Failed (from lldb-api)

Failing for the past 29 builds (Since #484 )
Took 7.7 sec.


Unable to find 'RESULT: PASSED' in dotest output (exit code -6):

lldb version 10.0.99 (http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git revision 0e0dea82681a86a09ceed0afd321367a35bfa051)
  clang revision a75f8d98d7ac9e557b238a229a9a2647c71feed1
  llvm revision a75f8d98d7ac9e557b238a229a9a2647c71feed1
==81512==ERROR: Interceptors are not working. This may be because AddressSanitizer is loaded too late (e.g. via dlopen). Please launch the executable with:
"interceptors not installed" && 0