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  1. [MemoryLocation] Use getForArgument in getForSource/getForDest. (NFC) (details)
  2. [X86][FP16] Replace vXi16 to vXf16 instead of v8f16 (details)
  3. Reland [DwarfDebug] Move emission of global vars, types and imports to endModule() (details)
  4. Reland [DwarfDebug] Support emitting function-local declaration for a lexical block (details)
  5. [VPlan] Separate ctors for VPWidenIntOrFpInduction. (NFC) (details)
  6. [libc++][ci] Disable generating debug information. (details)
  7. Microsoft's floating-point to_chars powered by Ryu and Ryu Printf (details)
  8. [gn build] (semiautomaticallly) port a8025e06fc0f (libc++ ryu) (details)
  9. Remove duplicate comment (details)
  10. Follow-up for D113741: fix DebugInfo/Generic/lexical_block_static.ll on MachO (details)
  11. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp with mul op with known bits; NFC (details)
  12. [InstSimplify] add/adjust tests for 'or' logic fold; NFC (details)
  13. [InstSimplify] fix logic fold of 'or' for vectors (details)
  14. [llvm] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  15. [libc++][doc] Update format implementation status. (details)
  16. [gn build] port a8025e06fc0f more (details)
  17. [libc++] Fix an include-guard comment. NFC. (details)
  18. [libc++] Add missing `#pragma GCC system_header` in a few headers. NFCI. (details)
  19. [libc++] Adjust space-alignment in module.modulemap. NFC. (details)
  20. Fix `-Wunused-variable` warning. NFC. (details)
  21. Fix TOSA verifier to emit verbose errors (details)

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