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  1. Fix LLVM_LIT_ARGS for LLDB Arm/AArch64 builder (details / githubweb)
  1. [Diagnostics] Fixed crash with non pointer type (PR43950) (details)
  2. Refactor SimplifySelectsFeedingBinaryOp for D64713. NFC. (details)
  3. [cxx_status] Update with Belfast motions. (details)
  4. Remarks - fix shadow variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  5. Fix shadow variable warning by reducing scope of CC/InverseCC CondCodes. (details)
  6. Remove superfluous break after return. NFC. (details)
  7. Statistic - Fix shadow variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  8. Remove duplicate MemVT to fix shadow variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  9. Remarks - fix static analyzer warnings. NFCI.  - Fix uninitialized (details)
  10. llvm-exegesis - fix shadow variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  11. Fix builds where LLVM_ENABLE_STATS is disabled (details)
  12. [NFC] Supress GCC "Bitfield too small to hold all values of enum" (details)
  13. [Parser] Warn when ScopeDepthOrObjCQuals overflows (details)
  14. [libc++] Validate the entire regex is consumed (details)
  15. [BPF] Add preserve_access_index attribute for record definition (details)
  16. Revert "[BPF] Add preserve_access_index attribute for record definition" (details)
  17. [Diagnostics] Try to improve warning message for -Wreturn-type (details)
  18. Fix operator precedence warning. NFC. (details)
  19. Fix shadow variable warning with llvm::SrcMgr. NFCI. (details)
  20. Fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  21. Fixed more -Wreturn-type tests (details)
  22. Fixed c-index test (details)
  23. Fixed dia file (details)
  24. Fix variable ‘LookedUpGetterSetter’ set but not used warning. NFCI. (details)
  25. [lldb] [test] Un-XFAIL tests that work on NetBSD 9 (details)
  26. [LV] Apply sink-after & interleave-groups as VPlan transformations (details)
  27. RegisterCoalescer - fix uninitialized variables. NFCI. (details)
  28. RegisterCoalescer - remove duplicate variable to fix Wshadow warning. (details)
  29. Reduce scope of variable to silence cppcheck warning. NFC (details)
  30. YAMLParser - fix SimpleKey uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  31. Try to fix sphinx "Could not lex literal_block as "llvm"" warning. (details)
  32. [X86] Handle MO_ConstantPoolIndex in X86AsmPrinter::PrintOperand (details)
  33. [NFC]: Fix PVS Studio warning in LoopNestAnalysis Summary:This patch (details)
  34. [MC] Clean up MacroInstantiation. NFC (details)
  35. CodeGenRegBank - make functions const to fix cppcheck warnings. (details)
  36. Path - fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  37. PODSmallVector - fix MSVC uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  38. TableGen - fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  39. Twine - fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  40. [NFC][Codegen] Add `x u% C1 == C2` with C1 u<= C2 tautological tests (details)
  41. [Driver] Remove unused variable. NFC. (details)
  42. Remove unused variable (which allows us to remove vector include). NFC. (details)
  43. [InstCombine] avoid crash from deleting an instruction that still has (details)
  44. [RISCV][NFC] Add CFI-related tests (details)
  45. [RISCV] Fix CFA when doing split sp adjustment with fp (details)
  46. Revert "[InstCombine] avoid crash from deleting an instruction that (details)
  47. Docs: Updates Sphinx Quickstart template for new contributors (details)
  48. [NFC][Codegen] Add `x u% C1 == C2` with C1 u> C2 non-tautological tests (details)
  49. clang/Modules: Remove unused parameter from ModuleManager::removeModules (details)
  50. getArgOperandNo helper function. (details)
  51. [InstCombine] avoid crash from deleting an instruction that still has (details)
  52. Revert "[InstCombine] avoid crash from deleting an instruction that (details)
  53. [InstCombine] Add a test case for suboptimal handling of (double (details)
  54. [InstCombine] Turn (extractelement <1 x i64/double> (bitcast (x86_mmx))) (details)
  55. Revert "Fixed a profdata file size detection on Windows system." (details)
