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  1. [MLIR] Generalize Affine dependence analysis using Affine Relations (details)
  2. Fix missing failures in clang-ppc64be* and retry fixing clang-x64-windows-msvc (details)
  3. [TableGen] Replace static_cast with llvm's cast. NFC (details)
  4. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Relax rules for extract_slice/insert_slice matching (details)
  5. [clang-tidy] Fix false positive in cppcoreguidelines-virtual-class-destructor (details)
  6. [AArch64] Optimize add/sub with immediate (details)
  7. [X86][LV] X86 does *not* prefer vectorized addressing (details)
  8. [ConstantFolding] ConstantFoldScalarCall1 - early-out if getLibFunc fails. NFC. (details)
  9. [ConstantFolding] Use getValueAPF const ref value where possible. NFC. (details)
  10. [ConstantFolding] ConstantFoldScalarCall2 - early-out if getLibFunc fails. NFC. (details)
  11. [LazyValueInfo] getPredicateAt - remove unnecessary null pointer check. NFC. (details)
  12. [Analysis] Replace assert(isa)/dyn_cast with cast. NFC. (details)
  13. [docs] Mention DragonFlyBSD as a supported platform for LLVM. (details)
  14. [Demangle] Extract nonMicrosoftDemangle from llvm::demangle (details)
  15. [llvm-cxxfilt] Use nonMicrosoftDemangle for demangling NFC (details)
  16. [Symbolize] Demangle Rust symbols (details)
  17. [lldb] Split ParseSingleMember into Obj-C property and normal member/ivar parsing code. (details)
  18. [LV][X86] Add PR47437 test case (details)
  19. [Support] Add more Windows error codes to mapWindowsError (details)
  20. Use llvm::is_contained (NFC) (details)
  21. [NFC][X86][Codegen] Add missing interleaving tests after D111546 (details)
  22. [TTI][X86] Add SSE2 sub-128bit vXi16/32 and v2i64 stride 2 interleaved load costs (details)
  23. [libc++][doc] Adds more issue status labels. (details)
  24. [TTI][X86] Add v8i16 -> 2 x v4i16 stride 2 interleaved load costs (details)
  25. [OpenMP][deviceRTLs] Fix wrong return value of `__kmpc_is_spmd_exec_mode` (details)
  26. [APInt] Fix 1-bit edge case in smul_ov() (details)
  27. Revert "[clang] Pass -clear-ast-before-backend in Clang::ConstructJob()" (details)
  28. Improve fatal error message when an Attribute or Type wasn't initialized by a dialect (NFC) (details)
  29. [Builders.h] Silence a warning by adding a cast. (details)
  30. [X86] Add DAG combine for negation of CMOV absolute value pattern. (details)
  31. [NFC][sanitizer] Rename stack depot tests (details)
  32. [NFC][sanitizer] Add StackDepotTestOnlyUnmap (details)
  33. [Object] Simplify RELR decoding (details)
  34. Revert "[AArch64] Optimize add/sub with immediate" (details)
  35. [MLIR][LLVM] Add memset intrinsic (details)

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