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  1. [Sanitizers] intercept md5 and sha* apis on FreeBSD. (details)
  2. [clang] Allow printing 64 bit ints in diagnostics (details)
  3. Mark PassBuilder::addPass() as minsize (details)
  4. Revert "[clang] Allow printing 64 bit ints in diagnostics" (details)
  5. [GlobalISel] Clear unreachable blocks' contents after selection. (details)
  6. tsan: don't instrument runtime callbacks in tests (details)
  7. [mlir][linalg] Update OpDSL to use the newly introduced min and max ops. (details)
  8. [NPM] Automatic 'opt' pipeline reducer script. (details)
  9. [PowerPC] Implement vector float and vector double version for vec_orc builtin (details)
  10. [WebAssembly] De-duplicate WasmAddressSpace and refactor reftype predicates (details)
  11. [WebAssembly] Fix call_indirect on funcrefs (details)
  12. [SVE] Fix incorrect DAG combines when extracting fixed-width from scalable vectors (details)
  13. [AArch64] Regenerate some fast-isel tests (details)
  14. [docs] Fix typo and minor text changes in MyFirstTypoFix (details)
  15. Revert "Second Recommit "[AArch64] Split bitmask immediate of bitwise AND operation"" (details)
  16. [gn build] Port fc36fb4d23a5 (details)
  17. [compiler-rt][lsan] Add backup AArch64 register for use_registers test (details)
  18. Round XML register bitsize to byte boundary (details)
  19. [SystemZ] Temporarily revert memcmp and memcpy patches (details)
  20. [CostModel][X86] getCmpSelInstrCost - treat BAD_PREDICATEs the same as the worst case cost predicates for ICMP/FCMP instructions (details)
  21. [AArch64] Regenerate some more tests (details)
  22. [mlir][Linalg] Don't return early from inPlaceAnalysis (details)
  23. [X86][NFC] structure-return simplificiation (details)
  24. [analyzer] canonicalize special case of structure/pointer deref (details)
  25. [Test] Add some more symmetrical test cases for D110517 (details)
  26. [clang] Replace report_fatal_error(std::string) uses with report_fatal_error(Twine) (details)
  27. [llvm] Replace report_fatal_error(std::string) uses with report_fatal_error(Twine) (details)
  28. [llvm] Unix.h - Replace report_fatal_error(std::string) with report_fatal_error(Twine) (details)
  29. Revert "Revert "[GlobalISel][IRTranslator] Emit trap intrinsic for "unreachable""" (details)
  30. [lldb] Remove "dwarf dynamic register size expressions" from RegisterInfo (details)
  31. [mlir] Replace report_fatal_error(std::string) uses with report_fatal_error(Twine) (details)
  32. [lldb] [ABI/X86] Split base x86 and i386 classes (details)
  33. [gn build] Port a30a36f66aea (details)
  34. [Test] Few more symmetrical test for D110517 (details)
  35. [lldb] [FreeBSD] Fix building on systems without PT_COREDUMP (details)
  36. [InstCombine] fold fake vector extract to shift+trunc (details)
  37. Reland "[lldb] Refactor variable parsing" (details)
  38. [polly] Replace report_fatal_error(std::string) uses with report_fatal_error(Twine) (details)
  39. [lldb] Rewrite and extend TestConstThis (details)
  40. [lldb] Make 'this' substituton error more verbose. (details)
  41. [JITLink][NFC] Add TableManager to replace PerGraph...Builder pass (details)
  42. [AArch64] Regenerate even more tests (details)
  43. [Support] ErrorHandling.h - Remove report_fatal_error(std::string) (details)
  44. Revert "[JITLink][NFC] Add TableManager to replace PerGraph...Builder pass" (details)
  45. [AIX] Define WCHAR_T_TYPE as unsigned short on AIX for wchar.c test case. (details)
  46. [TTI] Remove default condition type and predicate arguments from getCmpSelInstrCost (details)
  47. Revert "[AA] Teach BasicAA to recognize basic GEP range information." (details)
  48. [clang] Don't mark _ReadBarrier, _ReadWriteBarrier, _WriteBarrier deprecated (details)
  49. Fix incomplete conflict resolution in ff41fc07b12bd7bf3c8cd238824b16b1066fe5a0 (details)
  50. [IR] Remove arg_operands and getNumArgOperands (NFC) (details)
  51. [runtimes][ci] Run the tests for libunwind in the CI (details)
  52. [CostModel][TTI] Replace BAD_ICMP_PREDICATE with ICMP_EQ for generic funnel shift cost expansion (details)
  53. Revert "[IR] Remove arg_operands and getNumArgOperands (NFC)" (details)
  54. [Clang][OpenMP] Infix OMPLoopTransformationDirective abstract class. NFC. (details)
  55. Revert "[lldb] Remove "dwarf dynamic register size expressions" from RegisterInfo" (details)
  56. [analyzer][solver] Fix CmpOpTable handling bug (details)
  57. [InstSimplify] add tests for bitwise logic fold of 'and'; NFC (details)
  58. [InstSimplify] (x | y) & (x | !y) --> x (details)
  59. [BasicAA] Don't unnecessarily extend pointer size (details)
  60. [MLIR] Rename Shape dialect's `join` to `meet`. (details)
  61. [MLIR] Improve debug messages in BuiltinTypes (details)
  62. [analyzer][NFC] Add RangeSet::dump (details)
  63. [Test] Add LoopPeel test for loops with profile data available (details)
  64. [clang] Allow printing 64 bit ints in diagnostics (details)
  65. [IR] Increase max alignment to 4GB (details)
  66. [ARM] Fix a bug in finding a pair of extracts to create VMOVRRD (details)
  67. [NFC] Add doxygen comment for hasFp in RISCVFrameLowering.cpp (details)
  68. [CMake] Fix typo in error message for LLD in bootstrap builds. (details)
