details)
  106. [sanitizer] Fix Android bot (details)
  107. [tests] Cover cases we could infer SCEV flags, but don't (details)
  108. [SCEV] Don't check if propagation safe if there are no flags (NFC) (details)
  109. [lld][WebAssembly] Create optional internal symbols only after LTO object as been added (details)
  110. [InstCombine] refactor folds of 'not' instructions; NFC (details)
  111. Update the release notes for consteval if support; NFC (details)
  112. Fix some Sphinx warnings in the static analyzer docs (details)
  113. [libc++] Run the no-unicode CI job on new testing configs (details)
  114. [inliner] Mandatory inlining decisions produce remarks (details)
  115. [test] rework recently added SCEV tests (details)
  116. [test] factor out reliance on noundef return value (details)
  117. [lld][WebAssembly] Remove redundant check for undefined global (NFC) (details)
  118. [InstCombine] add tests for logical nand/nor; NFC (details)
  119. [InstCombine] add folds for logical nand/nor (details)
  120. [Profile] Add missing fflush in __llvm_profile_set_file_object (details)
  121. [mlir][Linalg] Add support for min/max reduction vectorization in linalg.generic (details)
  122. [runtimes] Allow FOO_TEST_CONFIG to be a relative path (details)
  123. [libc++] Pickle substitutions to pass them to (details)
  124. [WebAssembly] Remove WasmTagType (details)
  125. [libc++] Refactor how basic_string and vector hoist exception-throwing functions (details)
  126. [AMDGPU] Only remove branches in SIInstrInfo::removeBranch (details)
  127. [test] refresh a couple of autogen tests (details)
  128. [docs] Expand the pre-merge testing description a bit (details)
  129. [AMDGPU] Correction to 095c48fdf3d27a4f346f8680d1d7e89449bb557b. (details)
  130. [test] autogen a couple of additional tests (details)
  131. Address a rst format error caught by buildbot (details)
  132. Stop stripping the `std.` prefix when printing operations in a region with a defined default dialect (details)
  133. [JITLink][MachO][arm64] Make testcase less brittle. (details)
  134. (test commit) Fix capitalization in (details)
  135. [NFC][sanitizer] Add basic hash test (details)
  136. [NFC][sanitizer] Add MurMur2Hash64Builder (details)
  137. [NFC][sanitizers] Add StackDepotBase Node::hash_type (details)
  1. clang-ve-ninja: Fix source path (details)
  2. Disable bindings on x86_64-debian-dylib builder (details)
  3. clang-ve-ninja: remove redundant quotes (details)

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