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  1. [zorg] Add email notifiers for Polly/CUDA OpenMP Offload/Flang builders. (details / githubweb)
  1. [PowerPC] return early if there is no preparing candidate in the loop; NFC (details)
  2. [PowerPC] iterate on the SmallSet directly; NFC (details)
  3. Add basic aarch64-none-elf bare metal driver. (details)
  4. [clang][ASTImporter] Fix for importing functions with EST_Unevaluated prototype. (details)
  5. [fir] Add utility function to FIRBuilder and MutableBox (details)
  6. [lldb] Fix TestCompressedVectors after array type name change (details)
  7. [lldb] Remove ConstString from ABI, Architecture and Disassembler plugin names (details)
  8. [Analyzer][NFC] Move RangeConstraintManager's def before ConstraintAssignor's def (details)
  9. [Analyzer][NFC] Add RangedConstraintManager to ConstraintAssignor (details)
  10. [Analyzer] Extend ConstraintAssignor to handle remainder op (details)
  11. Fix baremetal.cpp test to handle windows paths. (details)
  12. [RISCV] Fix missing cross-block VSETVLI insertion (details)
  13. [analyzer][solver] Introduce reasoning for not equal to operator (details)
  14. [mlir][Vector] NFC - Extract rewrites related to insert/extract strided slice in a separate file. (details)
  15. [LLVM-C]Add LLVMAddMetadataToInst, deprecated LLVMSetInstDebugLocation. (details)
  16. [llvm] [ADT] Update llvm::Split() per Pavel Labath's suggestions (details)
  17. AMDGPULibCalls::parseFunctionName - use reference instead of pointer. NFCI. (details)
  18. Mark baremetal.cpp test as unsupported on Windows. (details)
  19. Host::GetOSBuildString (details)
  20. [NFC][LV] Autogenerate check lines in a test for ease of future update (details)
  21. [TTI] `BasicTTIImplBase::getInterleavedMemoryOpCost()`: fix load discounting (details)
  22. AMDGPULibCalls - constify some FuncInfo& arguments. NFCI. (details)
  23. Revert "[NFC][LV] Autogenerate check lines in a test for ease of future update" (details)
  24. [NFC] Re-harden test/Transforms/LoopVectorize/X86/pr48340.ll (details)
  25. [lldb] Fix build errors from 8b8070e23 (details)
  26. [lldb] [Utility/UriParser] Replace port==-1 with llvm::None (details)
  27. [DSE] Add test cases with more complex redundant stores. (details)
  28. [mlir][OpenMP]Support for modifiers in workshare loops (details)
  29. [AMDGPU] Preserve deadness of vcc when shrinking instructions (details)
  30. [CodeGen] Add PR50197 AArch64/ARM/X86 test coverage (details)
  31. [lldb] Another build fix for 8b8070e23 (details)
  32. Replace references to Makefile.sphinx (details)
  33. [X86] `X86TTIImpl::getInterleavedMemoryOpCost()`: scale interleaving cost by the fraction of live members (details)
  34. [clang/llvm] Inclusive language: replace segregate with separate (details)
  35. [AArch64][SVE] Add new ld<n> intrinsics that return a struct of vscale types (details)
  36. [Flang][docs] Remove an out-dated section on the new driver (details)
  37. [libc++][test][NFC] Add tests for std::vector comparisons (details)
  38. [InstCombine][NFC] Precommit new tests (details)
  39. [libc++][doc] Fixes FeatureTestMacroTable.html. (details)
  40. [libc++][nfc] Remove double spaces. (details)
  41. [SystemZ] Give the EXRL_Pseudo a size value of 6 bytes. (details)
  42. [Target, Transforms] Use StringRef::contains (NFC) (details)
  43. [OpenMP][OMPT][GOMP] task frame support in KMP_API_NAME_GOMP_PARALLEL_SECTIONS (details)
  44. [RISCV] Merge vector tests for rv32 and rv64 into a single test file (details)
  45. [AIX] Enable rtl for plugins test (details)
  46. [LegalizeTypes][RISCV][PowerPC] Expand CTLZ/CTTZ/CTPOP instead of promoting if they'll be expanded later. (details)
  47. [Attributor] Generalize GEP construction (details)
  48. [Loads] Use more powerful constant folding API (details)