  69. [sanitizer] Support Intel CET (details)
  70. [Clang][OpenMP] Allow loop-transformations with template parameters. (details)
  71. Revert "[IR] Increase max alignment to 4GB" (details)
  72. [MLIR] Update DRR doc with returnType directive (details)
  73. [X86] Add test cases for PR52093. NFC (details)
  74. [mlir][tosa] Create basic dynamic shape support for several ops. (details)
  75. [sanitizer] Switch to StackDepotNode to 64bit hash (details)
  76. [Driver][test] Add Debian multiarch lib/clang/14.0.0/x86_64-linux-gnu and include/x86_64-linux-gnu/c++/v1 tests (details)
  77. [FPEnv][InstSimplify] Fold constrained X + -0.0 ==> X (details)
  78. Revert "[lldb] [ABI/X86] Split base x86 and i386 classes" (details)
  79. [gn build] Port 10f16bc7b2bf (details)
  80. [X86] Add X86 and X64 prefixes to parity.ll to reduce duplicate check lines. NFC (details)
  81. Reland [IR] Increase max alignment to 4GB (details)
  82. [compiler-rt][test] Add shared_unwind requirement (details)
  83. [CostModel][TTI] Replace BAD_ICMP_PREDICATE with ICMP_ULT/UGT for generic uadd/usubo cost expansion (details)
  84. [CostModel][TTI] Fix ops used for generic smulo/umulo cost expansion (details)
  85. [CostModel][TTI] Replace BAD_ICMP_PREDICATE with ICMP_NE for generic smulo/umulo cost expansion (details)
  86. [SCEV] Infer flags from add/gep in any block (details)
  87. [libc++] Implement P1391 for string_view (details)
  88. [PowerPC] Fix issue with lowering byval parameters. (details)
  89. Update some types after D110451 (details)
  90. Revert "Reland [IR] Increase max alignment to 4GB" (details)
  91. [llvm-profgen] Support symbol list for accurate profile (details)
  92. [mlir] Fix redundant return in the void method. (details)
  93. [UBSAN][PS4] For the PS4 target, emit the ud2 ocpode for ubsan traps. (details)
  94. Returning poison from a function w/ noundef return attribute is UB (details)
  95. Disable SANITIZER_CHECK_DEADLOCKS on Darwin platforms. (details)
  97. [tests] precommit test changes for D111191 (details)
  98. [scev] minor style improvement [nfc] (details)
  99. [MLIR] Split arith dialect from the std dialect (details)
  100. [APInt] Fix isAllOnes and extractBits for zero width values. (details)
  101. [gn build] (manually) port 77d5ccdc6f460 (details)
  102. [libc++] Simplify writing testing config files (details)
  103. [libc++] Use init_priority(100) when possible (details)
  104. [NFC][X86][LoopVectorize] Autogenerate check lines in a few tests for ease of updating (details)
  105. [SCEV] Avoid unnecessary domination checks (NFC) (details)
  106. [lldb] [ABI/X86] Split base x86 and i386 classes (details)
  107. [gn build] Port 67231650e6ef (details)
  108. Reland [IR] Increase max alignment to 4GB (details)
  109. [clang] Add option to clear AST memory before running LLVM passes (details)
  110. [libc++] [test] Change a lot of free begin/end pairs to members. NFCI. (details)
  111. [libc++] [test] s/ContiguousView/MoveOnlyView/g. NFCI. (details)
  112. size_t -> uint64_t after 05392466 (details)
  113. [compiler-rt][memprof] Disambiguate checks for __tls_get_addr in output (details)
  114. Reland "[clang][Fuchsia] Re-enable compiler-rt tests in runtimes build" (details)
  115. [flang] Catch mismatched parentheses in prescanner (details)
  116. [clang][Fuchsia] Add -static-libgcc to TSAN tests (details)
  117. Fix assert of "Unable to find base lambda address" from (details)
  118. [X86] Don't use popcnt for parity if only bits 7:0 of the input can be non-zero. (details)
  119. Use llvm::VersionTuple to store DWARF producer info (NFC) (details)
  120. Simplify control flow (NFC) (details)
  121. Add a unit test for llvm-gcc producer strings and cleanup code. (NFC) (details)
  122. Revert "Reland "[clang][Fuchsia] Re-enable compiler-rt tests in runtimes build"" (details)
  123. [SCEV] Search operand tree for scope bound when inferring flags from IR (details)
  124. PR50641: Properly handle AttributedStmts when checking for a valid (details)
  125. PR50644: Do not warn on a declaration of `operator"" _foo`. (details)
  126. Add missing diagnostic for use of _reserved name in extern "C" (details)
  127. More size_t -> uint64_t fixes after 05392466 (details)
  128. [CUDA] Implement experimental support for texture lookups. (details)
  129. [gn build] Port ccfb0555f76b (details)
  130. Return failure on failure in convertBlockSignature. (details)
  131. [GlobalDCE] In VFE, replace the whole 'sub' expression of unused relative-pointer-based vtable slots (details)
  132. DebugInfo: Use clang's preferred names for integer types (details)
  133. [MLIR] fix arith dialect build failure (details)
  134. [CUDA] remove unneeded includes from CUDA-related headers. (details)
  135. [IR][NFC] Rename getBaseObject to getAliaseeObject (details)
  136. [MLIR] Add OrOp folding rule for constant one operand (details)
  137. Update TODO noting that DriverKit should be added too (details)
  138. Don't register mem segments that aren't present in a corefile (details)
  139. [CFE][Codegen] Update auto-generated check lines for few GPU lit tests (details)
  140. [Clang][OpenMP] Add partial support for Static Device Libraries (details)

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