  56. [DirectedGraph]: Add setTargetNode member function Summary:Add the (details)
  57. [NFC] Add one test to verify the dependency brings by Macro-Fusion. (details)
  58. libc++ status page: New papers and issues adopted in Belfast (details)
  59. [clangd] Fixes colon escaping on Windows (details)
  60. [yaml2obj] - Add a way to describe the custom data that is not part of (details)
  61. [AArch64][SVE] Spilling/filling of SVE callee-saves. (details)
  62. [FixBB] - An attemp to fix clang-armv7-linux-build-cache builder. (details)
  63. Use MCRegister in copyPhysReg (details)
  64. [FixBB] - Fix one more std::min -> std::min<uint64_t> to make BB happy. (details)
  65. [TargetLowering][DAGCombine][MSP430] Shift Amount Threshold in (details)
  66. [NFC] Add one test to verify the sign_extend of vector type. (details)
  67. [clangd] Fix a regression of not showing documentation from forward (details)
  68. [RISCV][NFC] Add nounwind to LKK test functions (details)
  69. [lldb] [test] Mark TestSendSignal XFAIL on NetBSD (details)
  70. Revert cdcf58e5af0 "[RISCV] enable LTO support, pass some options to (details)
  71. [lldb] [test] Fix typo in TestSendSignal (details)
  72. [InstCombine] Simplify binary op when only one operand is a select (details)
  73. docs: fix warning in LangRef parsing (details)
  74. Remove superfluous ';' to fix Wpedantic. NFC. (details)
  75. Fix -Wparentheses warning. NFCI. (details)
  76. Fix -Wcovered-switch-default warning. NFCI. (details)
  77. AArch64FunctionInfo - fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  78. [clangd] Use name of Macro to compute its SymbolID, NFC. (details)
  79. [NFC][TEST_COMMIT] Add fullstop to comment. (details)
  80. [DBG][OPT] Attempt to salvage or undef debug info when removing (details)
  81. Revert "[DBG][OPT] Attempt to salvage or undef debug info when removing (details)
  82. [InstCombine] avoid crash from deleting an instruction that still has (details)
  83. Revert "[InstCombine] avoid crash from deleting an instruction that (details)
  84. [TargetLowering][DAGCombine][MSP430] Shift Amount Threshold in (details)
  85. [libc++] Mark __call_once_proxy as hidden and internal (details)
  86. clang-format: [JS] support null operators. (details)
  87. clang-format: [JS] test declared fields. (details)
  88. [clangd] fixes semantic highlighting test (details)
  89. [PowerPC] Implementing overflow version for XO-Form instructions (details)
  90. [clang-tidy] Add bugprone-bad-signal-to-kill-thread checker and alias (details)
  91. Fix TestNoGPacketSupported on linux (details)
  92. [ObjC] Override TailCallKind when lowering objc intrinsics (details)
  93. Revert "[clang-tidy] Add bugprone-bad-signal-to-kill-thread checker and (details)
  94. [clang-tidy] Add bugprone-bad-signal-to-kill-thread check and its alias (details)
  95. gn build: Merge 8d288a0668a (details)
  96. lldb: Fix some -Wdeprecated-copy warnings (details)
  97. [Format] Fix clang-format.el unit tests after commit f349cc37cc485fd5f (details)
  98. change LLVM_VERSION_SUFFIX default from svn to git (details)
  99. Timer - fix shadow variable warnings for Name/Description members. NFC. (details)
  100. Fix filename typo in rG8d288a0668a5 (details)
  101. [Support] Add erase() to json::Object (details)
  102. [CGP] Make ICMP_EQ use CR result of ICMP_S(L|G)T dominators (details)
  103. Fix errors where we thought we were checking for labels but weren't due (details)
  104. [ModuloSchedule] Do target loop analysis before peeling. (details)
  105. [scudo][standalone] Match function name change to bionic name change. (details)
  106. [libTooling] Further simplify `Stencil` type and introduce (details)
  107. [libc++][P0980] Marked member functions move/copy/assign of char_traits (details)
  108. [clangd] Fix crash in DefineInline::prepare() (details)
  109. [debuginfo] Update test to account for missing __debug_macinfo (details)
  110. Make FileCheckNumericVariable::getDefLineNumber const. NFC (details)
  111. Add missing override modifiers for FileCheckExpressionAST::eval() (details)
  1. Fix LLVM_LIT_ARGS for LLDB Arm/AArch64 builder (details)

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