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  1. [llvm] Use MachineBasicBlock::{successors,predecessors} (NFC) (details)
  2. [CodeCompletion] Generally consider header files without extension (details)
  3. [clangd] Trace per-token time in clangd --check (details)
  4. Reland [XCOFF][yaml2obj] support for the auxiliary file header. (details)
  5. [llvm-objdump] Remove a trailing semicolon, fixing GCC warnings. NFC. (details)
  6. [Test] Remove incorrect test in GVN (details)
  7. [lldb] Support gdbserver signals (details)
  8. [lldb] [gdb-server] Fix fill_clamp to handle signed src types (details)
  9. [InstCombine][NFC] Refactor llvm.stackrestore handling (details)
  10. [InstCombine] Extend stacksave/restore elimination (details)
  11. [mlir][linalg] Enable insertion of dealloc for end2end tests (details)
  12. [Test] Separate IndVars test into AArch64 and X86 parts (details)
  13. [ELF] Enforce double-dash form for --ignore-{data,function}-pointer-equality --reproduce --thread (details)
  14. [Test] Remove separated test in IndVars (details)
  15. Misleading unicode identifier detection pass (details)
  16. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Relax tensor.insert_slice conflict rules (details)
  17. [NFC][clang-tidy] Fixup documentation file names for 'readability-container-data-pointer' (details)
  18. [gn build] Port a35efc4dcb70 (details)
  19. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Fix buffer equivalence around scf.if ops (details)
  20. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Add helper method isMemoryWrite to op interface (details)
  21. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Remove special scf::IfOp rules (details)
  22. [IR] In ConstantFoldShuffleVectorInstruction use zeroinitializer for splats of 0 (details)
  23. Revert "[DebugInfo] Fix broken MachO test" (details)
  24. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Bufferize ops via PreOrder traversal (details)
  25. Revert "[DebugInfo] Only create concrete DIEs of concrete functions" (details)
  26. [SelectionDAG] Widen scalable-vector loads/stores via VP_LOAD/VP_STORE (details)
  27. [lldb] [test] Skip new signal tests on Windows (details)
  28. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Add mustBufferizeInPlace to op interface (details)
  29. Reapply 5ec2386 "Reapply db28934 "[IndVars] Pass TTI to replaceCongruentIVs"" (details)
  30. [NFC][SROA] Revisit test coverage in non-capturing-call.ll (details)
  31. Revert "[LoopVectorize] Extract the last lane from a uniform store" (details)
  32. [LV] Move optimized IV recipes to phi section of header after sinking. (details)
  33. Revert "[openmp] Add OMPT initialization in libomptarget" (details)
  34. [mlir] Reintroduce nano time to execution_engine (details)
  35. [fir] Add !fir.ptr type conversion (details)
  36. [fir] Add !fir.char type conversion (details)
  37. [fir] Fixup comment. NFC (details)
  38. [clang-repl] Allow Interpreter::getSymbolAddress to take a mangled name. (details)
  39. [LV] Do not rely on InductionDescriptor::getCastInsts. (NFC) (details)
  40. [DAG] Split BuildVectorSDNode::getConstantRawBits into BuildVectorSDNode::recastRawBits helper. NFC. (details)
  41. [mlir][linalg] Remove padding from tiling options. (details)
  42. [llvm-reduce] Use DenseSet instead of std::set (NFC). (details)
  43. [NFC][AArch64] Handle processLogicalImmediate error (details)
  44. [mlir][linalg] Hoist padding simplifications (NFC). (details)
  45. [lldb] DeConstStringify the Property class (details)
  46. [mli][linalg] Add flag to control CodegenStrategy enable pass. (details)
  47. [PowerPC] Respect rounding mode in the back end (details)
  48. [fir] Use contralized values for indexing box (details)
  49. [fir] Add fir.box_rank, fir.box_addr, fir.box_dims and fir.box_elesize conversion (details)
  50. [x86] add tests for signbit splat mask patterns; NFC (details)
  51. [x86] shorten function name; NFC (details)
  52. [InstCombine] add check for integer source type from cast to prevent crash (details)
  53. [mlir][linalg] Use AffineApplyOp to compute padding width (NFC). (details)
  54. [mli][linalg] Use CodegenStrategy to test padding (NFC). (details)
  55. [mlir][linalg] Use CodegenStrategy to test hoisting (NFC). (details)
  56. [linalg][mlir] Replace getSmallestBoundingIndex in padding (NFC). (details)
  57. [DAG] reassociateOpsCommutative - pull out repeated getOperand() calls. NFC. (details)