  49. [libc++] Fix tests after aee49255074f (details)
  50. [llvm]Inclusive language: replace master with main (details)
  51. [lldb] Pass the target triple when determining the DWARF version (details)
  52. [TargetLowering] Simplify the interface of expandABS. NFC (details)
  53. [DebugInfo][InstrRef] Add unit tests for transfer-function building (details)
  54. [indvars] Use fact loop must exit to canonicalize to unsigned conditions (details)
  55. [DAG] narrowExtractedVectorLoad - EXTRACT_SUBVECTOR indices are always constant (details)
  56. [InstCombine] Various tests for truncating saturates and related patterns. (details)
  57. [flang] Fix bogus folding error for ISHFT(x, negative) (details)
  58. [LegalizeTypes] Only expand CTLZ/CTTZ/CTPOP during type promotion if the new type is legal. (details)
  59. [flang] Emit unformatted headers & footers even with RECL= (details)
  60. [DebugInfo][Instr] Track subregisters across stack spills/restores (details)
  61. [flang] Enforce rest of semantic constraint C919 (details)
  62. [libunwind] Fix path to libunwind for per-target-runtime-dir builds (details)
  63. [Dexter] Add DexFinishTest command to conditionally early-exit a test program (details)
  64. [ConstantFolding] Drop misleading comment (NFC) (details)
  65. Support: Add Expected<T>::moveInto() to avoid extra names (details)
  66. [InstCombine] Precommit new and-xor-or.ll tests. NFC. (details)
  67. [ScheduleDAGInstrs] Call adjustSchedDependency in more cases (details)
  68. [AMDGPU] Fix latency for implicit vcc_lo operands on GFX10 wave32 (details)
  69. [lldb/Formatters] Remove space from vector type string summaries (NFCI) (details)
  70. [AMDGPU] Run SIShrinkInstructions before post-RA scheduling (details)
  71. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Drop Optional in favor of FailureOr (details)
  72. AMDGPU: Fix hardcoded registers in tests (details)
  73. AMDGPU: Regenerate MIR test checks (details)
  74. [flang] Extension to distinguish specific procedures (details)
  75. Support: Use Expected<T>::moveInto() in a few places (details)
  76. [libc++][NFC] Remove duplicate Python imports (details)
  77. [X86] Fix bad formatting. NFC (details)
  78. AMDGPU: Don't consider whether amdgpu-flat-work-group-size was set (details)
  79. AMDGPU: Use attributor to propagate amdgpu-flat-work-group-size (details)
  80. Fix locals naming in DNBArchMachARM64::GetGPRState for 32-bit builds (details)
  81. [mlir][Linalg] Retire CodegenStrategy::transform (details)
  82. [lld-macho] Implement -oso_prefix (details)
  83. [flang] Support NAMELIST input of short arrays (details)
  84. [flang] Fix generic resolution case (details)
  85. [flang] Speed common runtime cases of DOT_PRODUCT & MATMUL (details)
  86. [BasicAA] Model implicit trunc of GEP indices (details)
  87. [libomptarget] Run GPU offloading tests on both new and old runtime (details)
  88. [flang] Fix crash on empty formatted external READs (details)
  89. [flang] Extension: allow tabs in output format strings (details)
  90. [flang] Fix DOT_PRODUCT for logical (details)
  91. [flang] Fix NAMELIST input bug with multiple subscript triplets (details)
  92. [flang] Support legacy usage of 'A' edit descriptors for integer & real (details)
  93. Support: Skip buffering buffer_unique_ostream's owned stream (details)
  94. [gn build] Port e18ea6f2946a (details)
  95. [tools, utils] Use StringRef::contains (NFC) (details)
  96. [flang] Fix buildbot (new warnings on old code) (details)
  97. [NFC][X86] Add MC tests for all untested VIA PadLock instructions (details)
  98. [X86] Don't add implicit REP prefix to VIA PadLock xstore (details)
  1. [zorg] Add email notifiers for Polly/CUDA OpenMP Offload/Flang builders. (details)

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