  58. [NFC] Inclusive language: replace master with main in benchmark docs (details)
  59. [OpenMP] Lower printf to __llvm_omp_vprintf (details)
  60. [mlir][linalg] Remove padding test pass (NFC). (details)
  61. [aarch64/mac] Correctly disassemble @TLVPPAGE(OFF) relocs (details)
  62. [libFuzzer] Deflake entropic exec-time test. (details)
  63. [mli][linalg] Use CodegenStrategy to test interchange (NFC). (details)
  64. [mlir][linalg] Use getUpperBoundForIndex in hoisting (NFC). (details)
  65. [NVPTX] Add imm variants for surface and texture instructions (details)
  66. [AArch64] Combine vector fptoi.sat(fmul) to fixed point fcvtz (details)
  67. [linalg][mlir] Replace getSmallestBoundingIndex in promotion (NFC). (details)
  68. [clang] Do not crash in APValue::prettyPrint() on forward-decl structs. (details)
  69. [mlir][linalg] Remove getSmallestBoundingIndex (NFC). (details)
  70. [lldb] Fix Scripted ProcessLaunchInfo Argument nullptr deref (details)
  71. [lldb/bindings] Change ScriptedThread initializer parameters (details)
  72. [lldb/test] Update TestScriptedProcess to use skinny corefiles (details)
  73. [OpenMP] Fix: opposite attributes could be set by -fno-inline (details)
  74. [X86] combineMulToPMADDWD - remove useless TODO (details)
  75. [SCEV] Add tests that require rewriting zexts when applying guards. (details)
  76. [InstCombine] Add additional test with signed range check (NFC) (details)
  77. [mlir][Linalg] Add interface method to Linalg ops to allow setting the output operand. (details)
  78. [lldb] [test] Fix new signal tests to use remote-linux plugin (details)
  79. [mlir] recursively convert builtin types to LLVM when possible (details)
  80. [clang] Add early exit when checking for const init of arrays. (details)
  81. [RISCV] Prevent crashes when bitcasting between fixed vectors and scalars. (details)
  82. [SelectionDAG] Replace the Chain in LOAD->VP_LOAD widening (details)
  83. [mlir][nvvm] Remove special case ptr arithmetic lowering in gpu to nvvm (details)
  84. [libc++][AIX] Alignment of bool on AIX is 1 (details)
  85. [mlir] Make topologicalSort iterative and consider op regions (details)
  86. [InstCombine] Relax and reorganize one use checks in the ~(a | b) & c (details)
  87. [CGSCC][LazyCallGraph][NFC] Fix typos in code comments (details)
  88. [clang] Fix armv7-quick build by hardcoding -triple=x86_64 in OOM test. (details)
  89. [NFC][llvm][M68k] Inclusive language: reword comment (details)
  90. [x86] fix formatting; NFC (details)
  91. [x86] simplify code; NFC (details)
  92. [lldb] make it easier to find LLDB's python (details)
  93. Revert "[lldb] Disable minimal import mode for RecordDecls that back FieldDecls" (details)
  94. [LLDB][Breakpad] Create a function for each compilation unit. (details)
  95. [AArch64] Add missing tests for i8 vector to half conversions. (details)
  96. [lldb/test] Skip TestScriptedProcess when using system's debugserver (NFC) (details)
  97. [LLDB][Breakpad] Make lldb understand INLINE and INLINE_ORIGIN records in breakpad. (details)
  98. [fir] Remove `fir.unbox` operation (details)
  99. Replace include by forward declaration in test case (details)
  100. tosa-make-broadcatable pass now supports numpy style broadcasting only. (details)
  101. [X86][Costmodel] `getReplicationShuffleCost()`: implement cost model for 32/64 bit-wide elements with AVX512F (details)
  102. [X86][Costmodel] `getReplicationShuffleCost()`: implement cost model for 16 bit-wide elements with AVX512BW (details)
  103. [X86][Costmodel] `getReplicationShuffleCost()`: implement cost model for 8 bit-wide elements with AVX512VBMI (details)
  104. [debugserver] Remove varaible `ldb_set` which is set but not used. (details)
  105. [RISCV] Prevent bad legalizer behavior when bitcasting fixed vectors to i64 on RV32 with Zve32. (details)
  106. Revert "[clang] Add early exit when checking for const init of arrays." (details)
  107. [MLIR][Affine][NFC] op verifier message fix and check (details)
  108. [libc++] Fix segmentation fault in __do_put_integral (details)
  109. [LLDB][NFC] Fix test that broke due to libc++ std::vector changes (details)
  110. [compiler-rt] Fix typo in DeadlockDetector (chanding->changing) (details)
  111. [InstCombine] Strip offset when folding and/or of icmps (details)
  112. [Clang] Pass -z rel to linker for Fuchsia (details)
  113. [InstCombine] Add vector variants to merge-icmps.ll (NFC) (details)
  114. [InstCombine] Support splat vectors in some and of icmp folds (details)
  115. [CUDA][HIP] Allow comdat for kernels (details)
  116. [InstCombine] Support splat vectors in some or of icmp folds (details)
  117. Emit hidden hostcall argument for sanitized kernels (details)
  118. [mlir][tosa] Add lowering for tosa.pad with explicit value (details)
  119. Correct handling of the 'throw()' exception specifier in C++17. (details)
  120. [lldb/Plugins] Refactor ScriptedThread register context creation (details)
  121. [NFC][sanitizer] Make const PointerIsMine and FromPrimary (details)
  122. [ComprehensiveBufferize] Fix a warning (details)
  123. [NFC][sanitizer] Move GET_MALLOC_STACK_TRACE closer to the use (details)
  124. [mlir] Add traits, interfaces, effects to generated docs (details)
  125. [RISCV] Fix incorrect CHECK prefixes in rv64zba-aliases-valid.s. NFC (details)
  126. [mlir][ods] Use lambda in element type check pred rather than repeated casts (details)
  127. [lld-macho] Support renaming of LSDA section (details)
  128. [NFC][asan][memprov] Remove dlsym hack from posix_memalign (details)
  129. AMDGPU: Report large stack usage for recursive calls (details)
  130. [mlir][linalg][bufferize][NFC] Move helper functions to op interface (details)
  131. [InstCombine] Precommit updated and-xor-or.ll tests. NFC. (details)
  132. [mlir] Fix ODS test case (details)
  133. [AMDGPU] Fixed stack pointer init with architected flat scratch (details)
  134. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Fix bug in InitTensor elimination (details)
  135. [RISCV] Promote f16 frem with Zfh. (details)
  136. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Store analysis results in BufferizationAliasInfo (details)
  137. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Move BufferizationAliasInfo to op interface (details)
  138. [AIX] Define WCHAR_T_TYPE as unsigned int on 64-bit AIX for wchar.c test (details)
  139. [mlir](arithmetic) Add ceildivui to the arithmetic dialect (details)
  140. [AIX] XFAIL 2009-03-29-SoftFloatVectorExtract.ll because of no soft float support (details)
  141. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Add `isAllocationHoistingBarrier` to op interface (details)
  142. [mlir] Replace usages of Identifier with StringAttr (details)
  143. [mlir] MicroOptimize a few hot StorageUniquer code paths (details)
  144. [AMDGPU] Small correction in SITargetLowering::performOrCombine(). (details)
  145. [NFC][msan] Clang format includes (details)
  146. [mlir] Fix unused variable waraning in OpDocGen (details)
  147. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Do not copy results of non-writing ops (details)
  148. [mlir][bufferize][linalg] Do not copy tensors that are overwritten (details)
  149. [compiler-rt] separate lsan, ubsan, stats configuration from SANITIZER_COMMON_SUPPORTED_OS (details)
  150. [mlir] Optimize usage of llvm::mapped_iterator (details)
  151. [InstCombine][NFC] Pre-commit baseline test for D113442. (details)
  152. [llvm] Use make_early_inc_range (NFC) (details)
  153. [sanitizer] Fix solaris build (details)
  154. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Move more helper functions/structs to interface (details)
  155. [mlir] Fix windows build after D113511 (details)
  156. [ComprehensiveBufferize] Fix a warning (details)
  157. [NFC] Remove unnecessary check prefix of AIX test (details)
  158. [mlir][linalg][bufferize][NFC] Move `getResultBuffer` to op interface (details)
  159. [TypePromotion] Fix a hardcoded use of 32 as the size being promoted to. (details)
  160. [BPI] Push exit block rather than exiting ones in getSccExitBlocks (details)
  161. Use base class AsmParser/AsmPrinter in Types and Attribute print/parse method (NFC) (details)
  162. [JITLink] Update Section pointers on Blocks when merging Sections. (details)
  163. [AArch64] Allow FP16 vector fixed point converts (details)
  164. [mlir][X86Vector] Add specialized vector.transpose lowering patterns for AVX2 (details)
  165. [NFC] Clean-up typos in PowerPC CodeGen tests (details)
  166. [mlir] Fix build post 34ff8573505e04c75e84a0e515af462f223f2795 (details)
  167. [ELF] Better resemble GNU ld when placing orphan sections into memory regions (details)
  168. [Driver] Change Linux::isPIEDefault to true for all Android versions (details)
  169. [Polly][Isl] Fix -Wsign-compare after D113101 (details)
  170. [LoopInfo] Fix function getInductionVariable (details)

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